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About Us

Michelle is the Master of Money Mindset. 

She has a history of successful investment in a rich variety of markets and learned from the best.

She profited handsomely from the bull stock market of the 1990s, pulling out in good time before the “dot com” meltdown. She embarked in real estate investment as prices were rising. Reading the signs of a coming correction, she sold off all her assets with excellent results in 2005 when most people were still frantically buying. Today, as a “dollar pessimist” she is investing successfully in foreign-held precious metals, transportation, and real estate. Friends say Michelle is naturally lucky, but she insists that her success results from a philosophy that combines intense research, respect for shifting trends, and a refusal to get into ruts. She firmly believes that real estate remains a highly profitable opportunity — but only for those willing to acquire market knowledge and adapt swiftly to changing conditions.

Michelle attended Western Illinois University, majoring in mathematical education. She left before finishing her degree to put her husband through medical school. While working two jobs to support her husband’s education, she attended Evelyn Echols in Chicago. Her degree there led her to working for The Travel Agency in Chicago and later, into owning her own travel agency once she moved to the Phoenix valley. She sold her agency, again, just before the internet travel market began. She graduated from Tony Robbin's Mastery University soon after, and went on to staff for Tony in Phoenix, all the while continuing her education in various fields. While attending a Wealth Mastery course, she met Robert Kiyosaki for the first time. She attended his 3-Day Real Estate Course and started a love affair with investing. She staffed for Rich Dad Seminars for nearly seven years, until the company was dissolved in 2006, attending every event without fail. Through the years, Michelle has attended several Universities and Community Colleges, taking courses in everything from Real Estate Law to Psychology. She refers to herself as a “Lifelong Student” and has yet to choose a degree. However, she places as much, if not more value, on her years of personal and financial training with Robert Kiyosaki, Stu McLaren, James Wedmore, Robyn Thompson, and Cody Sperber, whom she holds in high regard. Michelle has been married to the same wonderful man for over 35 years and is the proud mother of five children. She enjoys investing, travel, writing, and her granddaughter, Ava. She values time with her family and friends above all else.


The BNB-Boss Podcast and Site

BNB-Boss Podcast was a rebranding of Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast.  They have a licensing agreement with the Prosperity Process and its founder and CEO, Michelle Russell.  

Ms. Russell felt that people needed a way to generate income but didn't have enough knowledge or resources out there available to them.  She felt that a podcast was the perfect platform to begin delivering this content and so, the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast was born.

This site and the podcast it's built around has the purpose of providing information to its listeners/readers about exactly how to rent or buy a property in order to turn it into a short term rental and create a profitable residual income, one that keeps coming in month after month, in order to build your wealth and create a healthy retirement.

If you would like more information about Michelle Russell or the Prosperity Process, please email us at [email protected]