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19. Do not use popular media as an investment guide

23 keys Dec 20, 2019

Never base a financial decision on anything you see on TV ever.

Every newspaper and television station in our country is owned by one of six corporations. That is not a conspiracy. It is fact. There have been books and movies about those corporations shutting down stories or firing reporters for attempting to report on any information that doesn’t fit their agenda.


What is that agenda? It’s making a profit and you can’t make a profit if you’re informing the public of anything that could potentially harm one of your corporate sponsors or yourself.  This is why seeing hundreds of articles on Bitcoin does not necessarily mean it's a good thing.  It could be something the media is attempting to get all the sheeple into.  You must do your due diligence.  


This included the housing bust. Many investigative reporters caught wind of what was going on well before the crash occurred. However, they were shut down before they could even get a story started. Reasons and excuses number in the thousands, but it all comes down to money.


For this reason, I don’t watch the news, not any news. I don’t watch any comedic news either unless my sister posts something funny in a message to me. Even comedians push agendas because they work for corporations. How do I know what’s going on in the world? I find out if something has happened that pertains to me rather quickly. You would be surprised. News travels fast. Most things, however, have little or no meaning in my life. I don’t waste my time.


My news is following and studying the markets I invest in on sites that I have found to contain the best and least bias information on them. I look at the history of how these sights have performed and I base my decision on that. Simple.



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