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Budget Room Makeovers: Weekend Projects for Under $1000

budget decor Jul 02, 2021

All through the month of July, we will be showing you how to do some great makeovers on your properties without breaking the bank.  There's a lot to cover with only a small budget, so keep reading and check back in often!


At some point or another, every home could use a makeover. When it comes to your income property, home improvements can be exciting.  But... makeovers can be costly, especially if you’re working on an entire home.  If you’ve thought a room makeover was simply too expensive, keep reading. 


It’s been well documented that, from a financial standpoint, few home renovations are worth the money. You rarely get back the money put into the project, unless you can do the labor yourself.


However, there are some simple projects that you can do yourself for very little money. You might think you lack the skill required to update the look of your home, but you can do more than you think.


Let’s look at some ideas for a variety of room makeovers, as well as some realistic examples with actual numbers.


General Tips


While each room has its own requirements, there are rules that apply to nearly any makeover project. Following these rules will save time and money.


Keep these tips in mind during a home makeover:


(01)  Consider used items and materials. Whenever a home gets a makeover, the appliances and countertops are frequently removed. In more affluent areas, these items are still in excellent condition.


*Keep an eye on the classifieds, and try contacting local contractors. It’s not uncommon to find nearly new appliances for 20 cents on the dollar.


*Borrow a friend’s pickup truck or hire someone from the classifieds to move the items for you. You’ll be surprised at what many people are willing to do for $20. The classifieds are a great place to look for inexpensive labor.


(02)  It’s especially important to do it yourself. There’s usually a bit of intimidation or hesitancy when it comes to tackling projects yourself. However, many projects are quite simple. You can save a lot of money if you can avoid having to pay for expensive professional labor.


*The internet is full of instructional videos that can teach the intricacies of nearly any job. The only area where you may be lacking is speed. You obviously won’t be able to hang drywall as quickly as someone that does it 40 hours a week.


(03)  Complete the project in steps. Having a strict timeline isn’t necessary when you’re making over a spare bedroom.  However, it's imperative when your property produces income.  Pick a project timeline you can squeeze in between guests.  Some areas, like the kitchen, is a vital part of the home. It might be necessary to complete that type of project in steps to minimize the impact on occupancy. 


(04)  Think about the simple things that will have the most impact. Since you probably will be unable to splurge on a complete makeover, take the time to figure out the best way to spend your dollars.


*Sometimes a simple coat of paint will greatly help the appearance of a room.


(05)  Avoid getting in over your head. Some homeowners (mostly men) throw caution to the wind and start tearing down walls. If you have the skills, use them. Keep in mind that some missteps can be costly and may even cause you to have to cancel upcoming reservations, so be careful.


(06)  Sell what you can of your old stuff. It’s fairly easy to sell used countertops, appliances, and furniture. In some cases, even flooring can be sold.


Just keep these tips in mind before lifting a hammer or buying your first can of paint. A little planning can go a long way towards an awesome home makeover. You’re likely to develop a few additional rules of your own once you have a little experience under your belt.


On the 4th, we will start with the kitchen!!



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