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Budget Room Makeovers: The Kitchen for Under $1000

budget decor Jul 04, 2021

All through the month of July, we will be showing you how to do some great makeovers on your properties without breaking the bank.  There's a lot to cover with only a small budget, so keep reading and check back in often!


The kitchen is a unique room. There’s a lot of traffic coming and going at all times of the day, and there are also many expensive appliances that could potentially need to be replaced. It’s impossible to change everything with only $1,000.


Fortunately, there are numerous creative ideas that can be done to a kitchen, even with a strict budget.


Try these weekend kitchen projects on for size:


(01)  Paint or wallpaper. Most people know how to paint. Fewer know how to wallpaper. With a little effort, anyone can make their kitchen walls look like new. Kitchens can be challenging to paint, since there are so many things to paint around. But on a positive note, there’s usually only a small amount of wall space.


(02)  Backsplash.  It’s possible to make a simple or fancy backsplash with a small investment. The cost is determined by the tile and the size. A backsplash is a great way to create a kitchen with a custom appearance.


*A backsplash does a much better job of protecting the wall than paint or wallpaper. It also provides a great visual impact.


(03)  Countertops.  High-end countertops can often be found in the used market. Many of these fancy countertops come out of larger homes, so there’s probably plenty of material. You might need an expert to cut it for you, but the cost is minimal.


*Depending on the material, new countertops can be quite inexpensive. Fortunately, they are easy to install. Assuming everything was level when you removed the old top, there’s little to do besides some gluing and cutting.


(04)  Light fixtures. Many people are afraid to deal with anything electrical, but there are only a few wires to connect. Turn on the old light and trip the breakers until the light goes out. Then turn off the switch and you’ll be safe.


*Find a video online or a book at the library on simple electrical projects. If you can use a screwdriver and join a few wires together, you’re all set.


*Electrical projects can actually be among the easiest to complete. There’s nothing to cut or anything else that requires significant talent or skill.


(05)  Flooring.  Flooring projects can be challenging for two reasons. First of all, ripping up old flooring can be exhausting and frustrating. Furthermore, installing new flooring usually involves crawling around on your hands and knees for prolonged periods of time.


*There are tools designed to scrape up old floors, particularly anything laid with adhesive. It can be worth the expense to invest in these tools. Renting is also an option. Kneepads are another worthwhile investment.


*Check out books or videos on flooring to learn all the tricks of laying down tiles. However, choosing a random-patterned rollout floor eliminates this burden.


(06)  Paint cabinets or appliances. You may have seen people paint kitchen cabinets, but you may not know that it’s possible to paint your refrigerator or other appliances, too! A fresh coat of paint is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to spruce up the appliances in your kitchen.


(07)  Install new cabinets. Maybe a coat of paint isn’t enough for the plans you have in mind. New cabinets are pretty easy to install, as long as you get everything straight and level. Depending on the cabinets, it can cost more for the installation than for the cabinets themselves.  Ikea has some inexpensive but lovely designs our guests love!  You can put them together and install them yourself to save money.  It's actually easier than you think.


(08)  Hardware.  If time or money is tight, consider just changing all the hardware on your cabinets. New pulls, knobs, and hinges can bring cabinets up-to-date and change the look of your kitchen instantly!


(09)  Build a bar. A cool way to update a kitchen is to add a bar. Even though they can be fairly easy to build, you’ll probably need a book or friend to help, unless you’re experienced with construction. The cost of the materials is minimal.  A wet or wine bar is popular but so is a coffee bar.  You know your guests best, so choose something they will love!


A kitchen is a great place to start any home makeover because few rooms are used more. If you can simultaneously make the kitchen more functional, it’s win-win.


Since kitchens makeovers are common, it’s possible to find a lot of used items at great prices.  Look on Craig's List to find items and Pinterest to get ideas.


On the 9th, we will do the Living or Family Room!!



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