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Budget Room Makeovers: The Living or Family Room for Under $1000

budget decor Jul 09, 2021

All through the month of July, we will be showing you how to do some great makeovers on your properties without breaking the bank.  There's a lot to cover with only a small budget, so keep reading and check back in often!


The Living Room or Family Room


There are two types of living rooms: the one that people actually live in, and the formal-type room that only gets used a few times each year. The latter rarely gets worn out and is more likely to simply go out of style.  The first room is designed for living and this is the one our guests need. Ensure your makeover is appropriate.


Create the living room of your dreams:


(01)  Art.  A great way to liven up a living room is with art. There are numerous options available, and many are very inexpensive. Art can vary from an impressionist-style piece to a large photograph of your family.


*Local art fairs can be a great way of picking up something unique without spending a lot.  Also, guests love the local flare!


(02)  Reupholster.  New furniture can be expensive, but purchasing some fabric and reupholstering your furniture can be done for a very reasonable cost.


*Worn out cushions? Furniture-quality foam can be used to spruce up an old couch or chair. Use the old cushion as a model and cut a new one.


(03)  Window treatments. Those little metal or plastic Venetian blinds are handy and functional, but not particularly attractive. Wider, wooden blinds that are more attractive can be part of a $1,000 makeover budget. Stylish curtains are also a nice touch.


(04)  Accent Furniture. Accent furniture could be defined as items that are intended to primarily function as decoration. However, some accent furniture can be functional, too.


*A unique chair, table, lamp, room divider, vase, or other accent pieces can dramatically change the look of a room.


*With so many unusual styles available, you can find something that will be a regular topic of conversation.


(05)  Walls.  Of course, you can go the paint or wallpaper route. But what about texture? Try using metal, textured ceiling panels on a wall and then paint. What about painting one wall a unique color and keeping the other three a little tamer?


*Simple pieces of wood trim, cut and painted, can create dynamic feature walls or subtle but dramatic room designs.


(06)  Rearrange.  You probably remember coming home from school and finding your mom had completely rearranged the furniture. It drastically changes the look of a room. Some have a better eye than others. Think of your more stylish friends and enlist their help.


(07)  Flooring.  A living room is conducive to a wide variety of flooring options.


*Carpeting and laminate flooring are easy to install with a few simple tools. The costs can vary depending on the type of flooring.


*Real wood flooring is usually more costly and requires a more precise install. It also requires maintenance.


*Tile is a unique option for a living room and requires little in the way of tools beyond a tile saw, which can be purchased or rented.


(08)  Furniture.  It’s easy to quickly blow a $1,000 budget with furniture, but there’s a lot of used furniture on the market. You might have to search around to find what you’re looking for, but it’s likely out there somewhere.  A fresh coat of paint, some sanding & stain, or a new fabric design can change the look of a room quickly.


(09)  Rug.  Think about buying an area rug to put over your existing floor. It really changes the look of the room, and the cost can be minimal.  I spend a little more and purchase washable rugs on This means I can have a fresh, clean rug waiting in the wings while I pull up a dirty rug to take home and toss in the washer.  Easy as pie and gorgeous, too!


(10)  Ceiling.  Many nicer homes have a unique living room ceiling. Your local building supply store has ceiling tiles that can create a dramatic effect, with the same effort as your walls.


(11)  Trim.  Although most trim is very inexpensive, it has a profound effect on the appearance of a room. If you want to make a statement, you might want to try putting trim around the ceiling rather than just around the floor. This will make your home stand out from other homes.


The living room is another great room to choose for a makeover. Your guests likely spend every evening in this room.  If you’re making over a room, it only makes sense to start with the one that people spend a lot of time in.


Include your entire staff and past guests in the planning of your new family room.  Email a questionnaire and ask what their kids would like to see.  Kids sometimes have the best ideas.  Be sure you read them all.


On the 16th, we will focus on the Bathroom!!



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