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Budget Room Makeovers: The Bath and Bonus Room for Under $1000

budget decor Jul 16, 2021

All through the month of July, we will be showing you how to do some great makeovers on your properties without breaking the bank.  There's a lot to cover with only a small budget, so keep reading and check back in often!


Fortunately, most bathrooms are relatively small, which cuts down on the cost of materials and time needed to do a makeover. The kid’s bathroom can be a safe place to start your first remodeling attempt.


Keep in mind that different bathrooms have different decorating needs.


A bathroom for the kids needs to be functional and easy to clean.  A master bathroom can be more luxurious.  A half-bath for guests might require a bit more formality.


Check out these great ideas for the bathroom:


(01)  The Vanity.  The vanity is the centerpiece of any bathroom. Some vanities come with sinks, and others allow you to choose a sink. Some provide storage. Now might be the time to try something daring.


*Vanities can be very easy to install, depending on what you’re currently using. Investigate the amount of work involved. If you can avoid tearing into the wall, your life will be much easier.


(02)  Sink and tub faucets. Just like in the kitchen, a new faucet can be an inexpensive way to update the bathroom.


(03)  Toilets.  Toilets are surprisingly inexpensive and also very easy to install. Turn off and disconnect the hoses at the toilet, remove a few bolts, and lift it out. The new one goes in the same way, but you’ll need a new wax seal. Have you always wanted to try a bidet?


(04)  Towel racks. New towel racks and toilet paper holders are simple and inexpensive to replace. Try to find something unique.


(05)  Shower door. Those sliding shower doors eventually reach the point of needing replacement. Or perhaps you have a shower curtain and want to go to doors. While replacing an entire shower or tub can be a big job, replacing or installing doors is relatively easy.


(06)  Flooring.  Now is the time to remove the carpeting that the previous owners installed. High moisture and indoor carpeting don’t go together.


*The bathroom is a great room to tile. It’s a smaller room, so the material costs are low. Specially treated tile provides excellent water resistance and good footing.


*Linoleum tile is another option. While a rollout floor is a possibility, there’s a lot of precise cutting involved to work around the vanity and toilet. One mistake can put you back at square one.


(07)  Miscellaneous decorations. Most bathroom walls are pretty bare, so consider using the space for something. Keep in mind the humidity levels. For example, photographs tend to curl in such conditions.


*Come up with something unique for the back of the toilet besides using it as a place to stockpile toilet paper.


Most bathrooms are small, can be made over quickly, and will only require a minimal outlay of cash. Remember that anything in a bathroom is likely to get wet at some point. Certain items don’t fare well in the bathroom.


Does Your Property Have a Garage (Bonus Room) or Basement?


Bonus Rooms and basements vary depending on the home. Some are finished like the inside of an English pub, while others are storage vaults. Many are somewhere in between. Consider your needs before you get carried away.  We convert nearly all our garages in Florida into Bonus (Game) Rooms.  Our guests love them!


If you have a garage or finished basement, consider the following:


(01)  Fun!  Most finished garages or basements aren’t complete without a ping-pong, pool, or foosball table. All of these have options well under $1,000.  We have even found some for FREE on Facebook Market Pages!!  Some other creative options can be used for multiple games.


*If more adult games appeal to you, a card table might be a good investment.


(02)  Flooring.  Leaving the concrete floor is one option. But, you might want to consider painting it or adding an epoxy floor instead. Bare concrete leaves dust on socks and tends to stain easily. Speaking of stain, it’s also possible to stain concrete and give it an old-world look.


*Carpeting and laminate flooring are other options, as long as the moisture situation is under control. Neither of these options is appropriate for a damp basement.


(03)  Lighting.  Many basements suffer from terrible lighting. Those fluorescent tube lights up in the drop ceiling probably aren’t your best option. You don’t use them anywhere else in your house, except maybe the garage.


*Consider using a series of lamps or a more appropriate overhead option in the basement. There are many attractive lighting options that mount on the wall.


If you have an unfinished garage or basement, it might be a good idea to start the process of turning it into a living space.


On the other hand, if you like the idea of the basement keeping its original purpose, find a way to keep it tidy and enhance the storage capabilities. Some newer shelves, better lighting, and a coat of paint might be the best way to spend your dollars.


On the 18th, we will talk about the Bedrooms!!



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