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5 Retirement Planning Errors

retirement Mar 26, 2021


Are you saving for retirement? Part of being successful in funding the retirement you desire is avoiding common retirement planning mistakes. By participating in the plans that are available to you, diversifying, and leaving the money alone, you can largely guarantee a financially pleasing retirement.


For your best retirement plan results, avoid these common errors:


  1. Failing to participate in your available plans. There aren't many companies offering pensions anymore. You may have a 401(k), 457 or 403(b). Companies make it easy for you to enroll, and these programs are incredibly worthwhile. Interest-deferred accounts are tough to beat. Enroll today, if you haven't already. It really adds up over time.


  • If your company matches a percentage of your contribution, so much the better. It's like a raise you didn't have to earn. Free money is free money.



  1. Lack of diversification and playing hedge fund manager. Avoid the temptation to play hedge fund manager with your retirement accounts. That's great if you're Warren Buffet (you're not) and spend 40+ hours a week investing. For the average person, the best advice is to keep investing every month like clockwork.


  • The market returns 10.5% in the long haul so get your money in there and don't worry about trying to time things. Avoid becoming overly worried about the instability in the Middle East or the typhoon that just struck Cameroon.


  • Spread your money around. It’s true that diversifying potentially limits your gains, but more importantly, it will limit your losses. Large losses can take decades to rectify. Diversify your retirement funds.



  1. Borrowing money from your retirement. It might be allowed, but that doesn't mean it's always wise. Anytime you take money out, it’s possible that it will never find its way back in.


  • When borrowing from your retirement is an option, consider the long-term effects and ensure it's the right choice for you. Remember that you not only suffer the lost future earnings if you don't pay it back but, also, there's the 10% tax penalty when you take it out.



  1. Cashing out. It’s surprisingly common for people to cash out their plan when they leave a job instead of rolling the money over.


  • Moving expenses, vacation, a down payment on a new house, and more can use up the money faster than you realize. Be mindful of this.


  • Talk to your accountant about rolling over the funds straight into your new plan. It’s easier when you don’t touch the money in the first place.



  1. Way too much of your employer’s stock. Even though you might get a good deal on it because you work there, company stock should make up a small part of your retirement plan. If the stock is attractive, you can certainly include it in your plan. However, remember the importance of diversifying your portfolio as well.


As with many things, avoiding mistakes is often the key to being very successful. If you can simply avoid these five common mistakes, your odds of having a financially successful retirement go up dramatically.


Now go and grow! 



Michelle R Russell

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