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Episode 013 - "CoVID Clean:" Cleaning Advice from Our Favorite Nurse, Maria Giordano

cleaning tips Mar 17, 2021

We were so happy to have our favorite nurse (and Investor Extraordinaire), Maria Giordano, join us once again.  In today's episode, Maria gives us some great advice for making our properties "CoVID Clean," although we can't advertise them as such.  In this episode, you'll discover some great cleaning tips as well as some often overlooked trouble areas when cleaning your STR. 

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Transcript of this Episode:

Hi, this is Michelle, the master of bunny mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast.

And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking to my dear friend, Maria Giordano. She is a real estate guru. She's been on ABC news and good morning America, lots of different things. But today she's going to be speaking as a nurse. That's right. She was a nurse before she started doing real estate and investing in real.

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And I would really greatly. You going to iTunes and leaving me a five star review. I appreciate it. So please do take a picture of it. Send it over to me at Michelle at BNB dash boss. Let me know that you did and we'll enter you in those drawings. So I told you, we're doing back to basics this month back to basics.

Meaning I went back to basics going back to short-term rental and real estate books. And I'm also kind of thrown in a few tax books in there and they're pretty good, but I wanted to remind you, there's a lot of great past books. That you can pick up that still have some really, really great information.

So I've been reading the new rules to get rich by Garrett Gunderson. Now Garrett had written, and I think I talked about it last week or the week before that killing sacred cows. And I also read Trump's art of the deal again, which was really good. Also started reading some really great books about our civil liberties and our civil rights.

Honestly, if you know, what's going on in the United States today, reading about our civil liberties is probably something we all should be doing and realizing that we are really getting our rights stomped all over. Right. So I want to remind you guys that there's a lot of great books out there. And Memorial day is coming up and I was remembering all the people in my family who served and fought in different wars, just served in the military, even during peace time.

And my father, he was a pilot in the Navy. Just all the things that they gave up, all the sacrifices that they made for my rights, for my civil liberties. It's amazing to me that as an American right now that we can go into all these Costcos and we can go into home Depot, but we can't go to church. And you're like, that is our first amendment.

Right. And literally the constitution and the first amendment guarantees that they cannot create any law that prevents us from worship. But yet they have, and we've allowed this to happen. We've literally sit back and in the name of everyone's health. And at the same time, that to me seems like a big lie that they've really stretched the truth, which they always do.

They always have somebody who's super scared, give you some really outrageous numbers. And then everybody cowers in the corner and says, okay, we're going to have to submit to this. Well, you know, when I was a kid, they used to tell us the earth was gonna freeze. It was going to get too hot. Yeah. If you remember, years ago, we had the inconvenient truth and that came out and said that by the year 2020 that they have flooded shores and 90% of the icebergs would be melting and polar bears would be dying and stuff.

And now polar bears are doing better than ever. Although it doesn't seem so when you watch television commercials there. You know, one instance and making it seem as if these poor polar bears are dying, when scientists are saying, no, they're doing better than ever. Their population is higher than ever before.

So it's really amazing how the media people can push different agendas just by the information that they put out there today. We're going to talk about some of those things that we went over on the webinar with our favorite nurse, Maria Giardano and here is a little bit of that webinar. But what I wanted to do is we had some people interested, especially those who were in the group, profit masters group.

And they just wanted to know how to clean better. And I'm like, guys, it's just soap and water. You just need to use soap and water, but they wanted something. Right.

And it's interesting. Cause when people ask me about what to do, I'll clean. And I said, well, First of all, you should be cleaning your properties and disinfectant. Anyway, I had, and when I had vacation rentals, I would tell people I'm writing to them. I don't have an abundance of linens and towels on that, just because I don't want people where I flipped through that.

And that's why I don't have like tons of dishes and all that other stuff. Cause you should be cleaning all that stuff. Anyway, single guests. Exactly. And so it's like, so what have you guys been doing before this? Have you not been cleaning and you are seeing the videos? There are literally videos on YouTube of like these bachelor guys who created their own little sites about doing short-term rental and they'll have like how to do a five minute bathroom cleaning.

And you're just like,

Please never let me the average, I believe the average hotel room cleaning. Just that one little room with the bathroom is 22 minutes on average. That's what I mean to tell industry what the heck are these guys doing with a five minute clean? It's scary. That is scary. It's really freeing. Well, we started implementing with, this was what we called the double D where like, okay, let's just do a double D meaning.

We're going to do our regular cleaning. And at the end, we'll go through and double down and do a disinfecting cleaning. So we wipe everything down to the disinfectant. But what I wanted you to do was I wanted you to be able to answer anyone's questions about it as a nurse. Because again, Gary is still at the hospital.

And so your husband's a doctor, but he's at the hospital tonight. So, which is funny because I had a conversation with him about this. And what did he say? He's kind of like at first words out of his mouth, Wash your hands. People will wash your hands. I just keep telling guys I'm like, look, it's, doesn't take like, you know, I mean, you don't have to have the disinfectant, Lysol pads and all this stuff.

What you regularly clean with when you should be cleaning, as long as you're cleaning what you're cleaning with, shouldn't do the trick. But your job is to also make people feel better. So, so we've got a whole marketing thing that we're doing on Friday for those who are, we've split it into the cleaning aspect today with you.

And then the marketing aspect, um, have marketed the right way, you know, whatever you're using, if you're using HomeAway, Airbnb, the RVO went well. And that's critical is that I think especially now more than ever people who are. The short-term vacation rental owner. Me to be more transparent than ever before.

And I think it's Airbnb, that's actually doing, um, uh, certification or something. Where you're you certify your properties as, you know, being COVID-19 or whatever cleaning. Well, they actually sent out a thing because they can't do that, but here's the deal. They can train you to do it. We can't guarantee you're going to implement exactly well, and that was my thought when they were it last month was, well, how are they going to what balancing?

And so they're literally sending us out all kinds of information about you. Can't put COVID guaranteed on there. You can't put any of that certified or exactly because you then, I mean, you make them liable. You make yourself. You can't guarantee. There's no way you can never guarantee. That, that virus is not saying in there.

And especially now, like there's information coming out and, you know, you might call it conspiracy theory or whatever. There's a lot of people who believe that. I mean, this virus has been around since the 1940s, and they're saying that there could be a majority of the population carrying this virus. But there could be something that mutated, because my brother-in-law who actually was, is a doctor in Italy and was a zoology major, played around with the virus when he was doing his bachelor's, you know, decades and decades ago.

You know, so when he was telling me about the virus and all the origins of it, um, was very, very interesting. Yeah, but when it comes to, I guess the cleaning, I always tell people your number one responsibility is your cleaning crew. How are you protecting your cleaning crew and how are you also making sure that they're not bringing in contaminants?

Properties in cross-contaminate, but also, how are you protecting your crew? What supplies are you giving them to protect themselves? So in my usual type, a OCD fashion, I have. I believe, I know you only gave me a little notice on this, but I went through and I was like, shit, I'm going to brainstorm all this.

I do have type it out or color coded like I normally do, but I try to do it logically or as logically as I can, as you know, you're, you're scrambling with all these ideas and I'm using old fashioned pen and paper. Well, I have five year olds running around, so that's real easy. What I wanted to start with when we talked about, you know, how do you protect your plane from stuff?

The number one thing they should be doing, the moment they get to that property is washing their hands with soap and water and things that you need to be telling your cleaning crew is that they should have a map. Yeah. And the reason why people like, well, they're going in alone, why should they, well, it could be asymptomatic for the virus.

I mean, they should, could be a carrier of the virus and not know it. Um, so they could be bringing it into the property. Um, because they feel fine and they didn't even know it. And people don't think about that now because of the shortage of N 95 mass and stuff. I don't necessarily recommend people go out and buy N 95 masks because I think our healthcare workers and people that are on the front lines really need this.

And it's in short supply. However, they can have a surgical mask. They can have, you know, uh, may make it yourself kind, starving, whatever, just something to help contain. And also don't do one of these where they leave their nose open, but they cover their mouth. That's my favorite thing. You know, it needs to cover their nose and their mouth at the same time.

It sounds funny. But the other thing is, is that you should be providing them with disposable gloves, or if you're using an agency check with what the agents do. If they're using reusable, how are they sanitizing those gloves in between cleaning? Um, I prefer the disposable gloves and also it should be gloves that are only if they're reusable only for doing the properties potentially being in contact with COVID-19.

Oh, the other thing that people forget. Now it hasn't been proven, but it hasn't been disproven either that COVID-19 can be transported on your shoes. So I just tell people to take that disinfectant and just spray their shoes with it before and after when they first get there. And when they leave, um, hopefully that'll prevent that, you know, hearing that.

If you have, um, shoe covers. Great, but not everybody again has shoe covers. Um, that's kind of how I, I, that those are the main things. When I thought about what, what are we doing to help our cleaning people with. That's really weird. Yeah. Only when the carpets get cleaned. Do I make them wear shoes? It's like, Hey, let's talk.

Let's just there's shoe covers in the closet. But I was like, I never even thought over, oh yeah, I'm big on shoes. That's why I don't even like wearing shoes in my own home because back in the day, and, and this is my background for those of you who don't know who I am, I'm obviously Marine to your dog, but my background is in medicine.

I was. An ICU nurse and then a trauma nurse and stuff. And I saw all the nasty, disgusting stuff we throw on the hospital floors. Then I turned around and watch people's kids playing on the floor. And it was like, do you guys have any idea? Um, so, and I know how easily it is for me to carry those germs home from the hospital to my own house or something.

So that's why I was really big. I would leave my shoes in my locker at work where we would wear shoe covers or something like that. So that we don't carry this disease. But, yeah, so that's really, that's why I say, you know, just take, you know, the lifestyle, the disinfecting sprays that killed 99.9% of germs viruses.

Fungus is everything and spray down on your shoes, you know, real simple before and after. So I don't recommend, um, there's some people because of the cleaning, uh, the shortage of cleaning supplies out there, people are making their own recommend that that is bad. Um, are mixing ammonia and bleach, which I'm sorry, but creates, um, a toxic gas, um, that can potentially be very, very horrible that kill you.

So do not create or mix your own cleaning supplies. And along with that, don't.

You know, people love essential oils, but yeah, you don't like essential oils. We know that the commercial products work. I know there's a lot of people out there that said, Hey, I like holistics, whatever. Yeah. Well, your guest also doesn't want to get the phone. Very true. Well, on the website, um, on our website, we put an article about how to clean when this first broke out and on there in red, if you guys are interested is a bunch of stuff that says don't mix these together.

Don't mix bleach, ammonia, or bleach in rubbing alcohol or bleach in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. And vinegar is like, don't be a chemist because. All kinds of things. Most chemists are trained because you can make a designation

that will kill you. Don't do that. And I was thinking of, okay, what do we need to have our cleaning people do and not do? And the first thing that occurred to me. Is this little gadget here. You're cleaning people. Don't realize that this should really just be a germ. It's a giant nastiness. So you're cleaning people.

I recommend it should just be left in their car. Um, if not, if they have to bring it in for whatever reason, I don't, I, you know, a lot of them have to listen to music, whatever. Then they need to spray it off. If they can see what the manufacturer of that product recommends, you know, via bleach wipes, lifestyle, wipes, soap, and water or something.

I know they now have those ozone things for you V whatever for sticking your phone in it's new technology. I haven't really seen anything proving that it works, but again, I say, just leave it in your car, you know? I mean, why, why risk contaminating your. Yeah. And they're going to, it's funny because they don't realize how it's transferred.

You're like, you know, some people will wash their hands at a restaurant and you know, they'll go to the bathroom, wash your hands, then come back. And then they start, you know, somebody brings something by, they pick up the salt, they pick up the hot sauce that everybody else has been using. And you're like, do you just realize that everything you touch.

With something that somebody else has touched like that, you know, like it's gross, it's really gross. And you just don't realize it. We are. So we never had to think about it before. So now, now it's like, okay, now we need to protect ourselves just a little bit. So let's

like what you were saying. It's like, you're playing, people have to know not to touch their face. When you wear a mask, don't touch your mask with your hands, because maybe you have the virus on the outside of the mask. You now touch it. You touch your face, you touch other surfaces. You've just spread that virus.

So people have to understand being trained as a medical profession. When I ground in gloves to go into a room with an infected patient. I had an ingrained in my head. You know, I don't touch my face. I don't touch myself. I know everything. So when I take off gloves, I'm not touching the gloves with my bare hands.

The way you roll them up, you throw them away. And then you're constantly washing your hands. There's a reason why healthcare professionals have horrible skin, our hands, because we're constantly washing it. And again, soap and water is the best way to churches are the best. Because the virus has a fatty layer around it.

And that's what detergents do and soap does is they cut through that fatty layer to kill that outset now. So those are the first things I really wanted to cover with that. Then that's thing was I wanted to talk about, obviously once you're in that process, And how many times have you seen cleaning people?

The first thing they do, they go to strip the beds and they go, you know, and they're throwing the lemons except for they're shaking things out. Or they're flooding. Don't do that guys. You can read it. Stop shaking the dirty list. It sounds like you're blind, whatever that was that you really should open up the windows.

And I know in Arizona it's hard because it's like a hundred degrees now, but open up the windows, the doors are warm to kind of air things out, but don't air your sheets. Roll them up and I recommend whenever possible. And I know it can be hard to wash all the linens at the property. Um, the hottest water as possible.

If an N if it's something that can be bleached with bleach, otherwise your typical detergents laundry soaps should be enough because again, it cuts through that fatty layer on the virus, but I recommend doing all your linens, your sheets, your towels, right there with them. It kind of changed my perspective a little bit.

And I now also recommend if you leave extra linens, extra towels at that property, you should really wash those too, because think about somebody rifling through to get something they're touching everything else. Now, we've got those little bags with the zip things on them, and then we will take a zip tie and tie those.

So we'll have extra sheets for people, but we let them know if you use these sheets, you open up every single one, you're going to be charged for it. But that way too, you know, what's been cleaned and what hasn't been cleaned and you can. Easily, take a wipe and wipe out, uh, you know, the plastic on the outside of that zip tie.

Exactly. Which is perfect. Cause that was what I was going to next thing was to put it in a plastic thing and have some type of a zip tie, you know, seal broken, you know, everybody knows cause chances of somebody having zip ties around. Generally knack and queen, although you never know. Um, so that's the main thing with the linens.

I always record next. Um, it's when we talk about sanitizing stuff, it's the flatware. The silverware, you really need to clean it or put it in the sanitize cycle of it. Because if you think about even us, when we're going into our drawer to grab a utensil, chances are we touched two or three other utensils.

And the process of just grabbing that fork, get the forks on the side or under. So again, that's why I'm like, if you're, if your vacation rental set up for, you know, for occupants, you know, when I go and stay at a Disney resort, they only have flat four sets of flatware for four occupants or however many, the limit is that's perfectly acceptable for your vacation rental to do that because you should go and put all that stuff in the dishwasher and run it through the sanitize site, because you want to think about what you would do.

Right. And again, that's something that you can advertise on your, you know, under your vacation or this is what we do, people aren't going to like that absolutely also use approved. I mean, we, we hit a little bit on the disinfectant products, but make sure you're using an approved disinfectant product that has 99.9%, um, for killing viruses and germs and all that kind of stuff.

The other thing that many of these things, uh, these products have like Lysol and, and the different products out there, they have what's called a dwell time. And this was something I learned when I worked in the hospital. Is a dwell time is how long you need to leave that spray on a surface before you wipe it clean?

Um, not so we had different disinfectants in different cleaners. Some were a couple of minutes, some were like 10 or 15 minutes when housekeeping would go through a room, they'd spray the trays and everything, leave it there that would kill the virus and then they would wipe it off. So know what your dwell time is on your product right there in the chat is a link to the, um, American of the coronavirus products.

So you guys can get that right there in the chat. We put a link there for you. Definitely. So then when you start. I want your cruiser or any cleaning crew to go through it. Systematically. If you have more than one person, they should all be going through everything systematically, you know, the bathroom, the kitchen, all that stuff.

When you're starting with the kitchen, you know, you've got to wipe down all the cabinets, all the poles, all the hands. Uh, you need a wipe down the coffee machine, you know, everything that's, that's touched, you know, when you think of your large appliances, your small appliances and with your small appliances, wipe those cords down, wipe the outlets down the refrigerator, the handles the inside of the refrigerator.

I mean, this is going to be more time consuming and you're going to be paying your, um, cleaning people a little more for it. But it's so worth it. Most people don't realize even, even the closet doors, you know, the little round finger things, that's what people touch that we don't do all the time. We don't, you know, my crew, I, you know, would, they would do doorknobs.

They would do. Fixtures, you know, light switches, but just like you said, just the things that you don't think of when somebody unplugs a light so they can plug their cellphone in they're touching, you know, that plug in that end of the light cord. So you've got to take care and do those chords chords are one of those things.

And it's kind of funny because people. It's things you don't think about and had your crew train your crew to look for fingerprints, any place where they're going to see fingerprints like the edges of doors around outlets and stuff. Those are the areas that are showing high traffic. You're going to want the banisters, the wall going down.

I do it like for adult height, and then I do it for little kid height. Those little kids are fricking Petri dishes here.

Why aren't you, mommy does the wall. I know. It's like, oh my gosh. And you know, you're gonna wanna wipe down your window. Um, the, the edges they're open and close them, all that kind of stuff. Your thermostat thermostats, as we put that. Yes. Turn your fans on and off. Yeah, you're remote. Yep. Um, those are really important.

What I also like do as you're going from one room to the next, I prefer disposable gloves. So I like to have the cleaning crew, uh, take their gloves. Wash their hands and then get a new pair of gloves on so that they're not contaminating one room to another either. So, um, also, you know, disinfect the handles on your vacuum, cleaners, you know, stuff like that, that you don't think of.

Um, God forbid a guest actually pulls out the vacuum, but you never know.

And the dust pans and things like that. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, the other thing that you can do is, you know, for your sofas, plush furniture, take the disinfectant sprays that are safe on furniture on fabric. And spray that down as well. That should be one of the last things that that gets done. You have to be careful not to use bleach when you do that.

And you're like bleach it and kill your furniture. No, Lysol has the sprays that 99.9% check still to make sure it's safe for your fabric. You don't know call the manufacturer. I'm sure they're getting blown up with tons of calls, right? Um, but also plot that sleeper sofa, if you have a sleeper, so we frequently forget to sleep or so write that down too.

I mean, I hope people are using covers on their mattress pads and their pillows and stuff. So you can wipe those off and sanitized, but you know, that's a good thing to remind people too. Now we should all, you know, we've all been trained, but there are things that we forget about. The fact that we have the mattress pads that protect from bedbugs.

These things have to be protected too. From like every time you change the sheets, there's somebody changing the sheets. And I know that I have caught my cleaning crew taking off their gloves while they do sheets because they get, you know, They get into things and that you're like, that's fine. Wash your hands before you do it.

You know, keep your mask on and wash your hands and then you can do it. But at the same time, you're like, okay, whatever we touch, we have to wash off. We have to make sure, because like you said, it could be coming from. We don't want to, we don't want to, we don't want to do it. So yeah. We have to make sure that we're trained because, and let the people know too.

I always let my main crew know. I understand you want to take your gloves off for that part. That's cool. Just wash your hands. That's your face, wash your hands. Exactly. And also wipe down a lot of times we don't think about the headboard of foot. Oh yeah. Wipe that down as well. Um, people touch it. You have a little kid they're touching every single thing, every surface that bedside lamp, um, the little crank on those table lamps.

I mean, just wipe those down, obviously clean and disinfect the floor. Gas fireplace things. Now, granted, this is going into summer, but if any of you guys have vacation rentals up in the higher countries where it's pool, where the gas fireplace, mountain woods, whatever wiped down, those, uh, switches and stuff as well.

And then when you go into the bathroom, spend a little extra time in there using the disinfectant, again, wiping down the drawers, the poles, the under the sink thing. If you are providing shampoo, some people do provide shampoo. Um, or even to laundry the shirts and stuff, wipe those bottles down. Yeah.

Something that I think 90% of time gets forgotten. Cause you don't think about that, but we need to be disinfecting that as well. And I also recommend people now, uh, take hand sanitizer and leave hand sanitizers in the property, um, for people to use, they're more likely to use it, but then also wiping down those bottles as well.

Um, disinfecting you know, the bathroom in the shower shouldn't be gained as infected anyway. But really spent extra time with all of that. Also that shower liner. A lot of times we forget about it. I would just quit wipe that down. At least spray it with a disinfectant spray. Oh, that's a great idea. Yeah.

Yeah. I would forget that shower liner. Yeah. Cause you know, it gets yucky, but you never think about it. Everybody's touching that are. Yep. Yep. Same with that. Well trash, you know, spray the inside and the outside, wipe it down and really good, including your kitchen one, because people are always, you know, the change in the trash, whatever they're touching stuff, you need to be wiping that down.

Um, when it comes to the laundry room and wipe down the controls on the machines, the handles the outside of it, you know, typically I don't think people were really paying much attention to that. Um, that's very true. Well, like hairdryers too. People forget things, you know that because they're put away and we just sometimes, especially knowing they're running through there, they're just like, oh, it's their check irons, their check, earning boards, their check.

Now we're like, okay, now you got to take the ironing board help. Make sure you get it because they're touching all of that stuff. You're like, they're touching all of it. Just make sure you do a quick wipe down, but like you said, it might take a little extra. Totally worth it. Exactly. But we worth it and know when it comes to having the family vacation, when I was with kids, you know, take the extra time to clean that height, share that pack and play.

Even if the pack and play doesn't look like it was used. I mean, if you have one that comes in that, the bag or in the case still, you know, a great time to zip tie it. So, you know, when it's used or not, But, you know, spray that down. I was always one of those, um, moms that would carry extra disinfectant.

Cause I never trusted that it was clean. So I would have my wife's and wipe it down. It can be pretty disgusting. I'm sorry. Kids are gross.

So, and, but a lot of times toys are overlooked. It's a great time plush toys. I would say, you know, put them in plastic bags, get rid of them, uh, because those do you really need to have stuffed animals for the kids? Yeah. Think so. Uh, Yeah, but make sure, you know, if you have a ton of toys there, your cleaning crew really needs to be clean.

All those toys are, you're putting them in again in some type of a zip tied bag. So, you know, when they're being used. Absolutely. Um, because like I said, God forbid you get some the next runners, um, kid or whatever sick. Well, again, in the notes, guys, I put another link. So you can enter the how to properly.

The list of cleaning stuff, but also if you've got any questions for Maria and put your name in there, just put a cue there and we can put you on for a second and you can ask, or if you don't feel like asking out loud, then go ahead and type it in there. And you can ask her any kind of questions you want.

Back like the other thing people overlook or cleaning crews overlook is the outside. Now you're in Phoenix, Michelle or an Arizona. And you know, the Corona virus is supposed to, you know, die in the heat, all that kind of stuff. We still need to have our cleaning people though wiping down the table out there.

The furniture, the art. That kind of stuff whenever possible. I recommend, you know, if you can allow your place to be vacant between renters for 24 to 72 hours is best at least 24, before you send a cleaning crew in, you know, it's just a, another precaution or an added. You can also advertise that in your short term rental that, Hey, you are taking extra precautions and are allowing for space in between.

Airbnb is automatically doing that for you guys. Now, I don't know if you guys realize that, but Airbnb is no longer letting us have days check out and check in days at the same time. So you're always going to have at least one day space, but that one day space is ample time to keep it safe for the cleaning crew to come in and to do a good job.

And for everybody else to get their jobs done. So there's, you know, it feels like there's a lot of common sense to it, but at the same time, when, when things are common sense, we tend to get lacks a Daisy and we don't think it all the way through, you know what I mean? So it's like one of those, if you think about cleaning, like the entry way you think of, oh, we're going to do the door knob.

So it's depends. Are you doing the keypad? If you're doing a keyless entry or if you have a lock box, are you doing the lock box? All that stuff in the garage door, you know, And the key you said, yeah, we were like the salt and pepper shakers, the outsides of all the containers and, and two, this is a really good time.

We talked about this one time during the earlier podcast, because. A lot of short term rentals began with people doing that out of their home. And so they would leave food. They would leave, you know, things in the refrigerators and stuff, all that. Now it's going to get to a point where we shouldn't be doing that.

Guys, if you were one of those people who filled up a container with coffee and you had scoops and stuff in there, Now it's going to be time for you to go get individual. It doesn't necessarily have to be K-cups, but definitely individual packets. You want to keep things as sanitary for people as you possibly can, because you want them to feel safe in your property.

And they're not going to feel safe. You know, like somebody scooping out a whole thing of oatmeal when 18 other people had had oatmeal, you know, it's like, People who used to, like, I went for my vacation when I was, I used to surf supplied. I didn't do the cake cups, but I did a regular coffee maker, a really nice one, but it had the filters.

Yeah. Apply the filter. You shouldn't be supplying the filters anymore because people are rifling through there and you can put a disclaimer or note, say, look due to us, wanting to protect. You always make it sound like you're doing it for their own good. Cause you. Exactly because we want to protect you and prevent the spread of disease and viruses and stuff.

We are no longer providing an XYZ, you know, and if you want to, it's okay for you to put gloves and masks on and you'd put things in little things. Kevin loves, what is he got? One of those air sucky thing is sucks. The air out, you put it in a bag. So you put style. I know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah.

That was a little bit, and those are really cool. They're like space bags or something. Yeah, exactly. So he goes, oh, I can pick up some other ones and I could make my own and we can, we can just put, you know, some copy filters in there. We can put some, you know, so that they know it's always clean. I'm like, yeah, you can do that.

But you've got to make sure that when you do that, you're just as careful putting it in. You know, like God forbid that you think, oh, I'm not feeling anything, but then, you know, down the line you're you were carrying something. So whatever you do decide, protect yourself and your property. You never want to be now, you know, you don't want to be associated with this stuff.

So we're going to go, like I said, we're in later this week on Friday, we're going to do this again, but we're going to go to the marketing aspect of it, but that will go towards marketing. We can say some things and you know, this Maria from doing real estate or some things we can say, and some things we can't say, yeah.

Never give a guarantee at anything because it just takes one person and one lawyer. And boom. I just tell people what my procedures and write it down. Write down your policy and procedure and your check because I live. Oh, you know, I love chat. I have a checklist. So you can say we have a cleaning checklist.

You can even leave it in there and have the staff go through and sign in if you want. I know some people are doing that. I don't know. I think that might potentially leave you open for liability. Exactly. But, you know, it's, it's on the back of the handout that we gave. If you go all the way down this checklist for each room, you'll see at the very bottom of it is the cruise checklist.

So if you want to, you could do what Maria is saying and, and go through that. We do, we still do our taking pictures, but at the end we're doing the double D, which is just disinfecting again, going through, like you said, the drape chords and all those crazy things. That's all in your handout. Just copy it and make it your own.

If you want to put your logo on it. I don't care. It's not going to bother us. Hurry up. Thanks again for joining. Hey, no problem. Anytime I can help out. Okay. That was Maria Giordano and I discussed it. How to keep your property as clean as you possibly can. Please go to our website because we have a bunch of free handouts that go along with that, including the cleaning supplies that are recommended a great checklist that you can not only use for your cleaning companies and our cleaning crew, but you can also provide that to your guest.

And they can see the measures that you are taking in order to keep your property as clean as you possibly can go to our podcast on iTunes and leave us a review. If you possibly can, we would love to get a five-star review. The more five-star reviews we earn the more sponsors we can get, and that helps out the show.

Tremendously. Thanks so much for listening. I hope you join us next week and God bless you. Stay safe. Have a great day.  Go and grow.

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