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Episode 023 – Party Prevention Technology to Stop Party Goers in Their Tracks

party prevention Mar 31, 2021


Today, Michelle is going to give you nearly a dozen party prevention technology tools to protect you from potential party throwers.  We all have seen the damage done to Short Term Rental Properties in pictures and videos on the internet.  We sure don’t want that to happen to YOU!!  Michelle is going to tell you about the tech and give you some good advice about how to prevent party throwers from choosing you! 


Plus, contest details are inside this episode!  Enter to win BIG!!  Go and Grow!


Transcript of this Episode:


Hi, it's Michelle, the master of money mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast.

And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about party prevention and noise monitors, smoke detectors, things like that. Stay tuned. Our show today is brought to you by audit. Audible is where you get your audio books online and get a 30 day trial into the audible membership for free. By going to audible forward slash S T R revenue that's audible forward slash S T R revenue.

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And you'll find our $7 courses right there. Try us out. You'll love it. You'll love those courses and they're only there for a limited time. So. Also, don't forget our contest. We've got our contest running right now and every week we're picking up. And everyone's names are going to be put into a drawing at the end for a final prize of an Amazon Dodd with a little clock on it.

And your guests will love that. They'll be able to walk right in, ask Alexa to connect to their account, and there'll be able to play their favorite music, ask for the weather or whatever else they want to ask Alexa to do pretty darn awesome. And I would really greatly. You going to iTunes and leaving me a five star.

I appreciate it. So please do take a picture of it. Send it over to me at Michelle at BNB dash boss. Let me know that you did and we'll enter you in those drawings. So you may hear a little clicking today because I'm playing on our new page and it is under construction, but we do have it live when you go to BNB dash boss and you're on the homepage.

You go about halfway down. And you're going to see some words that say looking for the latest tech and tools for your BNB properties, browse, helpful businesses for service and products in our industry. And then you can just hit the pink button that says browse our directory. So let's click on that. And in there, you're going to find this cool section.

So it says we use, excuse her. We're in the process of doing this whole paid, go pass the insurance, pass the dynamic pricing. Pass the electronic concierge pass the bookkeeping and the bank. To this pink section called party prevention, security, noise, and smoke detection. What's really cool. As you can tell, we're still working on this.

None of the logos are up and running yet by what's super duper. Cool is we can take a look at all of these products and services that are going to help us squash the parties. I love the party squasher name, just because it says party squasher there's quite a few. Let's just go through them. So noise aware, protects your property by doing.

Looking for loud sounds inside your home. And what's really great about these is they don't invade on anyone's privacy. Why? Because they're just monitoring the decibels, the level of the noise in the home. They're not recording any conversations or listening in on anything. It's simply telling us that people inside the property are getting loud and that means there could be a party.

These products are really great for that. Now there are people who put noise aware inside, as well as outside. Whenever you have these devices, especially any kind of device that plugs in, you need to put it in a really in conspicuous place, because if they see it, they'll unplug it. If they are going to have a party or they're going to do something, they will take it out.

And the same with your smoke. They will unplug those. If they possibly can, if they're going to be smoking marijuana, they'll usually take the plugs, take them outside, do something with them. And you won't know that they're doing anything, but you'll know that the device has been unplugged or disconnected.

The noise aware systems are really great to have wherever you're going to have a party. So I wouldn't tuck them into a bathroom or tuck them into a bedroom. But you would want them in a living space, right? If you're having a party, everybody's going to be in the kitchen living room area and the pool areas and stuff, because a lot of times parties will kind of, you know, migrate out to the pool area and the backyard.

So those are two really great places to have noise monitors, cameras, help with those areas too. So if you don't want to noise monitor, They're usually a little bit more expensive than cameras are so cheap to find now. So you could have a camera outside that takes a picture of everything in the backyard and outdoor cameras are completely okay.

As long as they point away from the door. But picture somebody standing by the door. If they came in their underwear, you don't want to be able to see them standing inside the door as they got their pizza. Right. You can see the pizza guy, but you don't want to be able to see them because you don't want to intrude on their privacy as they step within the threshold of the property.

Any doors that we have going to the outside of the property, we definitely would love to get cameras on everything we possibly. Front door, side doors, garage doors, broad stores are important. If you ever heard the episode where I was interviewing my buddy, Chris, and he had a property that was ripped off, they stoled the refrigerators washer, dryers.

I mean, they sold like a ton of appliances. It was crazy. And they got them all through the garage door. They pulled their truck and parked inside and then took everything out through the. Well, their cameras were at the back door and the front door and a side door, no cameras into the garage. And so that little lack of security right there is what got them.

It's really important that you cover any and all entrances and exits to your home, including the garage areas. Right. But let's get back to the noise, aware monitors. These are really great because they can not just monitor the noises. They can. Also monitor like glass breaking and things like that. And they send you a text message right away that says, Hey, the decibels are up to this.

It could be a potential party. And that's when you'll call them or message the guests and say, we're getting some alerts on our monitoring system. Are you guys having a party because that's. And the, let us know if we think it's still going on. If we have the neighbor's phone number, we're going to call the neighbors and see if they know what's going on, because we always have, I am like one of those people, I talk to everybody.

So I have a good relationship with all my. I think it's super important because honestly they're like quiz the little old lady in the B, which series. Remember she used to look through the window and watch everybody. I want to say Hazel or Mrs. Hazel or something else. But it was a neighbor lady who was just really into somebody else's business.

Neighbors are like that. Especially older neighbors and older neighborhoods. And they aren't people you want to piss off. So if you can be friendly with your neighbors, it's always good because you can call them and say, Hey, like we call these guys. We text them and we're still getting these noise things.

Can you look out there? Do you see anything? And they'll say, oh yeah, there's like 20 or 30 people coming in the door. You're like, okay, now you get your boots on the ground and they head over there. So you can nip things in the bud too with neighbors because they'll call you if something is. Neighbors.

Love to be people love to police. I mean, come on. People love to feel stronger than you like they're in charge of you. It makes them feel really good. There was a study done. I don't know if you guys ever heard that, but this college professor does study where he had some of the people be prisoners and some of them be guards and the guards, the guys who were pretending to be guards, they went crazy, power hungry, crazy in their brains.

Like it was none. People love that little authority. They literally go crazy with it. It can work in your favor. If it's your neighbors, when you get a text message, you just open your app. And it's going to tell you exactly where, and it's going to also show you like the little graph of noise levels were like this all day.

And then all of a sudden they're like this, what the heck happened? And you'll be okay. Kind of tell from there. Um, now some products noise, any of these you'll be able to just click on right from our page. Okay. So I'm not even gonna spell all these out for you. This time let's go to party squasher party squasher is a little bit more sneaky.

There is something called an occupancy counter and Cox cable does this in the Phoenix valley too. And they also do it down in. You can have your cable company do it. What they do is they give you a device and it counts the number of pings on the internet. Like if somebody is connecting to your internet at the house, it gives you like, wow, there's like seven phones connected to your internet right now.

Or there's eight devices or there's 12 devices. You can see all these devices pinging to your inner. And once it gets these pings, it's like something is going on. So it can tell all the mobile devices, even if it's an iPad, what's nice about a party squasher sensor is that you can place that inside the maid's closet.

You don't have to have it plugged into the room. So noise detectors. They have to be right there, right. And smoke detectors. Same thing. If you have smoke detectors and you're trying to see what people are smoking. Cigarettes or marijuana and your property. You probably want them in the bedroom and you want them in the living room and kitchen areas.

Right. But they have to be in those areas. You can't put it in the closet and expected to work because nobody's smoking in the closet. Hopefully. So these are pretty cool because they can be put into a closet. They'll still measure the pings that are on it. And you get to set the number of devices. So if you got like a one bedroom, you might put six devices on there.

Um, and the reason why we always put six devices or somewhere around there is we're like, okay, if the maximum is four people, that's four devices. And what if they got an iPad, we're going to kind of monitor that. And what's really cool is most of the time when you get in there, the people will arrive and you'll see the devices that they have on there in a very short period of time.

You'll get all their devices, pinging it. And so when you see that number change, then you can set an alarm for it. What's nice about any of these devices, is that when you're using them, it's basically showing any judge, if you ever have to go to court, right. It's basically showing any judge that you did everything that you could do to prevent parties from being inside your property because they look, we have the no party rule.

You know, what else do you want us to do? You've got all these devices and it's going to help you anytime that Airbnb is going after you, or they want to shut you down for having too many parties, or you're getting sued by your HOA for having a party or something, or the city or anything you can say, look, I did this, this and this to make sure that there were no parties.

So alert. Alertify is a multi alerting system, so it can do noise. It can do smoke. Scott, like a lot of different meters in there can tell you the temperature has all of those in there. Sound temperature, smoke particles, and occupancy. You'll save a lot of money with one device. It's pretty small and compact.

So you can put it somewhere where no one's going to see it. What's really nice is because it does do the temperature and stuff. When somebody leaves the house, you can tell, fail off the heat on or in the summer time. You can tell if they left the air on. So that's really nice. They'll also send you push notifications.

Allow noise level has been detective, so maybe there's breaking glass or something. And you can go and monitor and see what's going on. But same thing. I like the fact that there's a lot of things on there. I've heard other people talk about them. I've never gotten the all-in-one ones yet. We'll see about switching over because a lot of them, we have contracts for, so you might get into a contract, just be careful because new stuff comes up all the time.

And it's pretty cool. This one Alertify launched in early 2020. So it's rather. But a lot of people are talking about fresh air. They've been around for a long time. What I like about fresh air is they look like little plugs. So people can't tell what they are. It looks a little different because it's got like all these things, but they really can't tell that it's a box or something.

It just looks like a plug. And the inside has all the sensors and fresh air can be used in a court of law is actually stood up in a court of law. So when you have to Sue somebody because they did damage to your property or something, and they've taken people to court, it stood up because it really does detects what's going on in the house.

And it will send you a message and tell you, somebody is smoking pot in the house, somebody smoking tobacco on the house, it literally tells you so there's no denying it. And what's really cool about something like fresh air is you can be when you use a device that is monitoring smoke. You can actually declare your property a designated smoke-free property and increase the amount you charge.

So we've had no smoke in this house. We charge a little bit more. They say that you can make up to 15% more on your property. Charge people though. Definitely put those charges for smoking inside your house rules. A, where is another air quality system and they are a little box. They don't plug in, but they've got like this little monitor on them.

It's an air quality system, just like fresh air, but it's a different type of device. It's a standalone device and it doesn't plug in ambient noise, ambient light. It measures the humidity and the temperature. So you got a lot of different things all in one, and it does give you push notifications on your phone.

Yay. Because I think everything has to now, I mean, it's just so important that you get it right away so you can handle everything in real time. So aware. Yes. Room monitor is a noise alarm. So it's a device that allows you to measure the noise levels. Definitely has pushed notifications, a tiny little device.

So as we look at these, they're offering the same. Slightly different minute is a Swedish tech company. They've got several different things. So they monitor noise, they monitor motion, they monitor humidity, temperature, and they even have mold detecting features and they give you a 60% discount. If you get an annual contract.

And their prices are pretty reasonable. They are nice too, because they look like a smoke detector, just like a nice bangled smoke detector. So you can put it up on your ceiling. I like that when it comes to noise detectors, because nobody can unplug it. We talked about this before. If they can unplug it, if they can see it, they can.

Those are great devices. If they look like smoke detectors and people don't know, plus you can connect it to your Alexa here in the U S that's always nice because you can check on things. They've got the apps and push notifications are super important. All right. So let's talk about camera systems real quick.

There is the blink system. They have blink XT twos. They're smaller. They, they look like spy cameras to me because of these little black boxes, but they sell them on Amazon. Obviously, because I think they are made actually by Amazon, they have two way audio and a two year battery life, which is really nice when it comes to outdoor cameras because they're cordless, which is really nice here.

You don't have to wire this into your system. And having a two year battery life way, way. Cool. They also make smaller ones, but those are usually for indoors. And there's no reason for us as hosts to have cameras indoors ever. We really cannot intrude on the privacy of our guests that way, but definitely outside.

They are really great for outside their indoor and outdoor. Look at this a five camera kit. Is only $379. It's got almost a complete five-star reviews. 73% of these are five star reviews. So that's pretty darn high people really seem to like the blink. And you can get these mounting kits for them, the mountain kids, $29 for outside, or a three-pack for $35.

That makes it really nice. So you can have those outside and just Mount them away for that type of security soup. Herb, I'll tell you soup herb, and then of course ring everyone. First favorite when it came to the nifty little cameras. So ring security cameras are nice because you can get the little ones that are on the doorbells, or you can get these three packs come with mounts on them and stuff.

My son for Christmas got us a three pack and we put it on the outside. The side door, the front door, the back door. It's great. Because now you get to know, every time somebody takes the puppy out to go potty, you're like, oh, okay. Somebody is taking the puppy out. I like rings. Same way. I like them because they're on my phone and you can check in on them.

So for properties I've never had, this is the first time we've had them on our house. Definitely on my rental properties. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Camera's are a must. I think now super hog is this wonderful site where you can validate your guests identity made. So super cool. What you do is message your guests, send them a link invitation and they can get, it has all your booking details and everything.

And what it does is it says, can we validate your name, your email, take your picture. We're going to make sure your picture matches your ID. Yes, it's fantastic. And you can do it for security purposes and make it a rule inside your house rules that they have to validate their IDs. That way, you know, who is renting.

Now, the one thing that we used to have problems with, and now we're having problems with it a lot more again, because Biden opened up the borders. Thank you so much. So the crime rate has gone up. Everything has gone up. Again, we have always had here in Arizona, tons of challenges with human trafficking.

So we get these pop-up brothels all the time and they love Airbnbs. Why? Because nobody knows about them. Nobody, if you, especially these houses that are out in the desert or something, People can just go to them and whether cars are coming and going, they just don't even care. But one thing that happens with those is you never know who's renting it, right?

Because they'll just use a fake ID or a fake card or a fake name or something. And you don't know, well, when you use this, they have to take a picture on the app of themselves. And then we get to match it to their ID that they send. And it's so important if they can't do that, you can cancel it because why, especially before they come, if they haven't followed your house rules.

And one of your house rules is that they have to validate their ID through super hog. Then you can cancel their reservation and it won't count against the cancellation because you're canceling it because they violated your house rules policy. They had to have this validated. Two weeks before they were coming and they never did it.

So it really protects you. It also protects them. You can say, look now you know who I am, you know that I'm not some weirdo because there are weirdo hosts out there so that people know that we're safe too. This is a great app for everybody involved. Super hog is a great app and it will help you validate your game.

And then the last thing we have on there is Z-Wave Z-Wave you probably have seen it when you buy your smart locks. It's basically a smart home app that links everything together. So you can take a ton of different brands and link them all together. Get your smart locks, get your nest thermostats. You can link it to your smart locks to your lights.

I mean, you basically are taking and creating a smart. So you can get all these smart devices, link them up to Z-Wave and Z-Wave will monitor all of it. You can see all of it on there, so you can even monitor your sensors and put your sensors on there. Lights, security, cameras. I mean, all the smart stuff that we have nowadays, we can look at it all through Z wave.

So I put Z wave on there. Not because it's specifically its own product, but it links all those products together. And if you've got a lot of. This is a great way to manage all your time. So there are a lot of really great ways now for us to keep our place safe and to make sure that we're not having parties.

This is just the technology side of stomping out parties. So we're doing party prevention, we're doing security or making sure people are being quiet with noise and detecting smoke, and that's going to keep her property worth more. And the value of it higher. Right. And keep us safe. So all of these companies, where are there 11 companies that I gave you?

The names of are all available in the directory, and you can find the directory super easy. BNB forward slash directory. So B N B B O S S E S. BNB Forward slash directory. And that's going to take you right to this page. Remember it is under construction, so you're going to see a lot of stuff, but every single link works.

You're going to love that. Okay. So thanks for listening today. I think this is the last day of doing. The entire month of March, because we're going into April baby, we're going into April. So the rest of this month is going to be on a regular schedule. What we're going to be doing from now on is dropping our episodes weekly on Mondays.

And we'll be dropping a rerun episode, which is not a rerun of the BNB dash boss podcast, but a rerun of a short-term rental revenue podcast. We'll be eventually moving all of those over here. And we'll be doing that by dropping two podcasts a week. So the first one, the Monday ones will all be new, fresh episodes.

And Friday ones will all be replays of the short-term rental revenue podcast. So we're probably just going to leave those intros for you guys where it says, you know, hi, this is Michelle, the Basser of money mindset, and you are listening to the short-term rental revenue podcast. You're going to hear. A lot.

I could say that in my sleep. I can say, I can say both of these in my sleep. And I can't tell you when I first started this, how many times I had such a hard time saying BNB dash boss. It was so weird because you get so used to short-term rental revenue pod. That's what I did, but I'm loving it. I'm loving these new t-shirts.

I'm taking them with me and April to Hawaii. I'll be heading over there, but don't worry. I'm taking you with me because we are taking our recording device and we'll be recording there from the Alani on the island of Oahu. That's the Disney resort. If you don't know, it is a fun, fun resort, and I'm a huge Disney fan.

So I know you're like wondering why I'm not staying in a BNB because I'm going to be partying with Lilo and stitch on a wahoo. That's why I'm wanna visits there from her little island. She comes over and tells a cool story by the fireside. They've got this cool pool that has a sleepy river that goes all around it.

And I just lay in that inner tubing go around and around and round. And actually we only have like one lazy day because my husband is like one of those guys who just, he has an itinerary planned for each and every day that we are there, but I'm like, okay, make sure you leave me some spare time. I'll be doing the podcast from Hawaii and let you guys know it's actually going to be cooler in Hawaii than it is here.

It was 99 degrees this weekend. In Arizona already. So I'm going to go to Hawaii to cool off. How cool is that right? It gets so hot here. So fast guys. I'm telling you, I'm not looking forward to the hot, hot summer in Arizona, but it's coming. It's coming, but we had a great winter. So not going to complain.

We have three solid seasons of freaking awesome weather in Arizona. One hot season. I'm totally cool with it. So we'll talk to you next Monday then. Ooh. How exciting is that? The first Monday and have a great day. God bless you. Stay safe. Go and grow.

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