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Episode 028 – Messaging, Chats, Voice, & AI Communication for Your Short-Term Rentals

communication messaging Apr 19, 2021

This episode is packed full of tech tools designed to help you with messages, chats, voice, and AI communications.  Here are what we think are the best websites you can go to in order to get your guest communication down pat. 


Plus, contest details are inside this episode!  Enter to win BIG!!  Go and Grow!



Transcript of this Episode:


Hi, this is Michelle.

The master of money mind sending you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast. And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about messaging, chat boxes, ways. We communicate with our VAs ways. We communicate with our guests ways we communicate period, and, and I've got a lot of great info and great sites, techie sites for you.

As we are building up our directory and you can get to our directory by going to B and B forward slash directory. Our show today is brought to you by audible. Audible is where you get your audio books online and get a 30 day trial into the audible membership for free. By going to audible forward slash S T R revenue that's audible forward slash S T R revenue.

You'll get your first audio book for free and 30 days into the audible membership just for trying us out. You'll love audible. Right [email protected] You can find our $7 courses available for you to try out, find out how to cohost, how to do rental arbitrage, or how to invest in real estate. We're all three, by going to B and and clicking on our store.

And you'll find our $7 courses right there. Try us out. I love it. You'll love those courses and they're only there for a limited time. So do it. Also, don't forget our contest. We've got our contest running right now, and every week we're picking a winner. And everyone's names are going to be put into a drawing at the end for a final price of an Amazon dot a little clock on it.

And your guests will love that. There'll be able to walk right in, ask Alexa to connect to their account, and they'll be able to play their favorite music, ask for the weather or whatever else they want to ask Alexa to do pretty darn awesome. And I would really greatly appreciate. You going to iTunes and leaving me a five star review.

I appreciate it. So please do take a picture of it. Send it over to me at Michelle at BNB dash boss. Let me know that you did, and we'll enter you in those drawings. I've got about eight different messaging, chatbox, voice, and communication tools for you to use. Go get the free trials, go to their websites and check them out.

These are. Ways to communicate with your guests. So if you're just getting started and you are the one doing all the emails, and maybe you have used Airbnb's communication, you know, bot that they have on there where you can save it and then Sunday, and it's good. I mean, then now they're doing. Uh, beta testing of their own.

I'm not sure if it's still beta, it might be out of the beta stage, but you can set up the communications still. It's still not as good as some other ones. And you know, most of us as Americans, we're pretty brand loyal. When we get something, we use it forever. And I, I always wish that these companies would realize that, you know, they need to get you when you only have one property, because when you only have one property and you start using something like smart BNB, By the time you got 10 properties, you're still using smart BNB.

You might move over to something else. Like if you have guests or something, but it takes a big move to shift you from something in this industry. I have found, I have found that it's, you know, it's kind of like. People, you know, when they take a shower, you walk by a friend and you're like, oh, you smell like dove soap.

You use dove soap. And it's like, yeah, my mom used dove soap. And it's like, my mom did too. I mean, we had doves. So growing up, everybody uses dove soap, like whatever dishwashing liquid is. A lot of times when we first get married, that's going to be the same one that our mom used. My mom used Dawn. I use Dawn.

We are brand loyal people. It takes a big shift, something very. Very significant to happen to shift us from a brand. And because of that, I do recommend that you check out the messaging tech. Very carefully before you decide, because one of these is going to be a very good fit for you, but it's going to be quite similar to Goldilocks where you get in.

You go, this one's too hard or this one's too soft. And then you'll try one and you'll be like this one's just right. But not everyone is going to be the same because somebody else likes a firmer one and somebody else likes a softer one. Right. And you like the middle one? Not everybody likes the middle one.

So you need to try these out. You need to kind of go in there and check them out and see the ease of communication that you have, especially when you have multiple listings. If you don't have multiple listings, make a couple of fake listings. I know this sounds weird, making a couple of fake listings that you don't have listed.

Right? So put in fake pictures. Set up a fake address, get it in there with your other stuff. And this just don't make it go live and then link it up so that you can see how it would look. When you're running it, where would those properties be? Because sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not, sometimes you're like, where the hell do I find my other properties?

Fuck. This is hidden. Pretty good. I don't know if I'm going to deal with this very well. So messaging is one of those things. That. Oh, we've got a great, I think it's six or seven page PDF, right on our front page for free. You can get with all of our messaging that we have, including the verbiage that we have, because we're always setting up for a five star review.

So go there. It's right below the main picture of BNB dash boss, and you'll see our three free giveaways. And one of them is a woman talking into her phone messaging on her phone. And when you click on that, you'll be able to download the PDF for free and just cut and paste those messages right into.

Your bots, you can tweak them whatever way you want and, you know, add your parking in, add your internet codes, add your well, you know, whatever pool key, where the pool key is hidden information. All of those you can add in, uh, on trigger words later, but these are going to be your main messages and you can get that for free by going there.

So. Again, when you go in, you want to make sure that you can find all your properties, you can list all that stuff and you can see it all. So I want you to check them out now the very first one again, because it's my show. I can do it this way. Um, but the very first one I'm going to talk about is smart BNB.

Smart BNB smart And actually I'm not even going to give you all the addresses for these. You'll be able to click on them directly just by going to our website directory. So go to about halfway. Down on the front page, you're going to see verbiage that says looking for the latest tech and tools, tech and tools is in pink for your BNB properties.

And then there's pink button that says browse our directory. Click on that browse our directory. And it takes you over to BNB forward slash directory. You'll see, as skews are DUS, we're still working on this, but when you go down, you'll be able to find the messaging part. So right now we've got insurance, dynamic pricing, electronic concierge, bookkeeping, accounting, online bangs, party prevention, vacation rental software, and messaging, chat box, voice and communication.

And you'll be able to click right on the fake logos because the logos aren't in yet, or, or just the name of the company. And it'll take you right to their website. These are not affiliate links. We're not gonna make any money off of you doing this someday. I would love to, um, maybe we'll connect all of those, but right now it's specifically just to give you information and.

All this will be right there. You can click on these and go right to them. You will not be able to get lost. You will not have to pass go. You will not have to enter your email address. It'll take you right to the websites. Okay. So the first one is smart. BNB smart BNB is my favorites. I use them because believe it or not, I don't have a lot of properties listed.

I don't. I have a lot of properties listed because the majority of my properties are taken care of by somebody else. The only reason I have a few properties, I have three properties on my Airbnb account right now. And that's because I turn key to everything until I started my podcast. I didn't handle personally, hardly any of my vacation properties.

I know I am that kind of spoiled B aren't. I. And believe me, you can be as privileged as I am because it's available for every American. You don't have to be a specific color as most people think. Right. That's what they're everybody now is like, oh, you're so privileged. It's like, believe me, we're all privileged.

We live in America. This is the way it is for everybody. It's not just me. I hire property management companies, because I don't want to do the work. I've already done the work guys. I've been doing this since the eighties and believe it or not, after a while you get burnt out doing any kind of thing in your real estate businesses, you don't want to be a landlord anymore.

You want to hire somebody to do that, and you are willing to pay them to do that so that you don't have to get phone calls so that you don't have to go fix anything so that you don't have to. Just deal with any of the trouble. And so with my properties, I was doing the same thing, but when I wanted to do a podcast, I thought, you know what?

That's not going to be fair that I'm spoiled and I've been doing it longer and I've got to get my hands dirty again. And so I'm going to do this again and I'm going to get back into it. Right? Can I tell you what an eye opener that was? Because. I did not like it's like working again. It's like always being your own boss for a couple of decades, you know, for about the last 30 years, I've been my own boss and I've never worked for anybody and suddenly you're working for somebody and it feels like you're working for somebody else and not yourself because it's a lot of work and.

That's why, when I'm telling you this stuff, I'm telling you it, from the perspective of let's get you out of the ENS side of the cashflow quadrant, we don't want you to be an employee and we don't want you to be self-employed. We want you to be a business owner and investor. And the reason why is because having somebody else do this stuff for you, frees up your time to do the things that you need to do in your business.

That really make you money. And that really matter. I mean, having somebody else do that side of your business, it's worth paying somebody else to do, but you have to get to a certain specific income point before you can do that. Now hiring a virtual assistant that was last week's podcast and hiring a virtual assistant.

If you can't afford a virtual assistant. It's because you don't have a virtual assistant, you need to hire a virtual assistant right away. You cannot tell me that you can not afford it because if you have a rental property, you can afford it. And I don't care how little money you're making a virtual assistant.

It's going to help you enough to allow you to go find another property and duplicate what you're doing. So you need a virtual assistant, but I want to get you to free up your time in a way, you know, where you're building blocks. So we build the foundation first, right? Not on sand, but we're going to build this nice concrete foundation and then we're going to layer it.

With all these other little tools and tags, virtual assistants, things like that. We're going to build you up so that eventually you can duplicate this process and you're going to be cookie cutter it. Right. You're just going to be one, two, just three. You're just going to be just taking this little cookie cutter press.

That's why we called our new summit. That's coming up the cookie cutter summit, right? Because we're like, look. There's a way that you can do this. And eventually you can step out for a week, two weeks a month, and your whole business is not going to fall apart. It's going to keep running without you. And that is exactly what you want to happen.

It doesn't mean you don't care, obviously you care, but the whole point is. You want to be working on your business? Not in your business. You've all heard that same, but it's so true. Right? It's so true. And if you don't understand the cashflow quadrant, then you haven't read that book yet. And I've told you to read it like a dozen times.

So please go get that book. Now, when you go to smart BNB, that's going to be a good place for you to be from one. To at least a half a dozen properties, it's going to run your business really, really well. And then when you get to about a half dozen properties and sometimes less, sometimes more, it just depends on you.

Then you're going to start to make other arrangements. You're going to start to look at other opportunities. And sometimes there's going to be companies that do several things at a time. So they might have messaging and concierge service and scheduling your cleaners and they do a bunch of other things, right.

So. You might move into something like that. You might graduate into something like that. And that would be the only thing that would move you away from smart BNB. But smart BNB is honestly one of my favorite sites to get started on with messaging. So when you're just starting out smart, BNB is the way to go.

It's about $8 a property, and I believe you do have to have two properties or at least pay for two properties before you have them. Okay. Go check it out and you get a free trial on it. So go check it out. But when you do, you can set up your messaging and you can create these algorithms, that specific tasks and specific keywords are going to trigger messages.

So. It's going to link up for instance, to your VRVO account or your Airbnb account or whatever you have. And it's going to see when somebody is checking in and checking out and knows all the dates, correct. So you might be able to set specific messages for a week before somebody comes. Hey. Your trip is upcoming.

We're looking forward to this. Have you got your deposit in? Did you sign the contract? You know, I mean things, whatever you got on there, right? And maybe the day before, it's like you check in tomorrow, you'll be receiving a map with instructions and a key code around noon, blah, blah, blah. You know, so it'll tell them stuff like that.

And then the day they check in around noon, it's like, here's your map. This is how to get to the place. This is where to park. This is how to get there from the airport. Here's your key codes, blah, blah, blah. And then the day after they arrive, or maybe even a few hours after they arrive, it depends on when you set it, but you might say, Hey, how did your check-in go?

You know, you want to make sure everything's going okay. If there's anything you need, blah, blah, blah. And it's going to have all that stuff in it. Then the day before they check out, it's going to give them their checkout procedures, that the morning they check out, actually. The afternoon, they check out, we send them an email asking them if there's anything that they recommend that we do for the property is anything that we can do to make the property better.

And so we asked them for what they liked and what they disliked, how can we fix this? You know? And they get to that next time. It's a great stay. I mean, perfect. Stay for you. What can we do to make it better, even better? All of those are triggered by dates, specific dates that they're gathering that information from your platform, your hosting platform.

There are also trigger words that you can set up, and those are going to be specific. So like, let's say somebody says, I can't find the internet code, internet or code or internet code will trigger an internet code, naming code to be sent to them. So we've got those set up. If somebody mentions parking, we have a map and directions on parking, send to them.

If somebody mentions pull key, We have where the pool key is located because sometimes it's hard to find inside a property. So we have that. I mean, there's specific things that we have that are triggered, and what's really nice when you have all these triggered. A lot of times our VA's will get a message, but they won't even have to interact because.

Smart BNB is going to keep sending these messages out to them instantaneously, which helps you keep your Superhost status because you're responding super quick and you're responding a hundred percent of the time. So your percentage and your times are both very important when it comes to becoming and maintaining your Superhost status.

So those are really important things now. Smart BNB. Like I said, it's super easy to use it between different properties. And for a while there, I was collecting a lot more properties. That I was managing when I was building this podcast. And so I kept, you know, I kept building and building and building it.

And then this year I got a new coach and I changed my focus from my real estate business. Not, not that I'm getting rid of my real estate. Obviously you don't get rid of your real estate unless you have 200, unless something really bad is coming. I changed. My focus had to kill my babies if you've ever heard that episode about that's what he calls it when, because your businesses like your babies, right.

And he said, you have to focus on one business. What do you want to focus on? And I decided at the beginning of this year, actually at the end of last year, somewhere in the midst, I should say of the COVID that I just needed to serve people. I wanted to do what God wanted me to do and not just be driven by money because what kind of life is that, you know?

So I wanted to add value to people's lives. I wanted to make sure that I was giving something to them. And I thought too, because I am just a terrible sinner. I have been. And I thought I was following God for a long time. And I wasn't, I was very deceived and I read a couple of books and. You know, once I got saved, I thought, honestly, that's the most important thing.

So you kind of feel like, you know, you were kind of floundering around, focused on one thing and now seek ye first the kingdom of God. That's that's all I ever do is just want to, I just want to please God, in my life, I just want to make him happy. And honestly, there's this. Oh, there's this great song. And it's called nobody by casting crowns.

And it's just, it's so good. He's sings in this song. I'm nobody trying to tell everybody all about somebody who saved my soul. And I was like, oh my gosh, that's amazing because I am nobody. And I'm just trying to tell everybody about the somebody who saved my soul. And I was like, how can I do that? And I was like, well, I can help them.

And at the same time I can witness to them and let them know that, you know, my life was changed. By Jesus. And maybe their life would be changed too. Not because I'm this perfect person, but because I'm not right. And because none of us are, we're all sinners and we will all send and we sin all the time. I mean, constantly, man, if you could see what was going on in my head, I'm like a Dexter program in there.

You know, I can write a million bugs. My husband always laughs because sit and watch any movie and tell him exactly what's going on. And he goes, how do you do that? And I said, well, I have a sinister mind. I don't know. So sad it go, but just like nothing surprises me, nothing, you know, I'm like, I can read it come in a thousand miles away.

I'll I'll make a few guesses sometimes, but almost always, at least one of those guesses is correct, but that's because inside me, I fight sin all the time. There's always, you know, something else inside me telling me to do something and I constantly have to stop what I'm doing and change directions and say, okay, which way does God want me to go?

So as I'm doing this business, and as I decided to, to focus more on the podcasting part, and I got a new coach who literally could show me how to do that. And I had to kill my babies, which is just saying, this is kind of weird. I decided that, uh, I was going to keep, you know, less and less of those properties.

I was like, okay, I'm going to go back to just managing a handful. And he said, how many do you want that? And I said, really, how many do I want? How many do I want to handle? Like, none I really want to handle none, but can I show people what to do if I'm not handling at least a half dozen? And I said, so let's keep it at a half dozen that I handle.

And my property managers can handle all the rest. That way. They're often by plates. I never have to see them. I just collect the checks and actually some of them, I don't collect the checks. The checks go right into the IRAs, which I am also going to tell you about, oh my gosh, that is definitely a subject we need to cover as self-directed IRAs, because they are important.

But self-directed IRAs. I want you to set those up. Just write yourself a mental note right now. Self-directed IRA. Michelle said, and if you want to check out vantage IRAs, they're here in Phoenix, but it doesn't matter where your IRA places. It really doesn't. It can be anywhere. It's just like a virtual bank.

Right. But checkbook, IRAs are really cool. You're going to love that. And you can transfer one IRA into another. You can fund one IRA with another IRA, just let your custodians know. So let's say you have, uh, for years we had. Equity trust as our IRA company and you had to pay so much watch and I'm trying to remember, but it was a few thousand dollars a year that we paid so that we could get our checks super fast whenever we had to invest.

Because especially when you're moving on real estate, you have to be able to make an offer and put a down payment on it, like right away. In order to get your custodians to write these checks to you from your accounts, you had to pay extra to do it. And then I had a big conversation, one time with Maria Giordano and she said, Michelle, I just switched everything this year over to a checkbook IRA.

You got to try it. And so I did. I had Carlita create my LLCs for me. Um, so that all our IRAs, we each have, I think one traditional and one Roth in both of those, we can't do the ROS anymore because you can only fund Roths. When you're making below a specific amount. Okay. You have to have a traditional IRA after you make a certain amount of money.

And I don't remember the, the amount you can look it up. It's a couple hundred thousand, maybe two 50, maybe more now I don't know what it is, but look it up. And the cool thing about a Roth IRA though, is that your tax before the money goes in on a traditional you're taxed, when you draw the money out on a Roth, You pay the taxes beforehand, but everything that comes out of it will be tax-free and that's amazing.

So let's say you put a hundred thousand dollars into this account over a certain period of time, right? So let's say you put a hundred thousand into this account over a 20 year period of time. And let's say you put a hundred thousand into another traditional account over a 20 year period of time. On the Roth, you're going to be taxed on the hundred thousand you put in, and if you were making money and you put a hundred thousand in on your traditional account, you paid no taxes going in, but let's say that account made you a million bucks over 20 years.

Well, you're going to be taxed on a million dollars as you pull it out. And so what would you rather pay taxes on a hundred thousand or a million? Right. So you definitely want to Roth. And the money you contribute to an IRA has to be. Earned income. So it's basically W2 money. It can't be from a business like from a K one or something, and it can't be a draw or anything like that from your business.

It has to be something you earned. So this is the time when you're first getting started, that you want to start these IRA. So that's why I kind of interrupted this little part of this podcast so that I could remind you, start your IRAs. Now start contributing to them now and get to a place where you work your way up to where you're contributing and about five.

Or $600 a month into that because that's your limit and you can do $50 a month right now. And, you know, up to 75, as soon as you can then up it to a hundred dollars a month, as soon as you can. But eventually you want to get to where you're contributing the full amount that you can contribute every year and just divide it by months.

And that'll be close to $600. Okay. So 600, once you get to $600 a month going into your IRAs every single month, every single year. You want to do that because that's what you can legally do. And then you want to pray to God that the devil, the credits don't get your money. Because right now they're trying to get our IRA is again, Obama had tried to do it so many times and he was always shut down by, um, the Republican, not to say that Republicans are any better than Democrats lately.

This year. There's a lot of rhinos in there, but the whole point is they want to get our retirement funds. The state taxes that they are now. I mean, just imagine it's sad because you can leave, you can work your whole life and work hard and buy properties and then leave this wonderful estate to your family and you can even have it inside a trust and they want to be able to tax it.

Texts, whatever the value of that is when it passes from you to your family. And that's exactly what trusts are for. I mean, it's, it's already what they did to farmers. That's how the farmers lost all their, their land. I mean, it's, it's ridiculous. And so now they want to do that with the IRAs. This is an IRA.

Is money. You put into a savings account for retirement and they were created so that people had money to retire and that you had less taxes to pay. And again, they just want to dip into your money and take your money away from you. And they don't want you to be able to leave your IRAs. After you pass to your family, they want them to be taxed on it.

And that's ridiculous. It's your money. You earned it. You should be able to leave it to your family and friends. Okay. So now all the next I'm going to randomly pick, because I don't want to have any kind of favoritism kind of shown in here. So let's try virtual concierge. This is a pretty cool tool. You can use virtual concierge, not just for your messages, but imagine your messages all being on.

Google or Alexa using either one of those, you can have dots all over the place, or you can have the little Google ones. I can't remember, but Hey, the Hey Google ones. And we have these dots at our place and we have like a little thing taped in front of it that says, just say this. And when people walk in, they can say, Her name.

Cause I'm not going to say her name because she's right here. She's listening to everything that I say. But, um, when we say her name, then we'll say connect to our account or open concierge. And when you say open concierge, then it will literally say, okay, Hey, welcome to this property. So welcome to island B and B's we hope you're having a great time.

You know, if you'd like to know more about the property, say one, if you want to know where local restaurants are say, too, if you want to know, you know, we give them a variety of options and they can just say them and speak them instead of doing anything else. And all the answers are done by you. You can use your voice or 11 other voices that are available, but you can even answer in your real voice and you can promote whatever you want to promote.

So if you want to promote local businesses, local restaurants, all the ones that, you know, those are the ones you're going to command. If it's things to do in the area, it's all the things that you tell it to do. So you may have like, um, A kickback coming from people who book with you and you can even they'll even have coupons on there.

So it's so super cool. You can use this feature to build five star reviews and it will even take a five star review right there by voice it's so super cool. So you, you have voice check-in voice checkout. That mean they can do all that stuff just by saying it, which is absolutely fantastic. I really like a virtual concierge.

It's a great service. The next one is Ruba. Ru is quite similar to smart BNB, but they have more tech they're online. So everything is sent via a text message and they can link. Their guides and guests books and destination guides on that. So you're going to program your messages, just like you do in smart BNB that we just talked about, but you can also upload all this information about, let's say your guides, you can put in a search.

There. And then you create a guidebook for your area, everything you want, you know, the places that you want to eat activities. I mean everything. And you put that all in there, the nearest hospitals, and when people look at their texts, they can use their phones like an app, and then say, okay, I need the closest restaurant.

Now I need the closest hospital. I need the closest whatever. And so they can use it on their Ruby roo app. So that's very nice. The technology, like I said is getting better and better everywhere you go. Let's look at another. The next one is yada yada uses their own text messaging system. So imagine everything that you did on your smart BNB.

You create inside Jada and then you're going to make Jada use the power of AI. So artificial intelligence is going to be in there and people can ask more sophisticated questions and Jada is going to be able to answer them all on their text messaging platform. It's unique in that it uses AI and it can answer.

More questions. So it's very similar to Alexa because Alexa tries to do that. Same thing, use AI, but a lot of Alexa, her intelligence is going to come from your intelligence. So whatever you program in there it's going to be, and that is Jada. The next is concierge bot. Concierge bot has the same thing.

It's going to allow people to use their voice and they can ask questions and you've got your programmed responses. They can also do their check-in contactless. And so that's really nice for people who are in areas where people are still closed down. And then it has, you know, your intelligent answering services.

So everything that you automated on there is going to be answered. So it's basically same as a messaging system, but you can put videos on there as well as regular just text messaging. So the text messaging can be on there. And they have different colors and backgrounds by guys. I always recommend be careful with that because sometimes you can't read those, like they'll put a color on there and you're like, oh, that looks pretty.

It's a nice color. I can't read that for anything. You got to remember old eyes, old eyes have trouble reading white letters on lighter backgrounds. So you gotta be very careful, but they do have. Videos, and you can have a video response, a video answer to a bunch of stuff, and that's kind of cool. I like video answers.

What's cool about concierge bot is you can link it to your site. And so while somebody is looking at your property and they're wondering whether or not they want to. Book or not, they can actually connect right with the text messages system, right there. There's no app that they have to download. They can go right there and they can start asking questions right there at the site.

And they can say, you know, how many guests are allowed? Do you allow pets? Whatever. They've got, whatever questions they've got on their mind. They can ask all those questions before they book it. So it's got the AI it's 24 seven. And it's really a nice system, plus all your regular smart messaging can be in there.

So you can have all the information about local events, local restaurants, public blah, and your regular stuff. When we were checking out host tools, I had never heard of host tools to be honest. And so we went to the website, they have a 30 day free trial and we were loving this tool. It was so cool because you can link it to your VRVO and your Airbnb or whatever you're using or to your own website.

And it literally has messaging that you can link right there to your site. So as somebody looking. At your property. It's like, Hey there, welcome to island BNB. Take a look around if you have any questions, ask we're right here. And I mean, it's amazing. It's like this cool little question thing, 24 seven, because their AI is all automated and it's right on your site.

So that's pretty cool. I was like, whoa, this is awesome. Who did this? And with the 30 day free trial, that's pretty awesome. Plus it says that it's their messaging, pricing and availability all for $5 a month. That's incredible. Wow. I signed up, we signed up to try it cause we were like, no, we got to try this one.

This one is C. It was pretty cool. It's got everything that we love about smart BNB. And a little, a little extra something that we know we can use right now. And we really, really liked that. So that was hosts tools. The next one is Vollara. It is used in boutique BnBs, and a lot of hotels use this service.

It connects using Google, Google voice, and it, the Google voice, Pat's like the show pads for Alexa. They, you can just. You can just, Hey Google and all the answers will be right there. And you just ask it to connect to the hotel. Or if you're at a BNB, you can say connect to a name, your BNB, and they'll connect to it.

And then they, you can ask it anything, you know, the weather sports music videos, just like you can when you're at home. And then when it connects to your property, it can also. Activate any kind of smart products that you have. So you might have lights, you might have sprinklers, you might have television sets, whatever you've got to connect it to.

It will be all on there. And it will activate tell you about restaurants and the closest emergency rooms and things like that. But this is not a messaging one so much as it is like a smart concierge kind of thing. So those are our smart messaging, chatbox, voice communication messaging, stuff that we thought would be really cool for you to get information about.

So I'm going to remain here and having fun in the sun, and we will be talking to you next week. Remember on Fridays, we're going to be dropping rerun episodes from the short-term rental revenue. And you'll notice those because we'll have S T. Are are on them. So you'll know it's a repeat. So if you are a previous listener of short-term rental revenue, don't listen to the Friday episodes.

If you don't want to hear them again, but always listen to the Monday ones because the Mondays are always new. So we'll be dropping an episode every single Monday for you. Thanks so much for listening. God bless you. Have a great day. Go and grow.

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