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Episode 032 – I Need Your Help

summit May 03, 2021

Most conservatives are used to being “fact-checked” or having our posts deleted or blocked by the big social media companies.  Facebook, however, has prevented us from running ads to promote our upcoming summit and Michelle is asking for your help. 

Plus, contest details are inside this episode!  Enter to win BIG!!  Go and Grow!  



Transcript of this Episode:


Hi, this is Michelle, the master money mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast.

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And your guests will love that. They'll be able to walk right in, ask Alexa to connect to their account, and they'll be able to play their favorite music, ask for the weather or whatever else they want to ask Alexa to do pretty darn awesome. And I would really greatly appreciate. You going to iTunes and leaving me a five star review.

I appreciate it. So please do take a picture of it. Send it over to me at Michelle at BNB dash boss. Let me know that you did and we'll enter you in those drawings. So I wanted to start today's podcast is asking you a favor because life is crazy. So May 1st it is May 1st and it is the day that we are supposed to start our campaign for the summit or advertising campaign on a bunch of different platforms.

And we are blocked and I am just so forlorn, um, mad and sad all in one. All my emotions are in here and I'm just so angry that they can block people from doing business simply because they don't like your politics. And that's all it is. It's so crazy to me. So I am asking for a favor that when you take a listen to this podcast today that you go to our Facebook page and just grab the cookie cutter summit and share that information for me until we can get our own campaigns up and running.

So I've been spending a couple of months interviewing people, finding people and interviewing people for the upcoming summit that we have at the end of this month, May 24th, 25th, 26. Those are the dates. Check those out. You're going to be getting a mailing about it. I'm kind of upset. Upset is not even the word.

Um, I'm angry. I'm really angry and I'm trying not to be an angry person, but I'm really angry because I've been blocked. My ads have been blocked on Facebook. They're already pulled our YouTube channel a while ago. And so we've been doing our best to get a new channel up there and everything seems to be linked to one thing or another.

So they kind of take us off all the time, but being a conservative and it's not even like I'm posting crazy propaganda or anything. It's just any time you have. An opinion, other than this left narrative that they've got going on, you are banned. And so they've blocked my Facebook page from all. I mean, I used to get thousands and thousands of views on my post.

I still have close to 5,000 friends and I had a ton of followers. And then Facebook got really angry because I wasn't sharing their views when, when Trump was running for president. And then, uh, during the four years and stuff, it seemed to be okay. And then the last four years of Trump, it just turned to where they were just cutting conservatives off left, and right.

And now I'm not allowed to place ads on Facebook for our upcoming summit and the majority of the people that we have, and probably you. Probably found us through Facebook or one of the Facebook groups or something. And it's really upsetting to me that they are putting a damper in my business simply because I don't follow their narrative.

And I'm just so angry about it. I cannot tell you the ads were supposed to start today and they didn't. I'm like, man, it's May 1st and we need to get this stuff going. And I have no idea how to fix this. I really don't. I can put Google ads out there. I just don't know how well those will do, you know, finding people who most of the people that we have are, like I said, on Facebook groups, probably the CDC report that I put out, uh, because they took that down.

It was a CVC report and I'll explain it later, but it just makes me so angry that, that they can just block people. From doing live videos and making a living, you know, doing things that we did, this is, this is what we do now. You know, this is part of my business. I've gave up a lot of stuff to be able to do this podcast and sold a lot of different things.

I think I told you at the beginning of the year, uh, my coach had said, you have to kill your babies me. And he choose one thing and I chose to serve people. I was like, I choose to serve. I want to help people start their businesses. There's going to be a lot of people starting businesses, and that's what I choose to do.

And instead, you know, you get slapped because of your political views and it's ridiculous. Anyway, here I am sad. And for Lauren, man, I'm just so sad about those because it just makes me angry. And I've about had enough with the government interfering and social media, playing government and playing God and deciding what we should and should not see, which means what we should and should not believe because they leave people no other choice than to believe the BS that they spread, which is pretty much just propaganda and lies.

So I've thought I would bring this out to you today. You know, even if people don't agree with you, they don't have to, we've never had this where your opinions were completely blocked because they won against somebody else. And you know, when people are saying the science, you're like, well, sorry, there is science on both sides of everything.

I mean, you've always had parents who were looking for safer ways to vaccinate their children. And then the left wanted to just make this a big war and they started calling people. Anti-vaxxers when I don't think anyone was really an anti-vaxxer. At the beginning, they were just looking for safe vaccines.

They were against having this cocktail of vaccines and we were watching the autism rate go up and up. And for years they swore that that had nothing to do with autism. And now they've proven that it does. Oh, wow. And what did they say? Nothing. They take the same doctor who found out that autism was linked to vaccines.

And they just use his previous data that said it wasn't and, you know, just push the narratives that they want. They don't give people the truth. And when you try to put things out there and allow people to make their own decisions, I don't have to be right. I can show you a study. And obviously there's going to be studies on both sides because there always is somebody pays somebody to get their narrative, Sean, but people should be allowed to make their own decisions.

You know, they, you should be allowed to see both sides and take in weigh all the evidence and then make a decision for themselves. Not being able to see something is beyond reason. It really is when these supposedly free speech websites. Even if they're private, when you ban something you're acting as a publisher and that's illegal for these guys, they're not supposed to be able to ban anything because that puts them in a whole different place.

So I think since they've broken that veil they've pierced the veil basically. Right? So what do I teach you guys about the LLC is right. You never want to Pierce the corporate veil and therefore you never commingled funds and stuff. Well, these guys claim that they're a private entity and they can do what they want, but then by banning free speech, Then they actually Pierce that veil and became something completely different.

And so I think they should have their platforms taken down and taken away from them. I really do. I'm getting to a point where I think it's ridiculous and I think it got really dangerous when they banned the president of United States. It's like, Uh, you just, you just closed the president of the United States.

You don't want people to hear what he has to say and make their own decisions. Obviously, there's so many people on both sides of this. Yeah, thank you. And I both know that, you know, some really crazy things are going on. So we're watching news stations now, and CNN had this huge thing and I was flipping through channels and they were talking about the election count recount going on here in Arizona.

I live in Arizona. I live in Maricopa county. I live in, in queen Creek and where I live in queen Creek, we had a big hoopla. On election days, because they were telling some people they could use markers. Some people couldn't use markers and just the ballot count was going crazy and things weren't being counted.

And people were very, very upset on election day. So we knew something was going on. And then when they called the count early, we've always been a red state. And if you went around our neighborhood, you would see, I mean, it was a. It was a Trump, you know, rainbow here. It was just like everywhere. Everybody had Trump.

Trump didn't matter what age you were. Didn't matter what religion you were. We're a very red state. So the fact that they called it early, we knew something was up and they called it in Maricopa, which is clearly very red. I mean, Tucson's a little more south and Tucson is definitely more democratic, but we in Phoenix, we always carried the votes.

And so, you know, we, we saw what was going on and now they're showing online 24 seven, you can watch the recount in Arizona and it's pretty cool. You can go right to this website and all nine cameras are on 24 seven. They want you to see what's going on. They have. All these tables set up and each table, the people get a stack of ballots and they have three people on them.

So they have a representative from the democratic party, the Republican party. And the libertarian party and all three of them have to agree that the signature matches. They have people taking and scanning the ballots to check the watermarks on them. Apparently the valid ballots, the ones that were printed for the elections and that were illegal, have a type of watermark and the printing.

They can check where some thing was printed and make sure it's a legit ballot. By checking where, you know, these little dots or something on it. So they have these black lights that they use to check all that and you can see it right there. And for some reason, CNN was saying that it's the most secretive recount ever.

We're like, what the heck are they talking about? Why are they telling people that. It's secretive and they don't want people to know what they're doing. It's literally live 24 seven, just go online, easy I mean, everybody can see what's going on. And what's really cool is you'll not be able to argue with anything.

They won't be able to sneak anything past somebody without those cameras catching it. You would see it. It's all there. It's all live, but they're telling people it's secret. The crazy part is here is the deal. What if you are in a part of the country. Where you don't know about the website, if you're in a part of the country that you believe them and you're like, oh, that sounds pretty fishy.

I would be like that. Right. I would be like, that sounds pretty fishy. I can imagine if I were somewhere and I didn't realize. No one can get the truth out. No one can see the truth, because if you go to pace that website on your Facebook page, it doesn't show up or it'll put it on there, but nobody else can see it.

And then what's really cool is when you have a business account, I don't know if you guys know this, but when you have a business on Facebook, we can see how many people are post reach. You can see the number of people, and I can see when. I came out as conservative on short-term rental revenue and they pulled us for the first time.

I could see the number of people like I get it. It was just incredible. It was like you had thousands and thousands of views. And then all of a sudden it was just a dribble. You're just like what the heck happened. They literally keep people from seeing the truth. A lot of people are wondering, well, you know, I just don't understand how people can't see it.

And it's like, because they're only getting one side of it. And the one side sounds pretty scary. I mean, when we went to Hawaii, we just got back and we're in Hawaii. Those people were scared to death of us. And it was crazy because everybody who was on the plane, anybody who flies to Hawaii per the Hawaii state's law, Per the law.

They have to have a test that shows that they are COVID negative within 72 hours of flying. They take that test, they upload it into the state's website. The state gives you a bar code basically, and then they monitor you wherever you are on that island. I mean, they check it when you're at the airport, when you're get off the plane there, they want to know exactly where you're staying.

They want to know the hotel you're at. Basically the whole time you're out. If you go to a restaurant, they want to know your name and phone number and address so that they can quote unquote track any kind of COVID they're like everybody is negative. Nobody has any symptoms or they wouldn't be getting on a plane.

Right. And they're taking everybody's temperature, obviously. Like what the heck do you know that? The S used IBM punch cards. It's a long time ago, but they used IBM punch cards to keep track of the Jews during the time of the Holocaust. That's how they track them. They use computer tracking to monitor where they lived, where they worked, where they stayed their assets, things like that.

I mean, this is such a violation of our rights that it's incredible to me. Because it's basically like, everywhere you go, somebody's going, you know, show me up papers and it's so intrusive and they don't think so. And I'm also very much questioning because I homeschooled my kids, taught them history and I'm like the history of the Hawaiian people.

Y'all had somebody trick your queen into stealing the whole damn state. Right? All the islands, obviously for protection, she gave it up, but she wanted it back. They never gave it back. And of course, nobody ever gives back power. Hello, lesson number one. You give these guys the power to make up these rules in your states and everything.

What happens to that? They don't, they don't give it back. There are some states that are still shut down, even though the states that are open are much safer and have proven to be much safer. And they went from counting the number of deaths to the counting, the number of tests. And positive tests given.

Well, the tests aren't even that accurate. What did they have? Like a 40% accuracy or something. I mean, it's Elon Musk made that evident when he took those tests in the same day. So it's really crazy. What's going on. You would think that Hawaiians would be the least likely to just bend over for government authorities and they are not only are they bending over for them.

They're scared to death. It was crazy. I excellently dumped some coffee on my girlfriend. We went to this place. It was like 6:00 AM. When we went to this place to get coffee and we picked a table outside so that we could sit with our mass off. Once we got our coffee, the table was wobbly. I set my coffee down.

I didn't realize it was wobbly until I set my coffee down and I put my arm on the table and everything just flung, you know, because it was loose on that one end. And it fell on her. I caught it really quick cause it had a lid, but some got on her and I ran inside to get napkins. And I came out and her husband was laughing and I said, my gosh, why are you laughing?

I dumped coffee on her. And he said, Michelle, when you ran in people dove out of the way you ran in without your mask. And I was like, what? And he said, I've never seen people so afraid in my life. He said it was incredible. They were just diving out of the way. I mean, they literally were falling over each other to get awake from this woman.

And the crazy part is everybody there treats everybody as if everybody is sick, the majority of people are not sick people and the people getting off those planes. They're not sick. They've been waiting for their trip to Hawaii for a long time. They've been, you know, very careful about who they hang around with because they knew they were going to have to take a test and they sure as shit didn't want to waste all the money for the airline tickets and the hotels and stuff.

I mean, the hotels aren't cheap. Nothing is cheap in Hawaii anymore. I mean, everything was so much more expensive. And not nearly as fun. I'll tell you it was not fun being monitored everywhere. You went everywhere. You ate and shop walking into the bar and restaurant right there, poolside at the Alani.

That is the Disney resort. So we go there and they're taking your temperature, right. I'm monitoring you and you have to sit with your mask on and you're like, that's okay. But they literally wouldn't let children get their picture taken without their mask on with Mickey and Minnie. Now here's the scenario.

See this, if you can. Okay. Your ocean side. So there's this wonderful ocean breeze. It's beautiful. Like there is no denying that the Disney resort is gorgeous on a wahoo. And so you're sitting there. There's no ocean breeze coming in Mickey and Minnie are obviously people in side costumes. On a stage behind you.

Okay. So they're not standing next to you and they're really not even standing behind you. They're up on a stage in costume behind you. So basically they're already wearing more than a mask really? Cause they got this whole stuff on it, on them. You and your party, you know, like if you're going to have you and your kids getting your picture taken, you would be standing on the ground below the stage.

And then in front of you, there's like a line and there's a photographer back there. And he's way far away from you also with a mask on, they won't let you pull your mask down to get your picture taken. And I'm not joking. You're like, there's no one around you within a 10 foot radius. Okay. And you're outside.

And you're like, come on, nobody's near me. I'm always with these people that I'm standing here with now, I'm sleeping in the same room as them, and we're not allowed to take our mask off, but you get out of line. You walk over to the pool and what happens once you get to the pool order, a drink drink comes, got a drink in your hand, you are actively drinking now.

And guess what? Your mass can come off. It's like, this makes no sense. Sort of summaries. I'm like COVID is very much afraid of drinks and alcohol and food, right? Because as soon as you are eating or drinking, you can be there. I mean, and your waitresses and everybody are standing right next to you. So it's amazing to me.

I mean, it was so ridiculous. The whole thing was just so ridiculous. It was maddening for somebody like me because. I'm sitting here. I'm the person who read 60 some books last year, right? I'm still reading a ton of books and reports. Stanford university came out with a report that said even medical, mass, not just the regular mass, but even medical mass have no effect on this virus whatsoever.

Wearing a mask does not help. And Fowchee himself wrote a report on it years ago when he wrote about the flu pandemic that happened, you know, I forget if it was the 1930s or forties or when it was. But it was another pandemic and they said the mass don't help mass do not help, not with this virus. And it's not necessary outside countries have done reports about when you are outside, when you are exercising, you should not have a mask on and it does not help.

It does not help to wear a mask. So if you're outside, they're useless, mass are useless. Guess what? Hiking up to diamond head. You had to wear a mask. That's not a very long trail, but it's very steep. It's only, I think it's like 0.7 miles or points seven, five, or whatever. It is a very, very short trail, but you're going up a lot of steps and you're going up and you get to the top of the volcano.

You can see Honolulu bay and you can look down and see all this stuff. But when you get up there, I mean, it was a hike. It was like 95 degrees and humid. We're from a place with no humidity. So having a mascot for us. Was like being waterboarded. It was just like, I mean, you could not breathe. So I just kept pulling this mass down, like.

Just so I can breeze. So I got to the top and the ranger is up there yelling at you to put your mask on. And you're like, this is absolutely, I'm just standing thinking in my head. This is so absolutely ridiculous. They've got young children and they're constantly pulling at their mass because they can't breathe.

People are trying to suffocate their kids and they just don't realize it. It's way more dangerous for your kids to wear a mask than not your children are practically immune to COVID. They have a slim to none chance of getting it unless they have some underlying illness, the majority of kids not going to get it.

And number two, if you do get it, it will be a very light case. You'll get over it. They'll get through it and they'll probably build up their natural immunity to it. We are making ourselves more sick by isolating ourselves and wearing these masks. And it's, it's incredible to me that they're feeding into that fear that these people are so afraid that they're diving out of our way and treating everyone has, if they're some kind of disease spreading harlot or something, it's like, you know what.

This is crazy. You need to treat people like people anymore. Stop treating them as if they're a Petri dish. Okay. Because they're not, and most people don't even realize this cope has been around for a long time. It is not new. And you're going to say, oh, the strains COVID is an ever-changing. Virus. It constantly changes.

It changes continually. So COVID has been around and they've had the name for COVID for generations before my parents were alive. I think it was in the 1930s or 1920s. It's not going to go anywhere. They're like this pandemic won't be over and we can't get rid of COVID until you won't get rid of COVID you haven't gotten rid of the common flu and you're not going to get rid of COVID.

Just the lies that they tell people, you know, they go from flattening, the curve, the curve has been flattened guys. We made it through the curve. Now let everybody build up their natural immunities against this thing. Just like we do against the flu and move on. The only people at risk are people who are unhealthy, have those underlying issues.

And people over 70 and they can wear masks or they can stay home and not travel. I mean, they can choose what they want to do, because guess what? It's America. And we get to choose what and where we want to go. Right. We get to choose. No one has the right to keep you home. No one has the right to keep you away from your church and not let you worship together.

No one has the right to take away your God-given rights. And that's the big key here is as Americans, we have a Judeo-Christian constitution, it was written by Christians and they told us that the rights do not come from the government, but they come from God. So these rights are not given to us nor can they be taken away from us by our government because they aren't theirs to give or take.

They are given to us by God. And I'll tell you, it's getting to a point where just the fact that you can't get good, accurate information out to people because they're covering it up. And the people are so scared. I feel so bad for them because they're walking around so scared. And you're like, guys, I mean, you go to Florida, it's all.

Okay. You go to Arizona, there's no mass in our town. There's no mass. The children at the schools don't even have to wear a mask. They can if they want. And there you go. Isn't that what America's supposed to be. If you're afraid, wear your mask. If you're afraid, stand back away from people. No, one's going to be offended.

If somebody is afraid and steps away from them, you're not going to offend us, but stop treating everyone as if they are sick, because everyone is not sick. Everyone is not sick. And this you're going to have to build up natural immunity to this, because guess what? It's not going anywhere. It's been here just like the flu.

And, you know, they've had telethons for cerebral palsy and all kinds of cancer, walkathons and stuff for years, and they haven't found cures for those things. Tell me what the chances are. They're going to find one for this little virus, which is like the flu. They've never been able to cure the flu, those flu shots cause the flu.

And what do you think this is? This is an experimental vaccine anyway, and they're trying to push that on people and on children now, which is ridiculous because. Like I said, children's chances of getting, there are slim to none, their chances of surviving. It are overwhelming and that's just on their own.

And then there's over the counter treatments that will help even more. So it's not like there's no way to treat it. It's like somebody giving you a vaccine for a headache. It doesn't make any sense. You're going to get a headache and believe it or not, you can. Drink some caffeine. You can take some aspirin, you can sit in the dark for a while.

You're going to get over it and you'll be okay. That's what's going to happen to these kids, but no, let's give them an experimental vaccine that is causing a lot of issues so much. So they pulled one off. Um, it's just beyond me as it really is. So, wow. I've talked away a lot about this. Um, I, I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to, hopefully you get my gist.

I'm going to find a way. To get our summit out there and get it advertised so that people can do it. And I'm hoping, you know, I'm going to put some stuff on our Facebook page cause I can still put the stuff on there. I just can't promote it and get paid ads for it. But if I do, I hope you guys would help me out and share those posts because we'd like to have a lot of people attend.

It's a free educational summit. There are upgrades so that you can get more benefits at the same time. The thing is there's. A way for everybody to get this information and be able to move and duplicate their businesses. I was so excited about this summit until, until we tried promoting it and we're blocked at every return.

And so I'm just very forlorn about that. I'm an angry, I'm really angry. I'm angry at the censorship that's going on in the United States. It is unprecedented. It is unprecedented. Honestly, I've never cared if people believe in aliens, I don't care if people believe they're witches. I don't care if they worship light bulbs.

I never have, you know, people get to do what they want to do. And if I didn't like something, I wouldn't read it. If something offended me, I stayed away from it. They have the right to do what they were doing. Like read what they wanted to read or. It's crazy to me that they're going to block our ads because we posted something about probably, I don't even know what got it.

Where were we couldn't even post. I mean, they, they, they never even tell you. It's like you violated our terms and agreements and it's like, it probably had to do with the vaccine. Because I posted the CDC report and it was the CDC report. Okay. Cause I posted the CDC report because the first report came out from the first 200,000 deaths in the United States, they showed that only 6% of those were real COVID deaths.

Well, they were paying people. And paying hospitals to report anything as COVID. So there were a bunch of people in hospice. I think there were well over 10,000 people who died while in hospice from COVID. Hello, they're in hospice. So they were on hospice care, they got COVID and they died. Do you think they died of the cancer or the COVID?

They were going to die. Anyway, let's be honest. It's like. People were dying in car accidents, but they had symptoms of COVID. And so they would mark it as a COVID death and the hospital would get the money. So, I mean, the thing was, they found out that 94% of those deaths were not even COVID deaths, only 6% were.

And that means out of the first 200,000 deaths in the United States, and this is a CDC report that only 30,000 of those deaths were actually COVID deaths. Hum. And now they're pissed because I posted that and they already pulled it. Right. They already pulled the report and blocked the report. Cause you can go on the CDC now you can't find that report.

So they get rid of what they don't want people to see. And then they block us from doing any advertising, so they don't want our businesses to grow. So it just, it makes me so angry. It really, really does. I'll tell you something too. I want people, whatever side of the fence you're on left or right. It doesn't really matter to me, but I want you to go and read the inaugural speech.

Of John F. Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He died the year before I was born and he was a great president. He really was, and that's why he was murdered. He went against somebody and obviously there was an inside job that allowed him to be murdered. And if you don't believe that you can go to YouTube.

And just put in your keyword search of his assassination, put in secret service removal, secret service removal, John F. Kennedy assassination. And you can see that right before he rounded the corner that they pulled the secret service off him. So the whole secret service detail that were on the sides of the cars and standing there, they had created a car and they had these bars.

For the guys to hold and these little stands for them to stand on so that he would be surrounded. And right before he rounded that corner, they pulled them. They pulled them and you can see them being called away and you can see one of them kind of lift his shoulders. Like what the heck? What, what are you doing?

Why are you calling us away? We have to stand here and protect the president. And then he turned the corner with no protection and he was shot and murdered. So that was an inside job. But I'll tell you why read, read the inaugural speech or listened to it if he can find a recording of it. And you'll see, you'll never hear a Democrat president speak the way John F.

Kennedy spoke. Just the words ask, not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Just think about those words. It's not about. All of these government programs, it's way too much government. They have way too much control over us. The other night Biden had his speech and he said, we, the people is the government.

We, the people is not the government. We, the people are, we, the people, we, the people put you guys in office to protect the laws that we have there and to protect us and to serve us and serve our community. We, the people is not the government president Biden, or I'm going to just call you Joe, because I know you stole this election.

And we're going to find out on the 15th and I think it's going to start something even bigger and I can't wait for it. I can't wait. And I pray to God every day that the truth be told. I would like to know the truth. Even if I've am being fooled. I would like to know I would like nothing better than somebody to show me, show me the real proof.

It's like, show me the money. Right? Show me the real proof. And I'm going to let you guys go with that today, but if you could share that for me, I would really greatly appreciate it. I'm telling you has been super sad to work so hard on something and now not be able to share it with all the people that we wanted to share it with.

It's really very, very disappointing. And I would appreciate any help that you guys can give me. Thank you so much for listening. Have a great day. God, bless you. Go and grow.


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