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Episode 041 – STRR – Why Knowledge Does Not Equal Power (Nor Does Understanding!)

mindset Jun 04, 2021

Warning:  This episode has Adult Language - headphones around the little ones!

We think we know so much, right?  We don’t.  Knowledge does not equal power.  Knowledge equals “potential” power Understanding does not equal power.  Understanding is only based on the Beliefs you have created and the experiences you’ve had thus far.  Those are the glasses in which you see the entire world.  So what DOES equal power?  Well, I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

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Transcript of this Episode:

In this episode of the short-term rental revenue podcast, we do have adult language. So if you have any little ears around listening, grab your headphones.

Hi, it's Michelle, the master of money mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss.

And in today's episode, we are doing a short-term rental revenue replay for Friday, because Fridays I take off, but I want to leave you with some tidbits of information that will enlighten your life. If you've listened to my podcast before, you know what that means, but this is really a good episode. This episode is knowledge is not power.

And it came from one of the Monday, mindfulness is that we had every Monday morning, our membership would have a meeting and you could pop on, or we would just plug it into the group. But you had an opportunity to listen to a model Vienna and he would talk about, you know, just getting your mind right about things and different aspects of life.

Just here it is Monday morning, you know, just how to set your course for the rest of the week. Without getting too overloaded and just keeping on track. Just keeping focused on what you need to get done. That is sometimes the hardest thing. I mean, that's why we read books like in distractible and everything, because there's so much minutia that comes at us all day, every day, 24 seven, it feels like right.

Even in our dreams, when we lay down suddenly a list of all the things that we have to do tomorrow comes to mind. But in this episode, I expanded on some things that a motto had said that I just went, oh my gosh, you know, this reminds me of this. I think it's a great, great episode. It's going to enlighten your life.

It really well and expand on our mindset because mindset is really key. I know that a lot of people don't want to believe that, but if you listen to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki and all the big gurus out there, I'll tell you something. Mindset is pretty much everything. The rest is a lot of luck and just going through the motions.

But once we get our mindset, right, I mean, it's incredible how fast our life moves and you're not going to lose it all, you know, because. You've got the correct mindset. I want you to listen to this enjoy, and I'll talk to you at the end. We have a membership site and I think it's really great. We've built this awesome community of people and we help and encourage each other all the time.

That is where this week's episode came from. It came from my very good friend, a model Vila. He is the guy who runs our Monday mindfulness. And he comes in with just some mind blowing ways to get your mind. Correct. Just you're away from your self-talk and self-doubt I wanted to talk about how knowledge isn't power.

I listened to I'm kid, Sean . I hope I'm not mispronouncing his name. Very difficult to pronounce, but he's a guy on YouTube love watching his stuff. I don't get on YouTube very much and watch a bunch of videos, but there are so many short-term rental ones out there, and there are only a couple that I like.

They're both done by young guys. And I really like Shaun's because lately he's kind of going away from the short-term rental stuff and into the Wu stuff. I know. Right? Because here's the deal. As you start growing your business, you start to realize that 99.9999% of this stuff, guys is your mindset. No one wants to admit it, but that's why you see these guys going that way.

And it was really funny because he posted a video just recently talking about how you are mentors and stuff are lying to you. And I was like, what is he talking about? And then he goes, oh, you know, they tell you to go out and get a job and get student loans and do all this stuff. And once you get a job and you have this career, you're going to have a really great life.

And I'm like, dude, they've been saying that for probably for centuries. That's nothing new. And the fact that he just recently found this out, I'm like, oh, maybe man, you should read rich dad, poor dad. That book talked about that. Well, he's young. So he thinks he just figured out that secret just now. So I'm like, yay, Sean.

It's so nice to when people get enlightened and they wake up and they're just like, Did you guys know you would just sit there and shake your head and go really? Yeah. That's like amazing. And all the time, you're just like, oh my God. Yes. We all knew. We've known for a while that this has been going on.

But, um, I love this kid because he's really smart. He had a hater on there too. Uh, some guy who just started trash talking him, oh my gosh, this poor kid. You got to let that roll off you, man, because there are two ways to be the tallest tower. And that is to build your tower brick by brick and work hard, which is what Sean is doing, what I do.

And what all of you who are listening here are doing, we are going out, we're working at every day, working our Fanny off so we can build our business. Right. What's the other way to knock everybody else down, man. And those people they're just lazy because he can't do it themselves. And that's what we're going to talk about.

Stay. This is why knowledge is not power. So most people like knowledge is power, man. Knowledge is power or understanding. Something gives you the power and it's like, yeah, it might give you the key. It might give you a key, but you got to go and open the door. I just wanted to go through what we were talking about with a motto on Monday.

So Monday morning, a motto came in with this really cool video. And he said, Michelle, have you ever seen this? Do you know that bikes are self-balancing? And I said, what? And he said, watch. And so they had a video and they were pushing a bicycles, especially the good ones and the nice expensive ones.

Right. They're actually, self-balancing, they're made and created. If you start rolling them down a slight hill or something, not even a real hill or just pushing them along. They will correct themselves to stay right-side up. They don't just fall down. So who literally goes, did you know that if a bike falls over, it's pretty much your balance, not the bike's balance.

The bike is built so when the front wheel starts to go to the right or to the left. It will self-correct and come back to center and stay standing straight up and down. Like it will literally stay that it's meant to do that until the momentum stops moving it. Along. And then obviously it has to fall. So I was like, wow, that's, that's pretty cool.

And he said, but you got to see this. So then he had a video of these two engineer guys, and I don't know if they were engineers or farmers or what they were, I think, cause they were out on a farm somewhere. What they did, was they Jerry rigged their bike. They just took these two simple gears. So I want you guys to think a clock and the gears mechanisms that are inside a clock.

And you know how, when you've got two round gears that intertwine the fingers joined together, but it goes around. Both of them are moving in opposite directions. See it in your mind, or write it down or whatever you have to do, put your fingers together, kind of link them and then move them down. And you'll see how one hand moves counter-clockwise and the other one is moving clockwise.

So the gears move that way. So they took the bike. And they linked the handlebars to one side of the gears and the front wheel to the other side of the gears. So what that did was it meant when you moved the handlebars to the right, the wheel actually turned to the left and vice versa. When you move the handlebars to the left, the front wheel would turn and steer the bike to the right.

That's kind of cool. Right. What was really cool was how long it took these guys to learn how to ride this bike. So they got on and I even asked my husband and I said, how long do you think, how long do you think it's going to take these guys to learn how to ride the bike? And he said probably an afternoon or a day.

And I said wrong, it took them months. And he goes months, like, what did they work on it? Like once in a while or something? I said, no, they literally did it all the time. But their brain was already hardwired to know the way that a bike usually works. So they knew it, they had the knowledge about it. They even had the understanding of what it did.

Right. They even understood if I turn the handle to the right, I'm going to go left. So their brain knew something they're bringing, had the understanding of something. But it literally could not do it. It had to unlearn exactly what it had learned before. And that was that when you turn it right, it goes right.

When you turn it left, the front wheel goes left and that was so ingrained in them. They had to unlearn it that's us. That is us. We have knowledge, right? We have understanding sometimes. But we also have been ingrained with all those things that Sean was talking about, right. That, oh, you should have a good job.

Oh, I should be doing this. I mean, I should have had a career or if I'm not smart enough or blah, blah, blah. I mean, these belief systems that we have, whatever those belief systems are about us and our environment are ingrained in us. Just like the brain had all its nerve cells connected in a certain pattern to tell you how to ride your bike, just like that.

You have to teach them. They have to unlearn and then relearn something else. And that takes time. It takes a lot of time. So what do you have? Like a hundred billion. Nerve cells in your brain are some crazy, crazy number less. If you sit around doing things that damage your brain every day, but let's just hope that you still have all those brain cells and the nerves are working fine.

Let's well, you can make them healthy again. Now that they found out, they used to tell us that brain cells could not regenerate. And now we have found out that that's total hogwash. Yes, they can. People can correct things. Some, I mean, some damage can't be repaired, but most damage can. It's kind of crazy that we think that we can just know something or learn something or watch a video or watch a show about it or read a book.

Or listen to a podcast and now we know it and we know it all because I know so much. Right. I was like, no, just because you know, it doesn't mean, you know, it just because you know, it doesn't mean you got it, just because you understand it doesn't mean it's gonna work for you. It needs something else. What were those guys doing every single day?

They were taking action and doing something to retrain the brain. It took them six months to do it. Now. They took a younger kid. I think it was one of their kids. And he had only just started to learn how to ride a bike. It didn't take him very long to do it. I think it was a month or so. He retrained his brain much quicker.

He was able to learn how to do it, because that was the only way that, you know, he had really cemented into his brain. But here's the deal. We all have to do this. And it's really funny this where Sean comes in too, when I was listening to him, I was like, gosh, doesn't he understand that haters are the guys who can't do it or won't do it.

It's not even necessarily that they can't, they just won't. They would rather knock everyone else down. Just tear them apart and make fun of people. It's like a remote control to a TV or something. They just, oh yeah, I know how to do that. And they just sit there with a remote control going and onto the next one.

And now they've got a typewriter in front of them and they can just type nasty shit to people and just make fun of them. And, you know, just tell them that they're ugly or they're fat or they're a waste of life. But at the same time, These people aren't practicing anything. They're not learning anything because inside they've got this knowledge, but the knowledge means Jack without any kind of action behind it, guys, it means Jack, you can know as much as you want, but until you start doing, you're really not going to get it.

And you're not going to retrain your brain until you start taking action. It's frustrating and fun to watch because it's fun to watch the people who are growing because you see that they were stuck in that belief system once where, you know, they thought they had to learn everything or they were stuck in that.

Well, I don't know enough yet. I don't know enough yet. It's like, don't think you have to know everything before you get started. Just enough to be dangerous. Okay. That's all you have to do to get started. Just know enough to be dangerous and then get started doing it. See like those guys riding the bike again, they knew enough to be dangerous and obviously they were going to fall a bunch of times like, oh, I mean, over and over and over again.

But because they were trying, it was the only way they were getting farther and farther. Maybe not every day. I mean, they didn't get to ride the bike for a whole six months, but here's the deal. They probably got farther and farther and farther or further and further and further if we want to speak proper English, but they got a little farther every day.

Right. Because they were doing something. Don't think that the more, you know, like I'm going to wait until I've read every book and taken every course and done every single thing. And then I will build by self and empire. I'm going to tell you something. These things come in waves. They really, really do.

And you will see not that short-term rentals will go away forever, but real estate. I mean, think about that real estate was a hot market for a long time. People were investing in real estate, hot and heavy for a long time. And obviously there still are a lot, but the population has gone up. The number of houses have gone up.

There's a lot more competition out there. Right? There's just not the same market that there used to be for some things, when we were investing before the crash, that was probably the best heyday. We're all real estate. We probably won't see that again for another 30 years or more, you know, that was like riding the top of the wave that is going piqued up.

Right? Most waves go in a 45 degree angle. It's like, it's going up. It's going up. And real estate is going up. It's going up, but the thing was, at that time, it was going up. I mean, it was like a rocket going up and it was fantastic. These things have these waves that they go in right now, short-term rentals are starting off really strong.

They started off like, when you are going into an area where they don't have them, they are really going strong, but then they peak out and then they start to taper off. That's where the short-term rental business is now in a lot of markets. It hasn't even met its peak yet. It's still getting there, but some markets it's been around for, for so long that it's peaked and tapered off a bit.

So it's not just nearly as hot. The competition is much more stiff. There's going to be a little more work, but you know, this is not free and easy. This isn't like a business that you can go and go. I'm going to get into short-term rentals and I'm going to be a millionaire. I was like, well, okay, good for you.

It's like when your kids come to you and they get their first drum set or something, and I was like, I'm going to start a rock band. I'm going to be famous. And you're like, yeah, sure. You are honey. And inside as a parent, you're like, Aw, man, I really want to support my kid and their dream. And the other half of you is gone.

You're right. This kid can't carry a tune in a bucket with a handle. This is not going to go good for them. Right. It's the same thing. I want everyone to succeed. And I know you can. It's just, how hard are you willing to try and how hard are you willing to do it? And I'm going to guarantee you all those haters out there.

They didn't try and Jack, and if they are, they're falling hard and they're super pissed off at you because you're out there in the front line, succeeding where they have failed and that pisses them off that really pisses them off. When you see haters 99.99, 9% of the time, it's some kind of jealousy and that includes.

Even haters in this political arena, you look, and they're all pissed off at Trump. That Trump thing is because they're super pissed off that how can this guy be married to this hot chick, have all this money work for free, get all this publicity they think, okay. He's not that intelligent. I'm more intelligent than he is.

And you're like, oh yeah. Where are you? Are you a millionaire? Are you even close? What are you doing? But they'd much rather sling mud at people instead of trying to come up with something, something tangible that they can do to move things forward. You know, people don't want to do that. They would rather cut people down.

It's kind of funny. When I was growing up, there was a guy who was getting super famous out there in New York city. And his name was Howard stern. He had a show. And at the time he was very provocative. Like his show was wow. I mean, he had stuff that people had never talked about on the radio and it was just really out there.

And there were people who loved him and people who hated them, but they did a study and they found out that the people who didn't like him actually listened to his show. More often, and for a longer period of time, then the people who did like him now, how crazy is that? It's because people who hate they don't have anything else to do with their time.

They literally dwell on the hatred and it's eating them up. Most likely they're not healthy people, almost all haters. When they, you know, you find out who they are, they have health issues. They have a lot of things going wrong in their life because hate eats away at you. My grandfather told me when I was growing up, when you're angry at somebody or you hate them, that the only person that it hurts is you.

He said, because they can't feel your hatred. They don't care about how much you hate them or how angry you are with them. They don't know because they don't feel it. And they don't live it every day. They're not in their head every day. What you feel about them, right. The only person that's hurting is you.

And I remember thinking to myself, yeah, that's so true because this girl had done something to me and I was really upset about it. And he said, you know, the only person that's upset is you, you gotta let it go. Once I learned to let it go. It was like, it was amazingly freeing ever hear that Don Henley song I've been trying to get back to the heart of the matter.

What I think it's all about is just forgiveness. Right? It's just about forgiveness. When you forgive other people, you really are healing, not them, but you, you need to let that shit go. Stop taking things. So personal read the four agreements. That's an old classic. I mean, I've read that long time ago and actually I should listen to it again because it is a classic, but one of the biggest things in there is stop taking things.

So personally, this is not a cut against you. So how can it be personal? So it's so funny because people will take things and they take it in as, oh my God. They're talking to me. Have you ever been like even church? I've been sitting in church where our priest has been giving the morning sermon. And I would think that he just reached into my head and started mind reading was talking exactly to me about me, where there was a couple of times where I was like, he must have got that.

Like, I must have said something in confession. And he took that and he knows it's about me. It was so personal because it was true, but it wasn't about me. The thing is we all tend to take things so personally and 99.99, 9% of the time, it's not about you. It's not about us. It's about the person who is talking it's about them.

Gotta let things go, man. You got to forgive people and forget people and just move on. Move on, move on to something more productive in your life. Move on. If you stop focusing on all the things that you hate and you let those things go, or the things that piss you off and you let those things go, you have a lot more time for the things that you love.

The people that you love, the things you love to do. That's where all of that comes in. The knowledge is power thing. Everybody was like, knowledge is power. And you're like, yeah, knowledge is potential power with knowledge comes understanding and you're like, As sometimes, but the understanding is through the glasses that you're wearing.

So you're only understanding what you're allowing in. You might not understand the entire concept. You might be taking it extremely wrong. Why? Because you're taking it personally. There's a lot of false beliefs out there. The knowledge is power. Understanding is power. Knowledge is potential power.

Understanding is potential power, complete understanding enlightenment. That would be real power. So we should all really assert ourselves out there in areas that we can do positive work, moving forward with our lives and with our businesses and the things that affect us personally, and our family personally.

And let everybody else go, man, just let them live their lives. Stop giving Sean a hard time because that kid is so cute. I mean, he's like on there, just busting his ass and he was like homeless or something to five years ago, he had four grand or five grand to start off his business. And now he's got a bunch of properties, thinks he's got like 50 properties and stuff.

So he's busting his hump, man. He's working it. But it's really fun to watch him move along too, because this knowledge, as you awaken, right? All these new things come into your mind and you're like, wow, this is a great idea. Have you heard of this? And I remember being that new to, and everybody was shaking their head going.

Yeah, she's, she's getting it, but it's fun because you surround yourself with the right people. And they're going to be right there with you and just, they're going to love and embrace the inner child within you that is growing and learning and expanding your knowledge, not your body, a motto if you're listening to anything.

Cause we were talking about writing down our goals and I have a journal. I kept writing in there that I was expanding. You know, that my knowledge would be expanding and all these, you know, my, just my inner wisdom, expanding. And I could not stop gaining weight in a Monaco's Michelle, how do you have expanding written in there?

And he goes, you know, I like pulled my journal out. I can't remember exactly how you said it, but I was like, when I read it, I was like, holy cow, I need to clarify this because be careful what you focus on. So I went in and literally ever since, well, it probably has a lot to do with the. The group, because I also said I'm going to do yoga and, you know, drink more juice and things.

And so I've been losing all the weight, but yeah, it's kind of crazy because what we focus on, we get, we need to focus on better things, happier things, things that are going to keep us healthy. Right. And not eat away at us like hatred. We know we need to build up our own tower instead of trying to feel better about ourselves, by knocking everyone else down instead, try building other people up.

That's the way to live your life. Find someone who's having a hard time and build them up, stand behind them. That's where you will find so much gratitude and growth in your life and happiness because when you start giving back and doing for other people, I'm telling you the rewards that you get. I mean, I always say that when I give to charity that it's one of the most selfish things I do.

And the reason why is I feel so great about it, that it's always like, Ooh, I get to give this much, or I get to do this feels so great when you do for other people, it feels amazing. But when you are angry and bitter and mean. You got nothing really? You won't have good health, you won't have good anything.

And you're certainly not going to be moving forward because you're focusing on the wrong things. I loved how Sean said, you know, you're not going anywhere doing anything. And I said, that's damn straight because all the people that have ever made it in this world, didn't spend one second, knocking someone else down.

That is not how they moved forward. That is not how they did it. So if you start thinking of people like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Marcus Limonus, people like that. People who have made it in this world come from nothing and made it in this world, they don't ever spend a second harming anyone else.

Not even with a mean word with nothing like that. They would never even think about it. You'll never get there. You'll never get that success if you're knocking people down because you're focusing on the wrong thing. I hope Sean lets that rub off and just fall off his back because honestly don't even give him a second thought.

It's like, eh, whatever. It's like, don't even worry about it because they're not in your radar. You don't have to worry about them. You will only have to focus on the people you want to help in your life. That's you. Your family, your business, your community, your church, wherever you decide to focus, that's who you focus on.

Don't look back in the rear view mirror. You're not going that way. You are going forward. And so there's tons of people and you know, sometimes those people are going to be your family members too. And your friends, most of them, when they do that, when they're holding you back, they do it out of love. They say, oh, well, you know, you shouldn't put all your money into that.

You should be more careful and blah, blah, blah, because they've read something or they saw a show or they, you know, whatever. Right. So they think they know, but they've never even tried. They've never even tried. And they're probably more scared for you, hopefully. Right. Or there might be jealousy there too, because they've been too afraid to ever try and they don't want you to get hurt.

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say, they just don't want you to get hurt. Right. But the thing is they want to protect you, especially your parents, your wife and stuff. Sometimes you'd get a supportive husband or a supportive wife. I love those people. Because when you get somebody behind you, that's amazing.

You've already got somebody on your side. I will definitely be on your side because if you don't have a husband or a spouse, you need somebody, you need somebody. I think that's why our community is so great too. Is we sit there and support each other because sometimes you just need somebody because not everything always goes exactly the way we plan it to go.

I've had some challenges this week. And I thought, I would tell you guys about them because you're going to have these two, you know, where our focus goes, so does our energy. And so with this big new launch, I hired some people and I did some stuff and I took my mind away from my business and had a bunch of really crappy things happen in Florida to the properties that I'm away from.

And it's really hard juggling businesses in other states. It's not, not doable, but it does take finesse. Right? We have to keep working on things. We have to keep lines of communication open, and we have to keep our eyes open because then something happens and people drop the ball. So we've had everything from failed ACS to cleaning crews, not showing up to.

New management companies. We've got a couple of properties now that we've got to go down there and selling, get rid of that were with Wyndham and Wyndham is selling out to a new property management company. And that kind of bums me out because that was a real automated short-term rental. It was my favorite kind of short-term rental, where I just go in, purchase the property and plug it into a system that's already there.

The concierge is there, the cleaning crews are there. Everything is all there and it was running like a well-oiled machine. And I think, I don't know, maybe I took it for granted and wasn't grateful enough for it, but it's having a hard time now. And now that they're switching out management companies, we're going to have to sell, I've heard bad things about the new management and here's what I don't want to happen.

I don't want to be in there and have the bad stuff happen. Then we all try to sell it one time and then the prices of the units go way, way down. So I'd rather sell right now while the units are still worth a lot of money before anything bad happens just in case, because I've gotten on other sites with this management company.

And it's not good news. I can't imagine. Our plays our property being the only place that they do a good job in. Right. But the thing is we have to keep focused. We have to remain focused on the things that are important to us. And we have a tendency of putting things that are working well. And that includes our family and our friends.

On the back burner. A lot of times, you know, we don't take care of the relationships and give them the attention they need. We don't give our kids the relationship and the attention that they need when our businesses are going well or need more work. And we've really got to learn to delegate our time in a much better way.

And so I was giving my podcast and my short-term rental business or short term rental revenue business. All the attention and just letting everything coast on autopilot. And it didn't work out very well for me this month. It was like, okay, so. I'm heading off. I know that I head out there every September and October, but this time when I head out in September and October, instead of mostly having fun, like I usually do, it's going to be a lot of cleanup and repair.

That's going to be going on there. Hopefully when I sell these properties, I could find something else and I can 10 31 them into another property or some other type business, but it's not going to be. What I thought it was going to be. And it's mostly my fault because I took my eye off the ball. There's also things that we have to go over and I'm going to have an entire episode about trusting the wrong people.

And they're not just necessarily the wrong people at the beginning. They're usually the right people, but people over time have a tendency to believe that they deserve more than they do. If you got somebody working in your business and you're far away, so you've got somebody close up, who's doing all this work for you and you trust them.

And actually they can be very good people because they were very good people. They're doing all the stuff that you can't do because you're not there. So if something needs to happen, if somebody, you know, basically like they, if they need to be a gopher and run supplies over to a place, they do that. If they need to go and communicate in person with a gas, because something happened or move a guest and help in some kind of way, they're there.

But what's crazy is once they're there for a certain while. They value themselves a lot more because they say they, you know, you've put all these processes in place. They're just fixing and running the processes that you've put in place. So they start thinking, well, I'm the one who does everything around here.

They might start taking a little bit of your money away from you. And when they do that inside, they're justifying it with, but I do all this work because they can't see, or don't remember all the work that you put in to get those systems in place so that you could just set them there to keep it functioning.

Right. So basically it's like the assembly line is still moving. They're just, they're managing things. And every, so often something goes by the assembly line, that's crooked or out of place and they just straighten it. But the assembly line keeps moving, but after they're there for a while, they think I'm the only one that keeps this whole thing running.

And so they justify themselves with taking money from you or embezzling funds and that's occurred and that's occurred for some friends of mine. And it's not a fun thing. And like I said, most of the time, they're not really bad people, especially when they first start out, but they start to value themselves more.

So we put systems in place in our business where we could cut that down. And luckily some things happen that because we had systems in place, it highlighted something, and it was said that it was an accident, but we could tell it wasn't, but because of the systems I had in place, I could tell. You have to nip things in the bud, which means now you've got to go find somebody else to put in charge of your system that you already have in place.

And they're just going to be there while the conveyor belt goes by and there you have to straighten it out, but it is a pain in the butt to find somebody else that you trust. It really, really is. It's kind of sad. So there lies that mindset that we were talking about, where they take everything personal.

And they're thinking only about themselves and not seeing the bigger picture that has to be taught to people, their value it's up to us to, it's probably a breakdown on my part where I didn't allow them to realize or know that I valued them very highly. And I was grateful and I thought that I had done that so many times in so many ways.

But apparently it wasn't their love language. So maybe I should start not just doing personality tests for people, but do what are the five love languages and go maybe receiving gifts. Wasn't their love language. I don't know, man. I don't know. So, um, but there's ways that people receive love and I apparently did not hit the right one for them.

But it's up to us to make sure that those communications are open and that we're constantly moving forward and that we're protecting ourselves and our assets and that we're juggling all this stuff. And there's definitely a way to do it. There is, but by no means, is that more and more and more, you know, knowledge, more and more understanding without really understanding most of it's going to have to do with your mindset.

Getting your mindset, right? And that's an inner self dialogue, not just knowledge is going to teach you about that. And it's going to be all your inner dialogue and just the mindset and then the action behind it. Because every day you should be doing something that moves you forward. If you're talking about losing weight every day, you've gotta be doing something.

About eating healthier and moving your body. If you're talking about acquiring more properties than every day, you have to be out there looking at more properties. If you're talking about furnishing more BnBs or picking up properties as a co-host or whatever, you have to be taking actionable steps each and every day that are moving you forward, this shit is not going to fall into your lap.

None of this is easy. If it was every one would do it and it's not every single step that we all take is just outside our comfort zone. Every single day, there is no safety and security in growth. There really isn't. You have to do things that make you uncomfortable every single day. Just get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Those are sayings for a reason because they're true. And don't spend your time hating on people. They don't deserve it. And neither do you. The only person you're hurting is you with all the negative that you're putting into your body by way of all the vibrational shit you're drawing to you. Stop focusing on bad shit.

And all the crap that's going on in this world. Yes. There's bad crap going on this world, be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Focus on the good things. Yes. People are throwing plastic into the ocean, but guess what? There's all of these kids who are creating things, you know, where they clean up the ocean, focus on that.

And the happiness around that support those organizations. Find a way to be a part of the positive movement in this world and not just a part of the negative and be a part of the movement, get it, movement action. Because that is the difference. That is where the rubber meets the road. Right? So knowledge is only potential power understanding is based only on the glasses that you are wearing.

You can only see the knowledge that you allow yourself to see everything can be manipulated. What you think is true is not necessarily true. What you were taught in school is not even necessarily true. A lot of times there's half-truths in everything. So look at something constantly and wonder which part of this is not true, because most likely something's not true about it.

It's working for someone's agenda. And when you were in school, the agenda that they want when you're in school is they want employees coming out of a school system. That's why the school system was created because they needed employees. But the thing is, listen to those words, the words are. They need to perform jobs.

That is literally what our education is about. It's about jobs, creating employees and that employee mindset is that knowledge that you've no right. Or you think, you know, right. And you have to unlearn it each and every day to move yourself from the employee self-employed side of the quadrant, over to the business owner side of the quadrant.

Because it's imperative, it's imperative that you on learn all the stuff that you think, you know, and if you have not read cashflow quadrant or even rich dad, poor dad, yet you need to do that. I know, I know I say it all the time, but I'm telling you that book was a pivotal moment in my life because it changed my entire mindset about everything.

I thought that way too. They are teaching us to be employees. They're teaching you to be poor. They're teaching you to have a hate mentality to keep you stuck and you don't need to be stuck. You can be awakened and we can all embrace you lovingly. When you say, did you ever hear about this? And we go. Yeah, that's awesome here.

We're like, yeah. The book is like 30 years old. Don't tell him that. Don't tell him that man. He thinks it came out last week. Well, you know, we'll all be lovingly embracing you because you deserve to be awake. You deserve your own piece of the American dream of this American pie and you can do it regardless of anything else that is going on.

It doesn't matter what the market is. If it's slow, if it's busy, if it's not, your mindset will determine your success. Always bar none. You can get into the busiest market with the least amount of assets with the least amount of money. With the least amount of education with nothing behind you, but the best fricking attitude and you will win because good attitude is better than anything else.

And I've heard Kiyosaki say that I've heard Tony Robbins say that I have heard every millionaire that I know, and I know a lot of millionaires and they all say the same thing. None of this means Jack. If you don't have a good attitude, If you have a good attitude, you can do anything. So I need you to change your attitude.

I need you to stop knocking down other people's towers. Leave Shawn alone, that poor kid, God bless him. And I loving his new stuff. If you want to look them up, I think the name of his show is Airbnb. Automated. Love this kid. He's really good. And I love his attitude. He's got a damn good attitude and I'll tell you a lot of people who come from nothing.

Have a really good attitude, especially from the Midwest, just getting out of the Midwest, man. I'm right there with you, babe. I was right underneath ya in Chicago coming out of the Midwest, it takes a lot to be brave enough to go against the grain of, you know, where you were raised by the people that you love and the people that you admire, you just don't want to live your life.

Exactly like they did or the same exact way you want more. And it's okay to want more. You want more for everyone? And guess what? Everyone can have more. Anyone who wants it can go out and get it. There's plenty enough for everyone. Remember, there's not some little pie. Wealth is created for each and every person individually.

What are you willing to accept into your life? Well, that podcast is like three years old and I'm telling you it's super relevant today. Isn't it crazy? Wow. A lot has changed in the world and has never changed. So, if you haven't read rich dad, poor dad or cashflow quadrant, you really need to go out there and get that.

The truth is knowledge is not power. Even understanding is not power because we're only understanding through the lenses that we've seen. I see this a lot with what's going on in the health industry, probably because my husband is super analytical and a doctor. He has an amazing amount of books and a book that has been by his side since about may, when we purchased it last year was the plague of corruption, restoring faith in the promise of science.

The book is written by Judy . She has worked with Dr. Fowchee for a long time, and this is back over a year ago. And people have been screaming that Fowchee, he had an agenda behind him. They were out to make millions of dollars off of people. They really didn't care about the health of people and they were lying to us about a lot of things.

Most people didn't believe it until this week. And then the emails came out and the proof came out and the corruption came out and it's amazing to me that mainstream media keeps trying to paddle that sinking boat and he keeps, keeps up and you're like, dude, we have the emails. We have the proof he lied in front of Congress.

And what a crock, this has all been. This whole thing was an agenda to roll out a very dangerous vaccine. The flu was not nearly as dangerous as they told us it was. We never had to do a complete shutdown. We didn't lose the lives that they told us we were going to. It was never a pandemic. There were not the bodies in the streets that you would see during a pandemic and the deaths that you would see.

They inflated the deaths. They actually paid to inflate the desk, paid hospitals to report other things as COVID deaths, just to get those numbers up. And now they can't keep those numbers up or sustain them because people aren't getting as sick. The majority of people who got COVID, they hit all the stories that they just got sick and they got better.

Guess what I got COVID. I lost my sense of smell. My husband lost his sense of smell and I had tested negative for it. Everything they told us was just a lie, but understanding is really opening up yourself to all the possibilities. And it's so hard for people to see both sides of it. They're saying we're looking at the science well, The science has been corrupted and there's science and then there's science, right?

I mean, because science has been a bunch of hypothesis. When you do a study, you come up with something you're like, I think this happens because of this. And then you go out to prove it. And a lot of studies can be proven, but they're not looking at the whole picture. And that's been proven, you know, later on they find out.

And a lot of times, you know, they say, well, the government's not gonna do anything that hurts us. And you're like, well, that's not true. Look throughout history. You're like, look what we've done to our own soldiers. We've pushed aids, viruses on them. We've poisoned them with agent orange. We've done things in the name of science and God that have harmed people.

Immensely governments have covered things up like in Flint, Michigan, where people were dying. Money corrupts power corrupts. And a lot of times, if you follow the money, you see where everything is going. And right now we're seeing that. So when I was listening to this, I was like, wow, I had no idea three years ago that we would be going through what we went through.

But again, we cannot be hateful. I am the first person to say that is really hard for me to get on my hands and knees every night and pray for Joe Biden. And I do. I pray for that, man. I do not like that, man, but I pray for him. I don't think he's all the way there anyway, but I pray for him and I pray for our country.

I pray for God to let whatever he's got in mind. I'm sure it's having us repent and move back to God. And once we all do as a nation, then God will return to us. Because as soon as we turned our back on God, that's when our nation started falling apart. He's like, okay, you want a nation without God. Here's what that looks like.

And it doesn't look too good. Does it? It looks pretty corrupt. And what they're doing to our children, the things that they're teaching our children are pretty corrupt is saw on the news this week, that there was a video that they're showing to first graders. It's literally about masturbation. I cannot believe that the school systems are showing our kids.

Cartoons about masturbating their children. They don't need to know about sex. They don't even need to know about their own sex. And they're pushing these agendas on our kids and they should not be pushed. When you think to yourself that, well, it's not affecting me or it's not affecting my kids. You're wrong because by not standing up for these other parents, See what's going to happen is you're going to get a whole bunch of people who are pushing the same agenda.

People who work in the schools, people who were in the clinics and when a child is just confused. I mean, cause shoot. I was a tomboy. When I grew up, I had a bunch of boy cousins that I love to hang out with. So I would wear overalls and climb trees and I loved it, but I can tell you right now, I wasn't confused about my sexuality.

I didn't know what sexuality was nor did I care. I mean, I knew boys were different. I didn't know how, and I didn't care. That's the way it should be. But the crazy part is, can you imagine if somebody came to me and said, well, you know, Michelle, the reason why you feel this way is because really actually you're a boy.

I mean, I can imagine. Children are so easily manipulated into thinking things, just having that confusion, having people that you love and trust, tell you something would make you think. Well, maybe, maybe they're right. Maybe I am. And. I can imagine if I went to a school teacher and I told her, wow, I'm really confused because I love wearing overalls and climbing trees and going to the stock car races with my dad and watching cars and trucks.

I was my dad's oldest of all four girls. He had no boys. So obviously, you know, he got me into sports and dragged me fishing and all these different things. So. You sit there and you think to yourself, oh my gosh. Can you imagine if I told the teacher that they took me to a school nurse or a school psychologist who was also on my side, quote unquote, and then my parents said, look, this is ridiculous.

She just has a bunch of boy cousins that she likes to hang out with and Michelle loves to be comfortable. So hence the overalls. Let's just leave her alone and she'll figure it out when she gets older and what would they do? What would they say? The crazy part is they could take me away from my parents going against the grain and they've done it.

They've done it in this country. They've taken children 17 year old children who have gone through years of chemotherapy and decided on their own that they don't want to do it anymore. The parents sided with these children and the state has come in and taken them away. They've done it in Arizona.

They've done it and other states, and I'm telling you right now that we have to protect our rights as parents to be parents to our children. And we can not give these rights to the government. We can not give them definitely not to the school system. I think if any union has gone awry more than any other, it's definitely the school unions right now.

Right now. I think they're one of the most dangerous things in the United States. These teachers are off their rockers. And a lot of times they think they know everything and they're doing this and people are afraid to talk. There's free to speak out because they don't want to be looked at as racist.

You know what be vocal and don't be afraid to be called racist because if you know, in your heart, you're not racist. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what people call you. If somebody looks at you and says, you're a smoker and you know, you're not a smoker. Does it hurt your feelings? No. When somebody looks at me and calls me a racist, I'm not a racist.

The only time that has ever hurt me is when I have a child who has far left and he called me a racist. And I thought to myself, this kid has lived with me his whole life and has never, ever heard me say anything, anything that would make him think otherwise. And I mean, that was the only time it hurts.

When somebody, you love says something that you know is not true. That's the only time things hurt, but I'll tell you something, you need to stand up for our values. And we need to allow people to look at both sides, whether we agree with both sides or not, I will always allow people to do what they feel heart to be.

Right. But they have to do the same for me. And we have to do that for everyone. If people want to get vaccinated, then by God. If that makes them feel safe, let them get it. And if someone doesn't want a vaccine, then we need to allow them that we need to allow people to make their own decisions. That's what this is.

You can not know what's best for everyone. You don't because the science is never always there. And what we see as science. We're finding out now what other people have known for a long time in those called a conspiracy was not a conspiracy. It was the same thing with Trump. When they said he was colluding with Russia, we found out well, that was all BS made up by Clinton and Obama, and nobody has done anything about it and there's ample proof for it.

So it's really crazy how corrupt our nation has become. You know, there are millions of people right now, standing up and saying, we want our voting protected. Other people are pointing at it saying, well, this is making it harder for other people. And it's, it's amazing. Don't allow them to lie and manipulate.

You. Don't allow people to corrupt your Heinz and allow people, both sides of the argument, allow them to see both sides. The fact that social media has completely shut down. Everything is shown and proven. Absolutely incredible. And it's really weird to me too, because I know Fox's crooked as shit. I know all the new stations are crooked, but it's really crazy to me watching Tucker Carlson come out.

I'm praying for Tucker Carlson because he's come out with a couple of videos that even Fox doesn't want to show later on. They don't report on it later. He's talking about the corruption of the number of deaths in 1979. We pulled a vaccine for the swine flu because it killed 53 people in four months.

This vaccine has killed over 4,000 and they stopped keeping the numbers because they don't want to keep the numbers anymore because it's so dangerous. We can only estimate it was killing more than 30 a day. They've stopped that a while ago. So it's well more than 4,000 right now, but 4,000 people have died from this, which is more than all the deaths from all the vaccines in 15 years in the United States combined.

So, what does that tell you? They won't pull this vaccine and it's super dangerous and there's so much wrong with it. If you want to know the truth about the vaccines, I've got a lot of information. If you go to our website on the bottom of the homepage is a pink button that says you want to know the truth about the coronavirus.

That's pretty much your red pill. If you're a matrix span, that's your red pill. You'll click that. And it'll link to a bunch of scientific articles, including the mask article. Oh, we had somebody give me a two star, three star review about the mask, the mask study that was done by Stanford university and was later retracted.

What happens when a study is retracted is almost always about 99.9997% of the time is because somebody said, if you don't retract this, we're going to pull your funding. And then they find a reason to retract it. That does not mean this study is a bad study. And all studies start with a hypothesis again, because it's a study and there was a Stanford university study that has since got retracted.

But when I was talking about it, it hadn't been because it got retracted in the middle of may. This study proved that dangers of wearing masks, the fact that they are ineffective, the fact that they are psychologically damaging to people, this study showed all of that. Then somebody threatened the funding for the school and the school pulled it and put up some.

Crazy thing. It's just bending to the leftist agenda again, but that's why I'm saying you guys need to look this stuff up, but I've got links to those studies and you can see the was retracted. You could see the date of it being retractive, which was mid bay. You can see, I mean, the numbers get manipulated.

It's incredible. And those two Tucker Carlson videos are on there too. And I'm wondering if Tucker's gonna go fired someday because he's crossing a line, man. He's showing people about the numbers and he's also showing them about ouchies emails. He read some of the emails and stuff and said, do you see how this guy is lying?

Here's the proof he should be fired. We'll see what happens. We'll see what goes on. But yes. It is a dangerous, dangerous time. It is absolutely crazy, but you need to think for yourself, don't believe me, go and read and find the information and you can't find it on Facebook. You can't find it on YouTube.

You won't find it on Google. Why? Because all those media outlets are blocking information. So you're going to have to go to the crazy websites that we put up there. And a lot of the websites, we have our government websites, which is really crazy. So go and find out what this whole quote unquote conspiracy theory is about because it's not a conspiracy theory when there's proof the whole word conspiracy theorist.

Came into play. The government decided to make people who were whistleblowers look like they were complete idiots. And they actually came up with a name and started doing quote unquote, cancel culture, way back. They didn't want anybody to believe in UFO's, which are now coming out and all over the television.

And they didn't want anybody to do that. So they made people look like they were crazy when anybody talked about UFO's. So. We have this cancel culture that's been going on for a long time. If this cancel culture is not new, it has been going on for a long, long time. So anyways, go out, have a great rest of your weekend.

Look into this stuff if you want to. I mean, if you don't pray a lot, pray a lot for the United States, pray a lot for our precedent. Uh, left for a real president hiding in the wings somewhere, but you know what? God's got a plan. There must be a bigger reason. And I think it's to show us that we need to repent as a nation, come back to God, come back to godly ways, put all this nonsense, pull it away from our children and not let them corrupt our families and our family values and our morals and our standards.

Really once we turn back to God, I think that he will turn back to us as a nation and protect us. So pray for us because we need it. Uh, bless you. Have a great day. Go and grow. .

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