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Episode 046 - Sync All Your Calendars with SyncBNB: Our Interview with Alexander Caravitis

calendar sync Jun 21, 2021

How would you like to sync ALL your calendars Whether you use large platforms, like Airbnb and HomeAway, or small platforms, like hole-in-the-wall-stays, They are pretty much the only logical choice for managing all of your platforms Alexander Caravitis, from SyncBNB, explains how they do it and more in this week's interview.


Transcript of this Episode:

Hi, this is Michelle, the master of money mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast.

And in today's podcast, we are going to be talking to Alexander from sink BNB. You are going to love, love, love this interview, Alexander. I mean, we had so much fun because he was in Greece and I was here in the states and we had had times zoning differences because it was right around the time change.

Just. Amazing getting everybody altogether about finally, when we did, when we were talking to Greece from across the world on zoom, we just had a great time talking about how his company can sync calendars from pretty much everywhere. I'm talking the littlest Joe Blow's trailer, home B and BS. You know, like if it exists, if it's a company and it exists and you hand it to Alex and his team, they can sync it.

And it's amazing. But then we talked about why you don't want to have too many as well. Cause he was like, look, I don't recommend having more than just a handful. And then he explains why it's just ridiculous to have way too many. You just spread yourself too thin. It's too hard. Take care. All the calendars, even when they are synced perfectly, but sync BNB is such a great company.

They are pretty much what I told him was the only logical choice out there. And Alexander was just a joy to talk to. So here you go. Without further ado, my interview with Alex from sync B and B. But I'm so happy to have you on. And I'm very, very excited because sink BNB, when you go on there, you have, you're able to connect over 200 channels to your website.

Like that's, it's phenomenal. It's unprecedented. The actual number is any vacation, a channel. And the way we do it is we've built a platform. Uh, we've been building it for the past three years that allow, allows us to easily plug into any vacation that channel, even if we've never heard about it before she, you might come to the and be with Airbnb VRBO and, uh,

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. But by leaving Hawaiian, anything. Right? So let's see how I end villas. It's a small niche, uh, listing sites, someone built, uh, three years ago and he guys 2000 Venus in Hawaii. That's great. However, no one can synchronize it because it's not connected to the channel managers.

It doesn't have an API. Maybe it has an icon which might or might not work. Now, what we do is, uh, we've built, uh, uh, a system that is based on not official intelligence and machine learning. Crawls that website logs in as a user finds out where everything is, it finds where the calendar is. It finds where the login is, and then it learns how to click the block, the dates, and it learns how to collect one block the dates.

And within a couple of days, we have the whole thing ready in order to synchronize. So it took us a lot of time to build the infrastructure for that. But now that it's built, it takes us 24 hours to plug any listing sites, even if we've never heard about it before. So we focus in on, we focus a lot on the niche part of the market, the long game, and we have, you know, hundreds of customers coming to us because no one else can, I'm synchronized how I am or com or whatever other niche site they might be listed.

You can sync anything. I mean, I, and like you said, it takes like 24 hours for it to learn what it needs to do in order to set that. That's amazing. That's amazing. Um, because all the rest of the sites that we've had, we've had a lot of challenges with there and there's always bugs in them too. Like something we'll go through and then a day later it opens back up and we've got a double booking again, and you get in so much trouble too, because we have to cancel when I was watching, uh, Christophe talk about all the technology that went into it, I was like, oh my.

And now he was talking about the review software that you're doing. That was super exciting. The shelter is actually not ours. So Christoph has his own company called reviews, and we just did a collaboration where we connect to their system. Together. So his customers can use Hindi and D and our customers can use reviews, but there are different companies, but just having the reviews there, just how much, and, and not just the reviews, it would be the reviews from Airbnb, the reviews from, you know,, the reviews from VRBO, all your reviews would be there and your grading and ratings would be right next to.

Right there on the site, you made it so easy to, I went on there and I was like, look at this video. Awesome. You made it. And how easy you made it for people to create their own booking website. If you ever need a video, how easy it is for you to set up. And I had no idea because that would have been my number one argument.

And that's what everybody always tells me. I don't want to set up my own booking site or my booking website because. It'll be too hard. It'll be, there'll be difficult. I don't know how to maintain it. And you showed just how easy and simple it is and then how you can connect it into sync BNB. Yeah, exactly.

So that the guide was, uh, deliberately made free for everyone because we believed a lot in the book director. And we want to help and empower people to build their own websites so they can book sell directly their homes and rent them out directly without any intermediaries. Of course, they will never be able to completely stop using Airbnb or VRBO, all those others listing sites, which it they're very good that they exist because they always bring new customers.

But I think it's a very important piece of the strategy of very vacation and alone or manner. To have his own direct looking website in order to build his own brand. And that tracks his own direct bookings. So we built a guide. It's a 13 step process. It's as easy as building an account on Airbnb and just booking content on Airbnb.

It's as easy as that, it's not more difficult. So anyone that can build, create, and account and Airbnb and create listings on Airbnb, they can follow the guide. Right. It's very easy. However, if someone finds it difficult and doesn't have the time or get stuck. Then we have a service that's called website builder for $600.

We can do it for you and you get her around that booking website and it's yours forever. So there's options for everyone. Oh my gosh. That's perfect. And, and working with Kristoff, all the ratings are on there. Guys, if you use something like, um, stay five, there's the, uh, service that we have here in the states and you just connect this box to your wifi.

And when your guests go to log in, it's just like staying at a hotel, you know, logging into a hotel's wifi. So it grabs their email address. And that way you could set up the marketing. Now, if you had these two things together, it would go hand in hand. We were just discussing with, uh, the state fire guys the other day, and we're discussing collaboration.

So that same BNB customers can use the fight and vice versa. And it's an amazing service. And, uh, we were just talking a few days ago with those guys and they've done an amazing job. Yes, that's so cool. Cause we've, we've got stay fire on the summit as well. And I, I love the fact that you can do that. Most people don't realize that once you get that marketing, you're not going to have to pay for marketing with Airbnb and everybody all over and over and over again.

If you have an internet site, I mean, it's the same thing. If you can collect people's email addresses, the majority of your sales come from email addresses. For most online businesses and it's going to be the same with our marketing, for our vacation rentals. And so, I mean, this service is absolutely perfect.

So if somebody goes onto your site, how long does it usually take them to set up? It's one of our strong points because we do everything for you. So the moment you come to sing BNB and you start creating your account. And the only thing we want from you is just tell us how many properties you manage and just give a name to each and maybe a foil.

And then you, you give our system, the login credentials for your channels, for Airbnb, for verbal, whatever, our system users that use them in password login to Airbnb pulleys, or your listings automatically. Brings them in sync BNB goes into variable pools. All your listings brings them into a sync DNB.

And then if the names of the properties you added are the same as the names of the listings on each channel, we do the matching of the mapping and we start singing right then. And there it's 10 minutes. That means for us, if there are different names and you just have to select from two down. This rental belongs to this listing.

These rental belongs to this listing 10 minutes after you're finished. You just click submit and you start synchronizing. It's the easiest, easiest onboarding on the planet, in my opinion. And you know, I would never offer a demo to anyone wants to see it in action. That's fantastic. As I'm getting all the information for it, I was just getting more and more excited going, why would anybody need anything else?

I was like, You take your state by and link it to this. And then you've got all your channels, plug them in. I mean, get a VA to help you make everything beautiful. And you could be on literally every channel you could possibly think of. And however, uh, we can support any channel. However, it's something I tell all our customers when they talk to them.

So we do not suggest someone when he first entered the vacation rental market to list on too many things. The reason is that you spread your bookings very thin. You want to create a strong presence of on every channel big before going onto the next one. So yeah, the strong presence. First on Airbnb variable, if you're in the states, if you're in Europe or the rest of the world, I got, if you're in a.

Uh, you know, Eastern countries and, uh, Asia there's, you know, a bunch of large, uh, vacation Johns, you gone build a strong presence, get some bookings, get some positive reviews. And after you have built a strong presence on those two, three main platforms, then go to the smaller ones, select two or three smaller ones, go to those.

And in total, I would not suggest someone listing on more than 10 seconds. It's more of a hassle and a burden than it makes sense because you're not going to get bookings from nice channels that are not in your niche. So for example, there's a channel called, uh, disabled BNB, right? Where if you can find homes that are built specifically to support people with disabilities, they have ramps for wheelchairs.

They have places that you can hold on to in the toilet, you know, If your house doesn't have all of that. There is no reason to list on disabled BNB. So it's important to select the correct channel in each case. And one of our products, which con revenue booster as exactly that we propose, and we do a research.

We see your property, we tell you which are the best channels to list on, and then we can list them on those channels for you. So it's a surface that you can do it on your own, or you can come to us and we can do it for you. $70 per piece. So there's something for everyone, but it's important not to spread your bookings too thin because it doesn't work very well.

As a, as a strategy, start with the three large ones, then go to three smaller niche ones and don't go more than $10. Nope, don't go more than 10. So the revenue booster, that's a service that you offer and what it, what is I was gonna, I have it here. And I was like, I was going to ask about your revenue booster.

So let's say you're just on Airbnb, right? And you have maybe 60% occupancy, if you also list on verbal and TripAdvisor and Expedia. And, uh, you know, there's a bunch of other sites, 60% occupancy can go up to 80, 85, maybe even 90 right now, the process of listing on all those sites. It's not very difficult.

Anyone can do it on his own. It's a two to three hour process to list your property, each property in a new listings. If you don't have the time or you can't do it, or you don't know how to do it, we can do it for you. It's called revenue booster and we take your content from any side, Iran, Airbnb variable.

Doesn't matter where you run. We take the content from that site and we put it on the other sides. If you want to leave. And that's called revenue booster. I love that. Do you use virtual assistants to help you do this? Or do you have like a three? Because I'm thinking this must be a huge setup that you got there St.

BNB currently employs 20 people. They're all full-time, in-house been working at. Some of them are working from home somewhere where I work on the office, but all of these are dedicated professionals that have been trained by us in the past three years in order to execute all those things. And, uh, make sure that everything is done at the highest quality.

So everyone is working in house at, in BNB. We don't employ outside. Nice. I'm going to have to go there, you know, cause uh, it looks fabulous. It looks fabulous. I can't imagine getting any work done when you have that beauty to look at all, come to Greece to work. I definitely will. I definitely will. Oh my gosh.

Okay. So I'm super excited to, um, you've got a few videos. So we, we touched on the one where you're teaching people how to do website. And there's also a great one that you had on there about, um, the review software that you're working on with Kristoff. That, to me really triggered some things that, I mean, I was, I was literally taking videos or, um, what do you call it?

You know, the screenshots of stuff going, I was blown away by his data about the reviews. I had no idea the concept behind that. It's very simple. Let's say you have a listing on Airbnb, right? And you have, let's say you have 50 reviews or 60 reviews. Do you know who those are belong to? The old, they belong to them terribly, but they're actually yours because it's your property.

These are guests that have stayed on your property and they left a review for your property. So they're actually yours. But you can't use them unless you use a tool, like whatever you use. It's R E V Y w O S a again, we're not affiliated, we're just, you know, uh, we're collaborating and we're partners and we, uh, we've kept each other, but it's a different company.

Right. Um, and if you use something like reviews, what they do is they go and pull the reviews from Airbnb. They pull the reviews from there. And then you can, they package them in a nice little, uh, plugin that you can put onto your website. So if you have a website, a direct booking website, uh, where you have have your property and people can book directly, you can show the reviews, the review score from Airbnb variable, Expedia and all those sites so that people can, you know, they can read them then and there because without good reviews, you know, reduces the number.

One thing that everyone looks before booking. We look at the reviews and they look at photos. It's that those two things, your website will have photos, but unless you use a product like reviews, you will not have reviews or they will not be, um, it might, they might be, you know, custom, uh, testimonials that you put on your website.

But when you show them from Airbnb and booking, then they have more validity. And I liked the way that you, you guys said that you were, you kept them up to date because people only trusted like the last three months, the most. Right. So, so having that little widget in there, that's going to make a big, huge difference.

And I like to, um, one of the things, and I've always said this, I said this on my podcast, not too long ago, somebody was saying, how do I get rid of a bad review? And I'm like, you don't want to, you, people need to know that it's a real place. So bad reviews are just as important as good ones. If you have a bunch of five-star reviews and there's a bad review in there, you know, somebody who's going to go look at it, but if it's.

You know, they did this, or they did that. And your response to them was professional and said, you know, we just had somebody. Not too long ago, come into our property and trash the place. And we charge them an extra cleaning via was the first time I ever had to charge that cleaning fee, but we had it in there and he said, oh, she had hidden fees and hidden this.

And I said, those fees are not hidden. And I said, the, the damage that you had done, and I said, they were BNB agreed with us, were charged. It was, it was legitimate charge against the way you left our place. And I said, we ask that you leave it like you would a deer. And I said, you left it like you would a frat party.

So bad review is the best opportunity you get to show how professional you are. So if you can do a bad review professionally, it could have an even better impact than just another five star review. Like all the, like, I love how you said too. Cause I was listening to you and you said. Way the day before you do, I was like, oh gosh, that's classic.

He said, because it's like one of those long letters that you're super ticked off and you're just going to write it away. And you're like, and then you go to hit send you're like, maybe I should just hold up for a second, take some deep breaths, do something else and come back and reply, come back. It's like, it's like, they won't let you buy a gun, uh, you know, right away.

And you have to wait like a day or something to go get. It's the same thing. Very, very true, but the way, but the way people don't even realize to the way that impacts your sales is incredible. We can see even, you know, having the testimony is for any programs that we sell or anything that we sell online.

Um, even Tony Robbins and everything. If you go on to all the sites that we had with. You would see testimony after testimony after testimony. And we used to have stagnant ones. I mean, they had been in there for years and, and still the IC some of the roles. And I still see some of the same people I think to myself, you know, you're right.

It does have to be new. It does have to be fresh when it comes to you. Short-term rentals because even I do that when I'm looking at a place to say, I'm like, well, this was from 2018. That's not relevant. It could be a whole new owner. I mean, a ton of things could happen. I mean, it's even past COVID. I want to see what's recent.

I wanted to see what's going on now. You know, tell me more, like, is there anything you can tell me that you've got coming up? What kind of new innovations are you working on now? Because I can tell that you are not the person that's just going to sit on your hands and you're like, okay, I've done it. It's all perfect.

Now. So there are a lot of integrations that we're working on. So, uh, we're working on integration with Bryce lads. I'm sure you've heard of them, uh, for smart pricing. And a bunch of other integrations, like, uh, there's another service called chicken with a cane. Have you heard of it? No, I have not. No. What they do is we, uh, take care of all the process of gathering the information of the guests that are required by law to be passed on to the local authorities, like, uh, passport numbers or ID numbers, the names of the guests.

There are some jurisdictions and some places in the world where it's obligatory for the hostel, gather all that information and pass it on to local authority. Like for in a hotel. For example, if you go to a hotel you're obliged to give ID, right? You can't stay in a hotel without showing ID. It's the same thing with vacation.

And that is for many parts of the world. So, uh, they, they take care of all that process. So they take off the burden of having to go collect the data from the customers. And, uh, there's a bunch of other stuff around that that make hosting easier. So, uh, services like, uh, price, lab check-in and others are in our pipeline for integration.

And we're also working on some more features in sync BNB, like automated messages. So that you can create templates and, uh, send automated messages to your customers, uh, based on those templates, uh, or a unified inbox where you can see all your communications with customers from all the channels are going to be envy and variable in one place.

So we're working on all those things that are coming very soon. Oh, I like that. So are you going to be doing messaging through email or text messages? Both. Both. Fantastic. Excellent. The systems of, uh, the messaging systems of the channels. So you will create a template that says, hi, John, I see that you're checking is in, uh, two days.

Uh, please make sure that, uh, you know, you do this and that, and you will find the key under the mat. And that message will go out to the medically two days before check-in for every customer and a, you can just have placeholders inside that say, uh, you know, yes. Name in brackets. So we automatically replaced that with the actual guest name and the actual date and all that.

And it's dynamically generated. Uh, and message that goes out either by email or by SMS. And we have, uh, the phone number of the customer of the guests, or it's through the messaging system of each channel. So through the Airbnb messaging system or from the variable messaging system, so that you make sure that your guests will actually see your message.

Yeah, because a lot of times we get older guests, especially at our properties down in Florida. And they're not so good with text messaging all the time. I mean, uh, th they will literally check their emails more than their text messages. It's not like. And on me, it's like the opposite. It's like, uh, I've got a girl who does my emails and we have something here called super hog and they check people's IDs and also take, take, uh, validate their, their identity similar product.

Yeah, I think, uh, check-in is a similar product to superhero. I would like to get one with all three. Um, I would like to get one with insurance, um, security deposits and ID. Because a lot of times what we do is we have a very, um, we, I don't like to have anything less than a strict cancellation policy, just because people change their minds too often now.

And it just drives me crazy. So we just keep it strict. But because we do, we always offer people. Travel insurance. And we've got a few sites that there's one that we can set up and use, um, Pablo we can use, or we can send them through, you know, travel guard or American express or wherever you send them.

But when they do, when they do their travel insurance, there's a couple of sites that have a security deposit with it. It would be really nice if they could integrate all of that, you know, take the insurance, the security deposits and their ideas and put them all together. I think of it. That would be the perfect.

You've got properties there in Greece. Yeah. We actually have properties all over the world. Um, it's funny because the, the distribution of countries in our customer portfolio has changed a lot during COVID. So pre COVID 25% of our customers was from the states. Uh, 25% was from the rest of the English speaking countries in the world, like the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, all those countries where the, the restaurant sector.

15% from Greece. And then the rest was, you know, uh, a bunch of countries with two or three safe customers. Now post COVID, we have 55% of our customers are from the state. And then the rest of the distribution goes, you know, fairly similar to before. The reason for that is that United States, they never went into full lockdown.

Like many of the European countries did. So you could always just jump in your car, take care of your family, go to a nice little cottage next to a lake, two hours away from the city and just work from home they're in for two months. So you could not do that in Europe. Uh, if you, if you were a second sweater in Europe, you stayed in the city in many Europeans.

It is, you are not allowed to leave during lockdowns. You had to stay there. So that allowed the United States to continue not only, uh, continue the operation of short-term rentals, but in many cases, 2020 was even higher than I would give him a gentle, solid all our customers that had a V. With the bulls in the states, they had more business in 2020 than they had last year.

Yep. So, um, as long as it's a great year, 2020 was a good year for short-term rentals in the states. And I think that also showed really good in the price of the Airbnb IPO. Exactly. Yeah, absolutely. And, and now they're marketing like crazy to get new hosts. They want even more hosts all around. Yeah, Brian, Jessica just said a few days ago that there's room for another 5 million hosts on the platform.

That's crazy, isn't it? I mean, I'm hoping though that they increase, uh, because we've watched their, their service to the host go kind of down a little bit, but we're hoping it comes back up. I mean, there's always a correction when a company is building and growing, there's always those growing pains. But so are you big enough to go with that?

Can you handle us if we come at you with a bunch of news?

Yeah. We've been working, uh, very hard, uh, for the past 12 months, all through 2020 to organize our processes, our, uh, systems, our people, our training, everything to be ready for the surge of traffic that we were expecting this year in 2021 and 2020. Uh, thankfully we were able to keep everyone on board, which is not something that, you know, can be said for every company in our industry.

So there were many companies, unfortunately, that had to lay off a lot of people in vacations and industry. We were lucky enough to be able to keep everyone on board, which is very important for us because they had 12 months of very rigorous training in order to offer the best possible support and services and care for our customers.

That's very true. Wow. Well, and you're ready for it then. I'm glad because honestly, We're going to broadcast the heck out of your business. So, I mean, w once I got into this, I was just like, why? Like, are there any other choices? You just, you are the only logical choice in this industry. It seems, I love the way you put it.

I'm sure it's not, but I love the way you put it. Thanks, honestly. I mean, why would anybody do anything else? And I love the videos that you had on. Aye. Aye. Aye. It really makes my heart sing. When I see somebody giving, giving, giving like that. And I was like, look at this video, he just created this perfect video to help people create their website and how easy it can be.

And I was like, that's perfect. That's so hard to explain to people how, how easy things can be. And you just like start doing it. I promise you, it's going to be easy. And, and they just don't want to see it. And you sat there and went here. 1, 2, 3. I'm not very good on this. Yeah, you would be amazed at how, how much, um, you gain by giving.

Yes. The more you give, the more you gain, even if you don't want to. It's amazing. I mean, uh, it's, it's, it's my life's mantra. It's been, it's worked all those years until now, and I intend to keep doing it. Well, that's good. That's perfect. That's the way it should be. Isn't it. Well, thank you so much. I am so sorry that it took us so long to connect.

Um, but I appreciate you taking the time, cause I know it's very late there. It's we're we're 10 hours, but not that late. It's eight 30 in the evening. It's fine. Oh good. I was like, if I have to stay up till midnight one, o'clock, I'm going to do it. And if I have to get up at six, I'm going to do it. I'm like having a 55% of customer base in the states makes us, you know, have to shift our times also in order to support.

That's true because now more than half your business, that's great. So including the United States, how much of your business is English speaking? I would say around the 75 to 80 bucks. Wow. And the rest of they speak English, right? Our website is in three languages, but the application is just name. Uh, because you know that the app has very simple, uh, terminology.

So it's like bookings calendar, uh, multicast expense management. So all those options and the, in the menu, they're quite, you know, a global, uh, anyone that is in the vacations and industry needs to know how to speak English either way in order to, you know, do welcome his guests because his guests will not always be from these.

Okay. So everyone in our industry, I think needs to know English. So, uh, you know, it's, it's just fine for us to be, to have the obligation in English. Yep. I'm here I speak. I speak three. So I ha I have to speak Spanish because we get a lot of people from south America, especially in our Florida properties, not during COVID, but pre COVID.

The majority of the stays in our larger properties. I'm from south America now here in Arizona, obviously we're right next to Mexico. So we get a lot of Spanish speaking and Mexico, and then French, because my grandmother was French. Socio Miami learn French. So I got the French side, which made it very hard to learn Spanish because I can not to this day, roll my eyes.

It's just one of those things. And I, I practice all the time and I'm like, you know, but because both are Latin country, Latin languages, they come from Latin, right. Spanish and French. They have the same, uh, uh, what's the English word, uh, the base, the same base. So theoretically someone that knows French can learn Spanish more easily.

It was easy to learn. It was the end, even, um, Filipino. There's a lot of Spanish in Filipino and they say, no, there's not, but there is. And so I'm learning to speak Filipino. Now it's a cool language. I love it. I'm like, it's just the people that you meet. I love people and I love learning all the languages, but it's a lot of fun.

I can't wait to come and meet you. Thank you so much for your time, Alex. Is there anything else that you'd like to share about what's going on?

Yeah, just visit sink and you will look fine

required. Just come on, try us out for 30 days. If you like it, continue using it. If you don't, we're still here for anything else, we can help. Again, the only logical choice in that part of our industry in this sinking you're part business. Right. I love that. I think I'll make that their tagline below the logo, the only logical choice.

I love it. Thank you, right, Alex. Thanks so much on you. Have a great day. That's great being here, right? Well, I tell ya, I got to get my butt out to Greece. A dirty little secret that I have with Carlita. She and I both love the mama Mia series. There's like a mama Mia one and a mama Mia two. And we love watching them, not just for the album music and the silliness of it all, but we love the way Greece looks.

I mean, it's so beautiful. And that was all founding. And so, uh, I've got to head over there and take a look at the sink BNB. I'll do it. I'll write it off as a business trip, obviously, because I'll just spend a whole bunch of time checking out what Alex and his team does, but I hope you really enjoyed that interview.

And next week we have online And John Jonas from that company, John is amazing. You're going to love, I love his company and I've talked about it before on the podcast. His company does virtual assistants in the Philippines, and that's all he does specifically. And it's not an agency, which is really great because when you pay an agent.

You know, the agency is making $500 a month or whatever they're making, and the people are making just a fraction of that. Instead, what John has created is a way for you to go out there, post a job on his website and get, I mean like literally every time we post a job within a day or two. Hundreds. And I'm not even exaggerating hundreds of resumes back in response to our job posting.

Then we get to look at those once we paid the $65. So you can be a monthly member or you can just pay for the one month and be able to look at all the applicants that you have. But John is going to go into all of that for you next week. You will absolutely love it. And I want to remind you to. That Eve you were one of the people who left us a review and sent a photo.

We had issues with GoDaddy and my emails were down for, I believe May 28th until June 10th. If you sent us an email between then, or you left a review between, then please, please send me your information. We're going to send you a t-shirt. We're going to send you. And we've got your name already in the drawing for the Alexa dot.

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