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Episode 057 - STRR - Give Your Guest an Experience & Increase Your Income

experience tips & tricks Jul 30, 2021

Michelle explains the fantastic opportunities of creating your very own Airbnb Experiences. They don’t need to be in the same cities as your properties but they can be.  You don’t need to be the one who hosts them but you can if you’d like to They can also be done anywhere INCLUDING in cities that don’t allow Short Term Rentals, so they’re a great way to get in on the income of a Short Term Rental if you’re stuck in an area that doesn’t allow them.  Lots of great information inside this episode.


Transcript of this Episode:

Hi, this is Michelle, the master of money mindset, and you are listening to BNB dash boss podcast and in today's podcast, it's Friday.

So we're doing a Friday short-term rental revenue replay, and you get to listen to one of our best of episodes of the short-term rental revenue podcast. And in this episode, we're going to be talking about giving your guests an experience. And if you don't know what an experience. Airbnb has these awesome experiences that you can buy when you go to specific locations.

And we're going to talk all about that in this episode. So take a listen. I'm going to listen along with you. Maybe I'll pipe in here and there, but I'll definitely pipe in at the end and we'll expand on this, but this is a great way to earn extra revenue. And if you've got something that you love to do, like let's say you're really into wine or you're really into.

You can teach people how to do what you do or let them experience what you do and earn extra money just by doing what you do. How cool is that? So let's take a listen to this episode and I'll meet you at the end. And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about Airbnb experiences and how you can get in on this and what the growing trends are.

There's a growing trend three times bigger than food and wine. Can you guess what it is? Okay. So going back to the experiences, this is really cool. It goes with our theme. So the last podcast that I recorded, maybe not the last for you, but the last one I recorded was just on themes and we decided to split it into two different ones because we wanted to do originally themes and experiences.

But this time we're going to just talk about experiences because both of them were extremely relevant and had a lot of information. So we kind of split it up. What are Airbnb experiences and how do you get in on them? I mean, they're extremely, extremely popular, and they're a great way to earn some extra income.

Now, most experiences you'll find these in Airbnb's website and they are new things. And basically it was a bunch of hosts deciding that. Do things like show people around town or at a cooking class just to make some extra income. It's really great to do in a low season. So right now it might be the high season where you are, but here in Arizona, it's our low season because it's extremely hot already.

And we're all like, oh, this is going to be a hot one. Maybe, maybe not, but this is when the snowbirds and everybody went home and it's going to be a hundred degrees really soon. And then it's going to be 120 degrees sooner. And so we want to make the people who are coming here to visit feel welcome. We want to earn a little extra cash because we've lowered our prices.

So you can do it even in the peak season. It's just a great way to bring extra income. But what they did was they said, okay, if you're in a city like New York, maybe people wanted to know their way around. If you're in a city like Chicago, maybe you wanted to visit some restaurants or some really awesome pizza places.

If you're in a city like Austin, maybe you want some barbecue and you want to know the best places to go. You can even do experiences like yoga. Yoga was trending for a while. Guys, get this, you remember those goat yoga videos. That was huge. People were doing goat yogas, and like, they just wanted to go and do yoga with goats who are walking on their backs.

And sometimes the goats were wearing. I'm not even kidding. It was kind of cute and funny and there's videos of it on YouTube and stuff. And you can find those buttons with psych go yoga. Okay. But get this horse. Yoga is really growing in trending. You can look up all these trending experiences on Airbnb, and it's extremely funny to look at, but horse.

Growing trend, believe it or not. Some other hot trends that are going on right now in the Airbnb experiences are things like meditation, hiking, biking. Anything that connects you with nature or people love stuff that connects them with nature. So, especially if you're in a great place, like just like here in Arizona, because we've got the grand canyon, we've got a ton of hiking trails all around our mountains.

We've got, if you're up north in Flagstaff or out by the white mountains, there's a ton of stuff to do. If you are in Colorado, great hiking in Colorado. So no matter where you are, there might be hiking all around you. People love getting connected with nature, especially if they're coming from a place where they don't have a chance to connect with nature and vice versa.

People who are coming from places that are way out in the boonies and they connect with nature all day long and they're coming into us. They want to do city activities. They're like, what's it like to live in a big city? What's it like to have restaurants on every corner? What's it like to have shows and things that you can go in?

Do no offense to all the little towns out there. Cause I love little towns, so I like the quiet. But when you go to a big city, you want to experience the big cities. So wherever you are, when people are coming there, they've never experienced what you have and what you have to offer. That's what you want to give them a taste of things that they can't normally do right now.

You're going to have to have great pictures again, just like the pictures that you have for your property. You want to make sure you have great pictures to offer in these experiences, because there are a ton of experiences in most of the major places. And you want to do something a little different and you want to name it, name it, something unique.

So there are things like forest bathing. So instead of going hiking in the forest, Hey, forest hike, right? They say forest bathing, just name it. Something unique that grabs their attention. And do things that you like, what are your hobbies? What are you good at? You know, you might be a great painter or a great dancer, and you want to share those experiences with people.

So do things you love. What's that old saying you do, you, you do. Whatever you love doing. Do you, and do you an add something to you? So it's always really cool to add wine to something or food. You see people do that a lot. Let's say for instance, You're really good at cooking. And then you want to add a wine experience with that, or maybe you're good at yoga.

You could do yoga and wine. If you add wine to almost anything, it makes it more enjoyable. And that includes relatives. If you're visiting relatives. But if you had wine to an experience, or if you had food to an experience, if you combine two different experiences or more, it makes it even that much better guys.

So people who love, love, love that stuff. They love to experience that. And again, you want to give it a unique name, right? So we were looking up some of the experiences and there was a pizza pasta, one that was like carb feast. He started laughing. Yeah, I can't have a car fees anymore, but if I were young and I could, I would, so carb feasts was just come up with unique names for your experiences, really, really play with this stuff and you can make a ton of extra cash.

Now I live in Arizona most of the year, and we're surrounded by mountains on all sides. As a matter of fact, our property backs up to a national forest that behind my house and my property. It goes back for hundreds of miles. There's no one behind me for hundreds of miles. I am the last house on the mountain that overlooks the entire valley.

Right. So going hiking, I can do that every day. There's some great trails. When you go back there, they lead out to the lost Dutchman. It's a big story. And there's, you know, they're the superstition mountains. Can't get more superstitious than superstition mountains. People have all kinds of experiences out there, and there are actually old prospectors who live.

Out back in the national forest back there. I'm not even kidding you to this day. They're looking for a lost vein of gold, the lost Dutchman's gold. This guy, there's like a whole thing to it. Like a whole story, a backstory we've lived there for years and we've heard this story, but here's the deal. People coming to my town, they might not have heard this story, or maybe they heard a little bit about it, or maybe they.

A documentary about it and they're super interested in, they want to go look so you take them on a tour and you could charge like 80 bucks to take people to the back of your house. Take them out on a trail somewhere if it's backed up to your house. So if you're living someplace, what is around you that, you know, but somebody else might want to learn about.

Can you imagine if you lived in new Orleans? There's ghost stories all around there. Can you imagine putting up some kind of ghost experience or paranormal experience and then mix that with some drinking because it is new Orleans or mix it with food Cajun food, because again, it is new Orleans or. Cafe Dumont.

Hello, it's new Orleans. There's so many things you could do there. So you know what people like to do in your town? What's famous in your town and in your area, share those experiences with other people who don't have those experiences. Every day, we take advantage of the things around us by forgetting what they are or forgetting how meaningful they are, because they're there every day.

How many times have people who live in Arizona been up to the grand canyon. I mean, it's absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It's like one of the natural wonders of the world and it's beautiful and everyone in a lifetime should go up and see the grand canyon. And if you can, you should go to the north rim.

It's an extra five hours to get to the north rim, but it's way more beautiful than the south. And there are people in Arizona who have lived here their entire life and never been up to the grand canyon. Can you imagine that? It's absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, we've gone up there quite a few times and we used to take the girl Scouts and the boy Scouts camping up there.

March around. It's beautiful. And it's ours. I mean, we own it. It's Arizona, Utah, and a couple other states could say, well, we have part of it. Yeah. It's Arizona. We know we're like, it belongs. But it's beautiful. And it's so sad that a lot of people don't take advantage of the things that are around them.

And there are people who want to, so you can even do day trips. If you want to get extravagant, you can plan really extravagant things, things where you charge a little bit more and people will pay that to go for a longer ride. So maybe if you're in the valley somewhere, You might have a trip that's an hour and a half or two hours away, but it's a very unique experience that people would love to do and that they would do maybe on their own, if they had a day or two, you can plan this stuff out and make it pay for itself, you know, and people will pay for that.

What they're paying for is basically the convenience of getting to do something that they wouldn't know how to do without you, or they could do it, but it would take time and effort and money to do it on their own. Now a lot of people think food and wine are the biggest things in the experience category, or maybe the nature hikes and meditation and stuff.

And meditation is huge. And it's growing by like 300% a year, any kind of meditation thing or yoga thing they're growing. Okay. But here's the deal. There's something that's growing three times faster than food and wine. Let's go back to food and wine quick before I know I'm leading you on and you're like, wait, what are they okay.

But I'm going to tell you, but first I just want to finish up with the food and wine because people do love cooking classes. They love to learn how to grill. They love to learn how to use a smoker. So if you've got a Traeger smoker, Oh, my gosh, my husband would be so great at that because he's amazing on the grill and barbecuing.

Oh my gosh. If you're in Texas or something, holy cow, that should be just yours. I think Texas has, I'm not partial. Right? But I think Texas has some of the best barbecue in the entire country. I don't care what they say about Atlanta and all those other places. They say they're good. They are good. It's not that they're not good.

But have you been to Texas? It was like, have you been there guys because of the barbecue is fantastic there. And I have to say, I am a barbecue connoisseur. My husband is amazing at barbecue, but when I went down to Texas and tried some Texas barbecue. Yeah. Holy cow. It's like pizza. I don't care what they say.

New York pizza does not match Chicago pizza. Chicago pizza wins out every single time. And I don't like it when Chicago pizzas go into other cities like there's Chicago pizza out here in Phoenix, or there'll be Chicago style pizza in Orlando. Not the same, not the same. When you go to those places in Chicago.

Way better. You've got to be in Chicago to have Chicago style pizza. I mean, somebody can try it, but it's not going to be the same. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's in the water or something. There are certain places that have certain types of food that are amazing. So if you're up in the Northeast, what do you want?

You want to focus on the seafood? The thing that people can't get, where they go somewhere else? I guess if you went up to Wisconsin, I'm going to tease Maria here. Cause she's from Wisconsin, Maria. If we went up to Wisconsin, Cheese and dairy products, man, and a lot of beer because they call these guys cheese had, but guys, they have some of the best dairy in the entire country.

So if you love cheese, Seriously, Wisconsin really does have great cheese and it's not a joke, but they also have amazing water parks up there. I know that a lot of people don't know about them, but we used to go up to the house on the rock and Wisconsin Dells. When we were younger, I've been looking at all the houses and everything there.

Right. Cause we're always looking at different properties and I'm like, Ooh, look at all these waters. This is absolutely crazy. It was not like this. When we were growing up, it was basically a bunch of boats and you got to go through the Wisconsin Dells. Same with the Ozarks, the place to go camping with your friend.

Now there's a show called Ozark on Netflix. And so it's bringing people down there. It's bringing people down to the Ozarks where they haven't been for generations. And what's really cool too. I don't know if you guys watch, but there are a lot of things that happen on TV that set trends, and that's a huge hint for the thing that is growing three times faster.

So let's say if anybody listening has watched Amazons, Amazon prime has their own shows and there's a show called the marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Has anybody watched that? Oh my God. It's fabulous. And it takes place back in the fifties and sixties. And it's about a young lady. Who's a budding comedian and she's hysterical, but there's an entire season almost when they went away to camp and entire families would go away to camp.

I'm not even kidding. And what's really crazy is I was born in the mid 1960s. And I remember when I was young, we would go away. And it was just the mom and the kids would go away and dads would meet us on the weekends that wasn't a lie. And that was huge. Back then, it was huge. We, we all went for the summer and we would spend the summer down at a lake somewhere and we'd either have a cabin.

And sometimes as kids, we would have like tents and stuff that we would camp out with our cousins and our mom would be there and our aunts would be there and everybody would be talking. The grownups would be all together all day long, their activities for everybody to do. And it was a blast and the dads, if they had to work, they would work all week.

But when they got the weekends off, they would come down and stay for the weekend. But the moms and the kids would be there all week long. I mean, I remember this stuff. It was really, really fun, but that show, that show is one of the growing trends. People love those experiences and they're looking for those experiences.

Again, they're like summer. For adults, activities for adults, what can we learn to do? What can we do to keep people busy? And they're looking for that stuff again, they're looking for that nostalgia and that show is perfect. Honestly, I do recommend that show. I love, love, love that show, but there's also a growing trend on TV that has led to the one that's growing the fastest three times faster than food and wine.

Have you guessed it? No, it's not yoga and wine. It's not dinner and a movie, but you can have dinner and a show or dinner and a comedy or something. Right. You can do all those things, but what do you think it is? I'm going to let you shout out some answers at me. Come on, shout them out. What do you think it is?

It's history. It's history. History shows history, buff shows, and you know, those Explorer shows and those things have really, really sparked a growing trend in history. So if you live by anything historical, so obviously the people in Egypt are incredibly happy about this because there's a growing trend to go look at things.

Like the great pyramids, right? There's a growing trend to go into areas like to loom. When you go down there and you go visit all the ruins that are there, there is a huge, huge growing trend. It's growing three times faster than food and wine, and it's about to take over. So. Any type of historical sites.

People want to see them. They want to hear about them. If they're haunted the better, right. If they're scary and spooky, people love that stuff. Don't ask me why, but they love, they love a little bit of education, right. And learning something and experiencing something and walking where other famous people have walked or some kind of historical event has occurred.

Something unique. So give them what they want. I always say, give them what they want. Right? Give them what they want. Now, most experiences you have to be there, or maybe you can hire people to do it for you. If you don't feel like organizing the hike, you can pay somebody. To do the hike for you or lead the hike or lead a yoga class.

You can, you can do that. Most experiences though are done by hosts themselves. And that's what makes them even more special because it's like, oh, I stayed at this person's house. And they took me on this tour of downtown new Orleans. And it was absolutely incredible. Right. Those are great experiences, but you can do experiences when you're not there.

Now what kind of experiences, these are little experiences, and these are things that people wouldn't pay extra for per se, but they are things you can offer inside your rental or inside your property. Okay. There are things like having snow cone machine. For the kids, when you've got a property in Orlando, you know, you're going to have a lot of families, their kids love snow cones.

You can have all these different things that they can do. And people are like, well, that's crazy. They're going to break. Yes. I always do recommend that you get a square trade when you buy anything that you're going to have in a rental property is like, if I'm going to buy. A new Keurig coffee maker. I've got a square trade that goes with it because a square trade.

If you guys don't know what that is, there it's a site online that for a couple of bucks, it will cover some kind of electronic device. They do cell phones, they do computers. They do all kinds of stuff in SquareTrade is a really great car. For a few extra bucks, I will cover a warranty, just pick up a warranty on any item.

And then I also use to make sure that I know who uses it and who doesn't, there's actually tape. You can buy. On Amazon, that is a security type tape. So when you tape a box shut and they open it, the tape says it's opened, like something happens where you can actually see that it's been opened. And I'll put a link for that inside the show notes so that you guys can see what that tape looks like.

But then you can tell if somebody used something or didn't use it, but here's the deal. Do a video. I'm not even kidding. People, love videos, and we've actually done videos like a video training. You're going to become a teacher online, but it only takes a few minutes. And I know it seems stupid, but it's actually really fun and people love it.

This is a for instance, and we did this for some people staying at one of our properties down south. And it's south of the border. And what do people love to do when they're down in Mexico? They love to drink. So we had these Margaritaville machines and they're really amazing, but we kept them locked up for a long time.

So we only used them when we were down there that we kept them in the owner's closet. And the reason why is they're freaking expensive, man. They're like, you know, I don't know how much they were 120 bucks, 140 bucks, maybe 240 bucks. I don't know. But they're expensive. We got them at Costco and we didn't want to share them because we were afraid people were going to break them.

Right. So then we had somebody coming down and they said something and we were like, oh yeah. And it was a friend of a friend. So we said, Hey, I'll have the girls set out the margarita machine and you guys use it. And so that when they got there, they were like, oh, we're going to make margarita is this is going to be great.

We're in Mexico on the beach. We're going to make margarita. And then they're like, well, how the hell do we make margarita? I was like, so we were laughing. And we're like, okay. So we shot like this face time we did this FaceTime video about, we had our margarita machine up here. They had their margarita machine down there and we're like, yeah, Here's what we're doing, you know, and it was funny because the, you know, the connection wasn't really great, but then we thought we should just do this.

We should just do this because we were having a blast. They were having a blast watching us. And we were making margarita is showing them how to use the machine. It was really kind of simple, but they didn't want to mess it up because they knew our friends. And if they broke the machine, they felt bad about it.

But here's the deal. These are business expenses. You can pick up one of those machines and then put that security tape over it. So, you know, who opens it, who doesn't, you can give them the opportunity to use it. You can have a SquareTrade warranty on it. So if it does. It's fine. And you can have these cool little videos that teaches them how to make a margarita and they will love, you they'll even sign in on your website or something where they have to watch it or view it.

And then you get their name and their email address. And what did I say about building our list of our former clients and our former guests? You need to always keep a list growing. So you've got their name and stuff. This is a great way to do that. And they will love you. They actually feel like they're interacting with you.

And we're we were knocked down in Mexico with them. We were up in the states. And so what's really cool is they feel almost a connection with you and you aren't even there. And if they do accidentally break it fine, you've got the warranty. I would not worry about. Everybody's worried about people breaking stuff.

You guys, are you worried about them breaking them? Stove or your microwave or stuff? No people aren't that stupid. I mean, they can be stupid and when they get drunk, they can even be more, more so, but most of the time people are there to have fun. And if you can add to that experience of fun, they love you for it.

So snow cone machines and margarita makers, I love the Margaritaville man margarita maker, but here's the deal you're adding to their experience. And they will absolutely adore you. They will adore you for doing things like that. And you can cover your assets by having basically an insurance policy on it.

And your warranty. So if they break it, you can say, if you use this, you agreed to this, you agreed to, you know, whatever it costs to mail it, to give it serviced or whatever. And they'll cover that for you. But here's the deal you're adding to their experience. They're going to love you. They're going to leave you the best reviews.

Oh my gosh. We had such a blast. We did this thing and we watched these videos. They had. Imagine the experience you leave for people when you add to their vacation memories. I used to own years and years ago, I used to own a travel agency and my travel agency was named, have kids will travel, which was a play off of the old show.

Have guns. We'll try. And, uh, have gun will travel was the, well, you could actually sing the song, have gun will travel, reads the card of a man. It was an old show and the guy was like a hired gun. And I thought, oh, have kids we'll travel. We traveled all over the place. And we had five kids and I, I would take my kids everywhere.

I mean, I've taken five kids by myself, on a plane, across continents, and we've stayed in Australia and gone camping for a month here and a month at me with five kids. So I did this travel agency before I had all five of my children, obviously, but what I wanted to do was create. Memories for people. And so our, our slogan, which we still have because I kept the company stuff was we don't just plan family vacations.

We create family memories. That's what I want you guys to do. I want you to create memories for people so that they are having these amazing, amazing experiences that they will never forget. They will never forget the way you made them feel. At your place when you create these types of experiences, whether you're there or you're not there now, what's really cool is once you create an experience and you take some really awesome pictures and you create a really cool name for the experience now, obviously it's not going to be the margarita machine inside your property.

Cause that's specifically for the people who are staying at your property and unique to them, right. But once you create these experiences, If it's inside your property and unique to the people, staying there, you can put all that in there and it's going to be something that attracts them and you want it higher up in your listing so that people say, Hey, they've got this cool margarita experience.

When you go there, that they give to you for free, you can charge a little bit more for something like that to stay in your place. When you've got an activity in your place that you have offered to everyone. Right? But let's say you don't, let's say you're talking about. Yoga in on a horse. So if you're doing yoga on a horse, I'm just pulling that, right.

I was like, I want to do the goat yoga. Not really. I don't want little baby goats crawling on me cause I'll sneeze. But, um, if, if you're doing yoga on a horse, for instance, and you've got these wonderful pictures and you created some really unique name and you put it on there. That experience, doesn't just go out to your guests.

That experience becomes available for all the people in that area. And that is pretty darn cool. I love that because here's the deal you can have, not just one or two people like the people who are staying in your home, but you can have an entire group of people. And that's when things start rocking because.

My favorite experiences in cities that I've gone to and traveled to have been some really fun activities. So this stuff goes back for a long time. Think about it, guys. If you've ever been on a cruise, what do they have on cruise ships? Almost every single cruise ship. Pretty much every single cruise ship.

I don't think I've ever been on a cruise without them excursion. These are simply excursions. This isn't, you know, Airbnb's brilliant idea that nobody ever fricking thought of this shit has been going on for a long time. We're talking about marketing here, getting more people to go, right? So when you go on a cruise ship, what's really cool is before you even go on the cruise months before once you book it, they send you a book and they say, here is a list of all the excursions that you can do while you're visiting.

And people love to go on them. So now, when people are visiting a city, Airbnb is the one that sends them basically a little email that says, Hey, while you're visiting Austin, here's a list of all the experiences you can do while you're there. And so if your experience looks fun enough, it or something, you know, interesting enough or whatever they want to go on it and they can be staying anywhere within that city.

So it's really pretty cool. So what, what are the experiences that you've had on cruise ships? So think of cruise as if any of you have taken cruises, cruises are my favorite and. The first job I had in the travel industry, although I did hotels and all that stuff later. And then I was venue liaison for rich dad and did those things before I did that stuff way back in the day when I was really young.

I don't know if you guys ever saw it, but there's a picture of me with captain Stubing when I was in my twenties, probably my early twenties. I had to be like 20 to 23 minutes. I think it was, I was really young. I was drinking age. Let me just say I was legal and drinking age, but anyway, I was, uh, inside of a princess plus agency.

We sold a lot of princess cruises. And so I've been going on cruises for a long time. I absolutely love cruises. Bruises are so much fun because you don't have to pick up and unpack and you can go from port to port, to port and visit a lot of different places and a very small amount of time. And so I've, I've always loved them.

Plus they always have amazing food. If you're. A good cruise line. And even carnival doesn't have like amazing food there, but they do have amazing places on their ship now. So we, we just went on a carnival cruise and who's the guy with the short hair. He's the chef with his short hair. I'm trying to think of his name.

Um, short white hair from Florida. And he always does those diners and dives and stuff. That guy, he has these burger joints on all the carnival cruise lines. And so we went on this brand new carnival ship, went to his burger joint. His burger joint was better than the food. I mean, we went there practically every night after because we would go and see what they had for dinner and the dinners.

I'm sorry, carnival. Your dinners. Weren't bad. Wonderful. As I was used to, I was like, I'm sorry, carnival. There. Their love of cake was really good, but, um, pretty much like every night it was, well, every time we went out to eat and dine in the dining room, but we, so we would go out to that guy's burger joint and have a burger after, and the burgers were flipping amazing.

So we had a wonderful experience on the carnival ships anyway, because the rooms were great. The cabins were amazing. The ones that we stayed. The activities on that cruise ship were so much fun. So honestly, I wasn't bothered by the fact that the food wasn't that great because there were so many activities to do on that ship that we just had an absolute blast with.

But I want you to think about the activities on a cruise ship. I want you to start looking at things like that and really, really sinking into them because they should be your study guide. What do people love to do? So, not only did they have things like trivia bars, where you would go in and guess what songs, some thing was, you know, what year who wrote it too sang it?

You know, not just things like that, not just contests about the eighties or something. They had like a bunch of those things and those were fun, but they, that activities that really, really got us where the things like scavenger hunts, they would put you with strangers and you had to go around the ship and take pictures.

Of different things, you know, get 10 people together, all giving the peace sign and hugging, you know, and, and so, or get, get 12 people together and have all their feet in a circle and take a picture of it. And you had to do things like that. Get one bartender, smiling and handing you a drink. And. Get a bartender to hand you a drink and smile, you would do like crazy, weird things.

But the fun part was everybody was doing them and it became, it was a cool scavenger hunt. And although there has to be some kind of time limit on it, it was a lot of fun. You can send a lot of people out in different directions and have them come. One of my most favorite things to do was in the grand Caymans.

So we went out to the grand Caymans. We were on an excursion there. And when we got there, they did something that was quite similar to the amazing race. I don't know if you've ever seen that show. Favorite favorite show when she was alive and she loved watching these people, they would get couples and they race across the world in like 12 days.

Now, obviously they spread every location out into 12 episodes, but literally the people have completed all of that within 12 days. So one clue takes them to one activity. They have to do this really weird activity when they get it. And then race to another, you know, then when they finished the activity, they get an envelope that tells them where to go for the next clue.

And then they got a race to that place and they've got to do that activity. And every day at the end of the day, the first person. To get there and meet the host of the show would get like some kind of prize and the last person would be eliminated, but some episodes, you know, well, this is a non elimination.

Woo. You know, and that they were saved by the bell, but what's really, really cool is when we were in the grand Caymans, they had this really cool, you know, race that they had. And it was so cool. You got off the cruise ship, you met the guy. They took a group of people and they gave you the first clue, you know, they explained the rules where you were going to go, what you were allowed to do.

If you were allowed to take a cab, or if you were allowed to do this or not. And they explained to all the ground rules, they had people set up in all the different locations to help you out and make sure you didn't get lost or too lost. And it was amazing fun. Now I know it took a lot of effort to plan it and it was kind of cool because they knew what the.

About what the time was. So they didn't have to have, let's say you had 12 different spots you were going to, they didn't have to have 12 different people working at all those places. They basically, once everybody got through spot one, that person went to, you know, spot four. So they maybe had somebody ends about 1, 2, 3.

And when everybody got past spot one, they went, they went to four. Now they got somebody in for when everybody got through two, they went to five. So they had people at every station, but sometimes they were saying. But what they had us do were solved puzzles. And when she solved the puzzle, then it told you where you were going to go and you went to the place and got there guys, there was some fun stuff there.

I mean, not only were we going into museums and answering questions and doing word puzzles and things like that. But some of it was diving down. They had these boats on the dock and we had to take a boat out to a certain area and snorkel down and find the name of the boat that was shipwrecked down there.

And so one person got to go down. The other person had to wait at the dock and, or both of you could go down, but it was pretty cool. Like come on. You're you're doing all kinds of really fun stuff. And it was really interesting. It was super fun. And at the end we had a big lunch and some drinks and it was amazing fun.

They gave out little metals. I think we took third place, but it was a blast. It was a blast. I mean, we actually even got to go into their shopping area. They hit every major area. In that port, that would be very touristy. You know, so museums and the snorkeling activity, the shopping centers, they had this big area picture, an outdoor farmer's market or something, but it had even more, so it was more like, Flea market type situation, but that wasn't all used goods.

And they had, you had to find a certain person selling baby booties, and then you had to look inside the baby booties and find where the clue was. It was really fun and it was very unique and there was a bunch of people doing it. So if you are organizing something like that, you could say that you only do it on Fridays, or you only do it on Saturdays and you have to have a minimum.

You know, two or three groups competing of four people. So you know how many people you can get, and if you don't get enough, maybe you can get some friends to come in and join for free and just up the experiences or you can cancel it. I mean, it's totally up to you. You can do all kinds of things. You just have to let your mind wander.

Okay. So comedy clubs and bars that have trivia, people love that stuff. And you can do that too. You can get the people to where they need to go and they're going to love and adore you for it. So I really, really want you to think out of the box when it comes to these experiences. And I want you to think about the experiences that you can give people inside your property.

Uniquely you that you can add to their entertainment, add to their fun, add to their maybe even their solitude and peace and coziness. Maybe you add a reading nook and a really nice chair, and you've got all these books there and you move them, trade them out all the time, or, you know, it's just some type of experience that people will love to have when they go to think out of the box.

Right. Good pictures. Great name. Those are going to be the key elements in this, and you're going to want to list them inside your listing, if it's specifically for your guests only, or on Airbnb experiences. And I'm going to challenge you guys to do, just do one, just do one in your area. Here's the deal too.

I can do this even in Arizona. If I didn't have. A unique property here. So let's say guys, I know some of my people specifically, their Airbnbs are in cities that have, you know, an allow Airbnb, but let's say you're in the city of Las Vegas where they don't allow a BNB to be. So you have to be in north Las Vegas, or you have to be out a little bit.

But even if you live in Las Vegas, you can do an experience there. Even if BnB's aren't allowed there, you can do an experience there. Even if all your properties are outside of your area, you can do an experience inside your area to make more money. Do you understand what I'm saying? So this doesn't limit you at all.

It actually expands and opens you up for a bunch of things. A bunch of things and it's going to be a lot of fun. So I want you to do me a favor too. I want you to go to our website, short term rental, and I want you to sign up and get on our mailing list. And then I want you to tell me about your experience.

I want you to go to our website or send it to [email protected]. Or you can go to our Facebook page and post what you're doing there. I want to see it. I want to see the experiences that you guys are doing, and I want to hear about them. What's working. What's not working because everybody wants to know what not to do, too.

It's very important to know what not to do. Because yikes. Making a mistake sucks. Sometimes if it costs money, if it costs just experience, it's not so bad, but if it costs money in your business, you're like, yo, I wish I knew that. So there's always a lot of things. When you first get started rolling your business out that you're like, I wish I knew this when I first started out save some buddy, the pain of that experience.

The bad experience by telling them, oh, I did this. It was really great, except for the fact that I should have done this, help people out because everybody deserves to have a great rolling business. And every guest deserves a wonderful experience and we need to come together as hosts and help other people out too, by saving them the pain that we've gone through.

Treat and love others as we would want to be treated. Right. That's. I mean, it's so important for us to be good kind people in this world and support all our fellow business owners in this. There are more than enough reservations for everyone. Okay. And pay it forward already. I mean, even if somebody hasn't done it for you, yet you be the first person to go out and help somebody else you do that.

I forgot about all those wonderful experiences. There is so many on there. That's pretty cool. Needless to say, I doubt that the history is still as popular as it used to be. Except if it's a burning down and tearing statues down kind of history experience because that's been going on in the United States since the coronavirus, but hopefully you're on my side where you still love real history, good or bad.

We learned from it. That's why you have it. You have to have the bad stuff so that you can learn not to repeat the bad. So good history, bad history. They're both very important. I mean, people still to this day go to different countries and visit the concentration camps, not pumping because of her grades.

But because it's a part of history and a part of history that we would rather not repeat, but we're not doing a very good job of that either. Are we? Because now we're forcing people to do the same exact things. We had the Nuremberg trials that said you cannot force people to have any kind of medical procedures without their consent.

And they want to give people medical procedures without their consent. So we are, see what happens when you take this stuff. People forget their memory is very, very short, lots of short memories out there. If you want to get into real history, go look up the Spanish flu. What happened with the Spanish flu, the Spanish flu I'll give you a clue was not from Spain or Spanish at all.

And it wasn't a flu. It was actually a vaccine. And it started from a vaccine that was given to our soldiers, American soldiers, and they took it overseas during the war. And over a third of the entire world's population was affected by a vaccine, a bad vaccine, but they named it the Spanish flu to get people to, you know, think that it was a flu and think that it started in Spain, did not.

So what happened just when you read, when you read a lot, there's some great books out there that I've been reading lately and I've picked some themes and started going. So join us on Monday. This coming Monday, we've got Erica Reiner coming on and oh my gosh, you are going to just, she's so sweet. So, and she's all about interior design and people have been asking.

So I wanted to get a really good interior designer out there. And Erica is it she's pan tastic, and you're going to love everything. She says, she's going to teach you how to increase your revenue by about 20% or more. And I would say, or more, because I think we've always raised our percentages way more than 20% when we've added a professional interior designer.

Make sure you join us on Monday or that episode. God bless you. Have a great day.  Go and grow.



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