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Episode 058 - Increase Your Revenue by Hiring a Professional Interior Designer with Erica Reiner

interior design Aug 02, 2021

This week, we are excited to have the wonderful Erica Reiner on the show.  She is the owner and design principal of Eco Method Interiors, the premier residential & commercial, eco-friendly, interior design company in Los Angeles.  Erica is going to tell us how we can increase our income by a full 20%!!  She's also got some great tips and tricks when it comes to decorating your BNB spaces.  This lady is smart and backs up all she says with data!  Enjoy this episode and head over to Erica's website to see her work and our website to get even more information about your BNB business. 


About Erica Reiner:

Erica Reiner is the owner and design principal of Eco Method Interiors, the premier residential & commercial, eco-friendly, interior design company in Los Angeles.


She loves bringing her expertise and obsession with interior design and environmental + human health into what has become this unique business. Erica’s favorite part is helping people transform their space to reflect who they are and help them to feel great in mind and body.


When she’s not working, she’s hanging with her husband and their dog Hank, planning where she can find warm and tiny waves to surf, decluttering, practicing Krav Maga, or looking to consume a lot of vegetarian Asian cuisine.


Visit Erica's website to see her work and get more information,  Eco Method Interiors.


Transcript of this Episode:

Hi, this is Michelle, the master of money mindset, and you are listening to B and B dash boss podcast and in today's pod.

We've got an amazing guest. Her name is Erica Reiner and she is absolutely fantastic. Now I have told you guys for years, we have had the short-term rental revenue podcast for more than three years now and that website, and in that time I have been teaching you a few things. You know, there are certain things I always say, never compete.

Last place, right? You guys know that one and the fact that you should treat your business like a business. Erica was dead on with this. And we've also talked about adding the quality to your BNB by having a professional designer. I said, even if you have to take that designer and put them in the first few of your properties and make them look exactly alike, it will be worth having a professional interior designer.

I mean, just makes all the difference in the world. And we found Erica, she was out of. And I'm telling you, she is dead, hon. She is, she's hitting the nail on the head. And it's so hard to find somebody who is in complete alignment with your business and your business vision, right? The vision that you have.

And I love this too, because she was calling me. On my cookie cutter name. Cause I was like, Hey, listen, when I say cookie cutter, this is what I mean. And she had me explained it to her and she goes, that's good, but we're not going to do a cookie cutter for all our properties. And I said, yeah, let's be honest.

When you hire a professional, it's going to cost you is just like hiring a professional photographer. Right. You can do the pictures by yourself. But for 150 bucks, which is practically nothing and should be probably one night of your stay, you will notice that you will get more and more views having great photos, having great photos makes all the difference and the way to up having great photos is to have a great looking place and a place that feels amazing.

And we're going to talk all about that, but first I wanted to explain to you who Erica is. Erica Reiner is the owner and design principle of eco methods. Interiors. It's the premier residential and commercial eco-friendly interior design company out of Los Angeles. She loves bringing her expertise and obsession with interior design and environmental and human health into what has become this unique business.

Eric has favorite part is helping people transform their space to reflect who they are and to help them feel great in mind and body. And when she's not working, she's hanging out with her husband and their dog. Planning where she can find warm and tiny waves to surf in decluttering or looking to consume a lot of vegetarian Asian cuisine.

I found her in Hawaii. Let's join her. Now. I am here with Erica Reiner. She is actually on vacation and in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Look at you all suntan and my hair is extra crazy for this podcast that I actually have humidity and sunshine. That's all right. I wanted to get you on this show because it's really important to me, for people to know when they are preparing their BnBs, especially new people.

They just don't understand why everybody will hire a professional interior designer. They're looking at us like you guys are just blowing money to blow money. So I thought we've got to get it somebody on. And then when I was looking at your bio and going through your stuff, I was like, oh, the design, the environment, the human health.

Oh, this is cool. This is the person we need to talk to. We've got to get her on the show. And so I was really happy that Willow could do that for us. Cause I was like, oh, this is going to be great. I wanted to ask you from your perspective, a lot of people who are listening to this, they're just getting started and why they would want an interior designer.

So how does hiring a quality professional interior designer? How does that lead to higher nightly rates? And this is a two-part answer and I'm oh, I'm excited to jump in. Okay. The first thing I want to say is. I am an interior designer, but I'm a business lady. First. I chose to work for myself. I didn't choose to work for another firm.

I built this business from the ground up for many, many, many years. So I'm in business, but I happened to be in interior design. So as a business person, what I want to say to everyone in the BNB or rental investment industry is this is not a hobby. If you're doing this, this is a business. And also no one ever told you this was a get rich, quick scheme.

This is a get rich as an investment over time through effort and resources thing. So that is the first put that. With that in mind, you have to be willing to invest in your business. Like I did, like you did, like everyone else does in every other business that's ever been created, known to man, this is not different.

So when you are looking at your numbers, You have to keep that in mind. And this is just like human behavior. One-on-one, it's so easy to be like, oh, if I don't spend the money on that, I'll get like my return faster. And that like teas of trying to get it back faster. But if you can override that and hold out, your return is going to be so much bigger if you do this well.

So you just have to have a little bit of patience again. It's not a get rich, quick scheme. Build wealth over time. So that is my rant that I was just exploding to say that you got to get that mindset, right. Okay. You've got to invest in it. And that includes a professional interior designer. Of course, I'm biased.

For instance, for me, I can do, like, I can do bookkeeping. I can do my own bookkeeping in my business, but I'm not good at it. And I'm not passionate about it. So I hire someone else to do it for me to keep my business on track. And conversely, you could try to decorate and design your investment property yourself, but you're not good at it.

And you've not dedicated your life to learning it and you really need to hand it off. So I can almost guarantee you're going to get set up for that return on investment so much better. If you bring in the pro, just like. Business's accounting is so much better because I'm not doing it. So it's all a mindset, you know, shift that you have to take on.

When you're going into this business. I also have prepared a lot of data for you and for your listeners that I have collected because. I am a science person in my background. We didn't really talk about it quite yet, but I came from an environmental science background. I got into design and decorating. I ended up merging the two for my eco-friendly interior design business, which I apply across sectors, investment, residential, commercial.

So with that background, I'm always like, show me the data. I need a professional scientist who has done a study to back up what I'm seeing anecdotally, even in this business. And it was really hard. There's not a lot, it's a new field, right? It's like 10 years old. So it's like that in science terms is like a blink of an eye.

So there's not a ton, but I did spend a lot of time, um, and had some help finding some resources. And this company I'll give them a shout out. It's called beyond pricing software. They did in, yeah, they did an internal study based on all of their data points. And they got some great numbers for, for us that I want to share with you.

So yes. So investing in your short-term rentals, interior design, it can increase your revenue by 20%. Four more, which is statistically significant. So, and here there's a two-part breakdown of why the number one, when you do it well, do it with her professional and you get photos, the photos are going to be better and presented better.

And that contributes to listing attractiveness. I told you, I'm co I'm coming into you from Maui on vacation. I'm in a rental condo. That actually looks better in person than it did online. Um, however, as I'm looking around, I'm like, all right. Yeah. This is like every, every thing else I've ever seen in my whole life, like they track whatever, you know, like, okay, great.

It'll do. But, um, just, just even, you know, the photos that they could have taken. I can imagine how much more they could have made because it is a great location. So it's perfect that I'm coming to you from a rental condo right now. So the attractive listiness equals more clicks equals the algorithm.

Exposure equals more demand, AK occupancy rates. So you're going to have a higher occupancy rate part B the psychological aspect. So if it's a psychologically pleasing design, once you've got. That guest in your space. They're having a better experience. They're going to write a better review. What hosts go from an average of a four star review to a 4.5 star review.

They're able to then increase their prices over 20% over their competitors. First you need the booking magnet and the algorithm to play your game. And then once you get the guests in there, you need those reviews to keep that going. And then you're able to. Price up 20% over your competitors for the same location, the condo next door right here.

Absolutely. And I think it's important to stress what you said, you hit on something big and we say this all the time, having a well-designed property actually becomes a part of their experience. It becomes a part of their. And it makes everything more enjoyable. It makes the whole stay more enjoyable.

And if it rains, like if you're in Hawaii right now and everything is going great, and you've got all these activities that you're doing everywhere else on the island, right. All of a sudden, a rainy day comes in and you're forced to stay inside. You're stuck inside. Where would you rather spend your time in a place that's aesthetically pleasing and not just aesthetically pleasing, but that has things that's really designed around you and your stay for that.

You're there stuck in the rain. Hey, we've got these things for you. It's way different than being stuck in the same old, same old hotel. You know, same pictures on the wall nailed on. I mean, it's just, it's so different, so different. And then the second thing I want to touch on from another study, this is beyond a private company's internal database.

This was a peer reviewed, published in a journal study. Basically, the question is how do I know that design besides anecdotally equals a better guest experience for us? So from this study, we found that besides cleanliness, which is important, but not a part of this conversation, decor is the second biggest determining factor of a positive guest experience.

And again, better reviews equals return guests like me. I, I returned to places that I say that I like and more. So some just as a, as a little taste, I won't go on for too long. Some of the most commonly used key words. When, when guests are leaving a positive review of a vacation rental are 100%.

Design-related beautiful decorate charm, art decor, style, unique vibe, modern tastes, interior furniture and atmosphere. Wow. Wow. That's so true of all the reviews that I've read and you're like that. Yes. Yeah, there's more, but I won't go on. And I had, and if you, we can put this in your show notes, if you want.

I have the sources for this to really back up my claims. Yeah. Because I mean, people need to know. We always tell them, take the time. And invest that money in an interior decorator. Look, if you cannot afford it, and you're just getting started with one to five properties, get them for your first property and duplicate that in your other properties until you can make each one unique, but people love that.

They love it. Why can't the people do it themselves. I've watched HGTV. I can do. You know, I can do it all. No you can't sorry. Why is that good enough? Okay. Why isn't it good enough. It's like my bookkeeping example I did when I was first starting my business. I did do my bookkeeping by myself. Some of it I got, yeah.

Some of it. I got very wrong. There were things I didn't know. And I had to go back and pay years later to fix thousands of dollars. So it's sort of similar. Like it's not as high stakes as that, or maybe it is if you're trying to make a lot of money, but you could do it on your own. It could fail and you could be out a lot of the money, especially if you're in a saturated market where the competition is high and you really need to stand out.

This is an investment. So there's a risk with everything. So why not set yourself up for the best possible outcome now? Okay. You watch HGTV. You think you've got a good design eye. You're going to do that. You know yourself, it'll probably be fine. Just like a lot of the places I say, it's fine. It's whatever it's comfortable.

You've stocked it. Well, who cares? Like, yeah, that works, but you're, you're leaving money on the table. So again, this is a business and you, what I want to impress upon people is that decorating and decor seems like an airy fairy, maybe luxury thing. But it's so important to realize how much of a psychological role it plays in people, in their behavior, their moods, all kinds of things, where we are of our environments as beings.

So it really is a deep seated thing that correlates to certain behaviors that are going to benefit you or not. So, yeah, that's my feeling about it. Like you might be able to get away with it, but, um, you might be leaving 20% of your income on the table. That, that just doesn't seem like a smart business move to me.

Exactly. Exactly. I always compared it to, I grew up in Chicago and every morning before school, there was a, a guy on TV. His name was Ray Rayner and he had like a morning cartoon show and stuff. And every day, His, his team would make a craft. Right. And they'd show this craft, this completed craft, and then Ray would make it.

And he was like, I'm, I'm going to do it just like this. And it was hilarious because. Every time, there's this beautifully, well done, crafty little item that he would make, you know, if it was Christmas time, it would be a little Santa Claus made out of Palm palms or something. And then his would just be a complete disaster.

He was making the same thing with the same item. And it was always just, you're just looking at it going what a nightmare. That's embarrassing, but I've seen places like that. It's like, look, I know I'm not Joanna Gaines. Okay. It's like, I know, I know what she does. You're like, okay, I'll put a barn door here.

I'll put this here. And then you'll take a look at the pictures. Yeah. You missed it, you know, like, yeah. Either don't do enough or they do too much or they do it or they blend something in your life. It's off, it's off. Yeah. And you know what? Yeah, it feels up. I have, after years and years of doing this, I have a, again, it's a business.

I have a very set process after years of feedback and experimentation and iteration. So if you're just Willy nilly, like digging into it it's might come out exactly like that. Like, uh, like a next balloon version of chaos. Um, so like why, and, and the amount of time, like time is money too. You are going to be spending probably a lot more time on this in certain aspects than I would sleep.

You know, saving money and you're not really, especially if to fix a couple of things later, you put a hole in the wrong spot, in the wall, you know, like just, just things like that. Like this is interior design is not just art and creativity. It is very much, you know, a lot of project management knowing human behavior functionality.

There's a process overseeing subs. It is a very complex and deep and interesting industry that is so much more than it seems on the surface. So again, one more thing that I want to explain to people like it's not just some, like it's not an HGTV show shows or shows are produced to look like this like fun experience, but it's very much a very intense time intensive resource intensive.

Um, processed experience that could go really well for you if you invest in it, but it's like any other business. Right. Very true. Very true. And I mean, and like you said, if you screw it up, it could cost you more. And if you have the app, having someone experienced too, I think it's really important that you have an interior designer.

Understands short-term rentals that they're not doing it for you and your space, but for the short term rental space. So the functionality. Okay. It has to be there. Look, we need a couch that we can pull out and make into an extra bed. We need this. And having somebody like you, who's a professional says, okay, look, we've got this like this and this.

We've got a place for them to put their bags and you know, you can take us. Where we go, oh my gosh, there's not enough closet space here. How are we going to, where are we going to put the maid's closet? You know, how are we going to do this? And you're like, oh, Michelle, I brought in a cabinet. Here's what we're going to lock away this stuff.

But this one is specifically for your guests. I mean, you can take something and find all this stuff. I'm like, I need room for my cleaning stuff. I need room for extra bedding and towels. I need room for this. And you guys will take all of them. And think of all of it, all of the rest of us will just screw it up and then have all these afterthoughts that don't fit in.

Yeah. And want to end, like, as a watching you explain it, you're like doing this with their hands on your head because it is stressful. Like that's one of the biggest things that you hand off to a professional. The stress, like you've got a lot of other things in this business to think about. You've got to think about your property manager.

You've got to think about, you know, what, like little things you've got to stock, and you've got to think about what color, you know, tells you to get the makeup or just like whatever it is. You've there are so many things to think and set up. That like, this is something that is so well-suited to handoff, so you don't have to stress about it.

It's just really like the biggest reason clients hire professional is to reduce their overwhelm and stress. Yeah. That's one of the, to answer your previous questions, like why not you and why us like your mental health maybe and you, you guys could do stuff too. What? I really love my properties in Arizona.

I always say, make it look like Arizona. I want that. To walk in and they're saying in Arizona, and then we have other LLCs, um, in Florida and on the beach and I'm like, look, this has got to feel beach. I don't want old farmhouse beach. There's no farm houses on the damn beach.

So, you know, you're like stop with the farmhouse, get to the beach. Okay. Here, you know, but, but I love just handing it to somebody and saying, here's what I want. And then when they look at it's like they reached inside your head and you're like, yes, that was exactly what I was thinking. You know, I want them to feel where they are and I want these wonderful spaces where they don't just go into, you know, like in the backyard, it's not just a fire pit.

And then, you know, a picnic table. It's like a place where they go, wow, this is so cool. Like right here right now, like this is a picture, this is a postcard. This is, I am living this, you know, like that's the feel I want my guests to have. And I think you can only get that with somebody who's a professional.

I can think it, but I can't put it to paper and I can't definitely get it from paper to reality. I think you guys walk in there and it's amazing because you're way more artsy and I'm like, oh, thank God. You know, I actually have a question for you because you touched on something interesting that I might want to elaborate on.

Do you mind explaining to me and maybe somebody for new listeners wa where the name cookie cutter came from? Uh, cookie cutter, like cookie cutter houses, you know, remember all of them look the same. So a cookie cutter is where you roll out something and the same thing. And so we wanted the cookie cutter summit so that people could duplicate the one property that they already have.

We want you to have more properties because the more properties you have, the more money you're going to make. And so we wanted to create a process. That was easy for them. It's like, okay, look, once you get your systems and your processes, all in order, it's easier to pick up another property. It's not the same as setting up your first property, we're going to make it so that you slide everybody into the same process.

And now it's running like a well-oiled machine, you know, more like line. Right. So yeah, that's exactly what I thought it meant. And this is the only. Part of the process that we're kind of, it's like part of a cookie cutter process, but the interior design, you actually don't want to be cookie cutter. You don't want to see the same.

And this is where hiring the programs and you don't want to see the same. I'm at the beach, the same. Right. Like, I love surfing pineapple on the wall in all of your beach properties. Everybody's got down. I have like a dry starfish over there. Yeah. So this is where we're like inverting the cookie cutter meaning and the pro can help you create that wonderful beachy feel or the Arizona beautiful desert in a way that's not cookie cutter that does stand out in the photos and.

Gives you like that backyard, like those Instagrammable moments you want a couple is depending on your market, right? Like what the market's like who's visiting who you want to attract. You may want to have a few like Instagramable backdrops for places that are going to be booking magnets that like attract a certain kind of person like, oh, I really want to stay there.

And that's going to be perfect. Like the more influencer or like millennials or gen Z. Um, who are gonna want those photo ops as well? That's kind of a tangent, but basically all to say the cookie cutter, the process well-oiled machine is exactly what we want in the interior design. You want the designers a part of that process to make sure you're not cookie cutter.

So they're having that unique experience. Yeah. I mean, remember, I mean, you're probably too, too, too young to remember. Back in the day when we first got started in Florida, you would walk into any BNB and they were all the same. I mean, they, I mean, they all had the same kind of Wicker couches and same thing in Hawaii to think about it.

Those Wicker couches with a foot print, or like in Florida show you the bedroom. Exactly. It was, it was Palm trees, everything, Palm trees on this and Palm trees on that. And every place looks the same and it was, it was born out. Why are your, why are your best going to pick you? Over someone else, if it looks the same and you don't get anything more for the price.

Exactly. And like you said, if you walk into like a home goods or something, you're going to get the same signs, you're going to get the same stuff. And you're like, oh, I can put it in there and make it look nice. And you're like, yeah, it'll look nice. It will look nice. But it looked like every other house on the beach.

Do you want to look like every other house on the beach? No, or do you want to charge more and get more for something a little different? And like you said, the experience where they're like, here's my Instagram. And you're like, wow, look at that. That, I mean, that place gives me, I mean, there's places where you can look now.

I mean, when you're looking at your dream houses and dream properties and stuff, and you're like, I can see myself there and it's unique. It's unlike anything else. And, and it, it becomes a part of that experience. I think it's huge. I think it's huge. Absolutely. Yeah. I think people are afraid of how much money it costs and how much, you know, what about the pieces that they buy?

What if those pieces get broken or, you know, how did they keep up with stuff? Can you, can you help us out with that again? I want to start with the mindset. In my business. I know certain things are going to wear out and I'm going to have to get new ones. Like I know I'm going to have to get a new computer in a couple of years.

I know that as my fabric library grows, I'm going to have to like figure out a new shelving system or whatever. So, first of all, this is not your home. You've bought it. And you've got potentially, and you've got this emotional attachment to it. And this, it feels like a very big, scary, new experience. And you're like, I want everything to be perfect and everyone to behave.

But again, it's a mindset thing of like, this is a business. This is not your home. You're sharing this home potentially. So expect things to happen. Like I was told by my sister-in-law my wedding day, like she used to run weddings and she was like, look, just know that something's going to go wrong. Okay.

And then once it happens, you'd be like, okay, this is the thing. Everything else is gravy from here. And that happens. And I was like, okay, I'm not going to forget. I knew something was coming. This is what it is. So it's a little bit like that. Like, this is your baby. It's your new investment? It's your new property.

Maybe it's your first time. Whoa, what a big deal, but just know like people are not going to behave perfectly. So we want to incorporate that into our plan. The second thing is you can find the right balance between. The things, some things can be very cheap. I'm totally okay with going low end affordable on a lot of things like all tablewares and kitchen wares, get it at wherever I don't care.

Um, because you know, a plate's gonna break here and there, you don't have to buy on the highest end $60 plate, you know, like that doesn't make sense. Accessories and books. I'm totally okay with things being preload or really low end. Another really great thing to incorporate is anything that's in good condition and have that fits the aesthetic.

That's pre-labs I like to call it and you can talk about like where to find those and how to incorporate those in. So there are certain things I'm totally down with saving tons and tons of money. Love it. I am a deal hunter, and I appreciate that. And other people. The other side of the coin is you want the pro to help you figure out what are the pieces that need to last longer and where not to stamp on where to get really quality items, could something bad, still happened to your super high quality item.

It could, we're going to try and prevent that in that cookie cutter process of making sure preventing like healthcare, you want to be preventative instead of retroactive of trying to make sure those things don't happen. So you need to find that right balance. That's awesome. And that's the perfect way to say it.

Yeah. And how did you do your eco-friendly? How do you slip that in there? Yes. So short-term rentals, investment properties of any kind are a different ball game than a residential design and even a commercial design. They all require, or in hospitality, like other kinds of hospitality. Um, different things.

Um, when I'm talking about eco-friendliness, it's not quite as straightforward for investment properties, there's kind of, I like to break it down into who your market is. If your market is more of, um, a mid, low, lower end, let's just call it and then higher end. So let's start with higher end higher end.

Some people may want to incorporate a part of eco-friendliness that focuses more on certain chemicals and toxicity levels. So if you're able to incorporate certain things, you can certainly put that in your description and your marketing you'd have to word it right. Because you certainly don't want to be like liable for something.

If someone doesn't have the perfect. But if you word it right, you can also mark it and speak to that. This is a low irritate, low allergy allergy friendly, low chemical, chemical sensitivities. So many people have chemical sensitivities these days. So that's more the high-end group where you're competing at a high level, your luxury, and also sustainable things fit into that category as well.

It'd be, it's like, you know, there are eco-friendly travel. Looking for things like that. I certainly do. Whenever I book something on vacation as a tour, I'm always looking for the eco tourists because I want to lighten my footprint on this beautiful earth of ours. So there are those people too, that you can market to.

So it can be not just the toxicity stuff, but like this beautiful bookcase we had made by a local, um, craftsmen all from like salvage wood and, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you can incorporate that in. You can even put like a little note about it somewhere. The space that like this was, this space was designed by, um, an eco-friendly Pablo blah, blah, blah.

So it's a, it's a marketing point. It's a speaking point. And then the chemical sensitivity stuff, um, people are so appreciative of that. If you can help incorporate things like that into this space. Okay. Now the lower, mid, lower end. They're not going to be looking or expecting that. And that would not be the appropriate spend going back to the money.

Oh, it might cost more. Yeah. We want to be definitely appropriate to our market. What would be appropriate, whether or not you even want to market it or share it with your guests is to get anything that is more on the sustainable, sustainable side of things. And the biggest way you could do this, that makes sense is by buying pre-launch.

There are so many new ways to do this. This is not your grandma's garage sale, or even, you know, the old Craigslist thing. Um, Craigslist still works in some communities, not really mine anymore. Um, but you can find things that are on trend. Um, that are really well taken care of, and that are local to you, um, which even reduces your carbon footprint even more, um, that you can incorporate from people who are selling things.

So this is Facebook marketplace, Facebook selling and trading groups. This is offer up the app, let go, um, next door, the app. So there are all these new wonderful, modern ways. Um, has state sell web. Um, fun like vintage online platforms, things like that. Like depending on the aesthetic that you're going for, it doesn't have to be that reminds me quick side tangent, preload does not mean retro or vintage.

You can find contemporary amazing things for you want to go that route. There's those amazing platforms for you, but all the apps and spaces I just mentioned before are ways to find new stuff. And if you get the keywords, right, you can find so much. I have designed so many properties like that. Again, you just need that pro to help you project manage it and time it correctly because you know, these things go quickly.

So, um, that's my favorite way to be so much more sustainable. And the reason that's sustainable is because you're not creating demand for new Virgin resources and things. Aren't coming from Asia. It's all already here. You're preventing it from going in the waste stream. It's all very circular and interconnected, but it's a fabulous way to do it and it's cheaper than buying new.

So it's a, win-win absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much, Erica, for taking time off of your vacation to talk to us. I really appreciate absolutely happy to do it. And thank you. wasn't Erica like an amazing guest. She was so. So good loved all the information she gave. She was right on track. And if you are a member inside your membership portal, over in the bonuses area, you'll find a lot more of that interview inside there for you to listen to.

So make sure you go to your bonus area to listen to that full interview. We've just given you a great taste of it. But you'll be able to see the entire interview when you go to our summit, because we will have Erica there on our summit and she will be explaining everything she explained here. You will love that.

So this summit is coming up again this fall. So keep that in mind. And I love Tabu. She called me out on the cookie cutter thing because she doesn't like cookie cutter properties and I have to agree cookie cutter property. Yeah, you really want everyone to have their own personality. And actually all of our properties have that, except for our view in Florida, we do use the cookie cutter process.

I got to admit they're in the same buildings. They look the same and it kind of benefits us in a way like when one isn't ready, we just switch them to another, they don't know the outside of the building looks the same. The inside the building looks the same. So we kind of use that to our advantage.

Otherwise, you know, all of our places have a different, unique look, different unique names, which helps us when we have LLCs, when we put them in the LLCs, they all have this unique name. I love that though. I love if everyone could look different, I would definitely absolutely do that because they all have a special place in your heart to each of my places.

Do I hope each of your places do and that you are striving to give your guests the best. Experience that they can possibly have when they are away on vacation or working away from home or whatever reason they're traveling, that they feel like it's this awesome, amazing place. As soon as they walk in that they just feel welcomed.

They feel at ease. And I think that if you hire somebody like Erica, I would, man, I'm going to see if I can just fly her out to all my places. I know she's out of LA, but I don't care. I'd fly her out. She's so sweet. I'd love. So my new favorite interior designer is now Erica. And I hope you guys enjoyed that.

To be honest, I have no idea who we're putting up next week. We've got like three different interviews in the hopper, so you're going to be surprised and I'm going to be just as surprised as you, so that should be fun on Friday though. I do know that every Friday we are doing a short-term rental revenue replay and those are amazing.

We've had a lot of. And I do those. I don't just like put them up there for you guys. I kind of go through them and if there's something I want to add or take away, I go into them and get deep because a lot of these are three years old and information gets old and, you know, we should update it. There are a lot of changes, especially as we were going through things, I was like, wow, this is when the market was doing that.

Or this is when this was happening and everything has changed. It really has. It changes all the time. And so it's a lot of fun to go through that. And listen to them and then critique them and fix them for what's going on right now. Right. I'm having a blast doing our replays on Fridays. And I hope you are too.

Please join me on Friday. And then on Monday are all our new episodes and you'll have a lot of fun with those. We've been doing a lot of interviews lately. So every so often I'm going to pop in there. I know I did the one last week and that was because I promised I would do it in addition to Maria's negotiations and that worked out really well.

So I think that was good. I like doing them alone, but I love doing interviews. I got to say the interviews are doing really amazing. And I've got some big news too, because Maria and I have both been given the honor of being put on the board for the national short-term rental association. And we're super excited about that, especially because being like sisters, we get to both get on here and give our 2 cents and see what's going on.

So. Anything, and I'm serious. If you got anything that you think should be in the certification process, because that's what we're going to be a big part of is the certification process. If you've got any ideas or things that you would like to see streamlined across the board, give us your 2 cents.

Either email me or email info. So Michelle, M I C H E L L. At B N B dash boss, B O S Or you can do info at BNB dash boss and send us what your suggestions are. I mean, we've got a ton of ideas and we've been really writing this down and this is going to be a lot of fun. This will be the first time I've been on the board of a large organization, and this is a trade association.

The trade association is literally something that goes and, you know, they lobby Congress and they fight for your rights and to keep our short-term rentals legal across the entire nation. So every single state all across the us and in the U S Providences. I'm super excited about it. And if you've got any input on that, I would love, love, love to so have a great day, stay safe.

God, bless you. Go and grow.


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