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Episode 064 - Why Monthly Rentals Aren’t the Deal Airbnb Wants You to Think They Are

monthly bookings tips & tricks Aug 23, 2021


Airbnb and some other platforms are really pushing monthly stays.  They want you to offer larger discounts and taunt you with statistics of cities where the majority of stays are over 30 days.  Sounds good, right?  Less work.  Less hassle.  What could possibly go wrong?  Michelle will tell you how monthly stays affect your reviews and the number one reason you should think twice before taking stays over 30 days.  


Transcript of this Episode:

I just, this Michelle a master of money mindset.

And you were listening to BNB dash boss. And in today's podcast, we're going to be talking about this push for us to go into longer, stays monthly stays by all the biggies, especially Airbnb. They're really pressuring us. They're telling us. And I don't doubt them. They're telling us that most of the reservations now are longer stays right.

More than 30 days, but there are some really great reasons for us not to do more than 30 day stays. Now I'm not saying period more than 30 days, I'm saying that each of your contracts quote, unquote contracts, right? So each of your reservations should not be more than 30. And you can have two reservations back to back of 30 days each.

So somebody could stay two months, but they're going to have two reservations. I would recommend two reservations. And there's a lot of reasons why, first of all, let's get into the reasons why they're pushing it. It doesn't seem to make any sense. The whole reason why Airbnb does it is for money. They make a lot more money off of these, and if they can get you to book the longer stay.

They get money for the whole time. So let's say you have somebody and I'm sure that anybody who's been doing this for a long time, you have somebody who comes in. They stay for a couple of weeks and they come back or they stay for a month. And after they stay a month, they say, he know it. I'd like to stay another month.

And we've had a lot of people do that come into our property. And when they're already there and we're already hosting. And they want to add more days. We don't do it through Airbnb. We do it through a simple contract. They pay less money. They're going to save money and we save money. Right. Because we don't have to pay Airbnb.

We just have to pay the taxes on it. Right. It's weird to me that they're pushing them. Because there's always an agenda behind something. And I don't like the fact, and I'm going to talk specifically about Airbnb because Airbnb has changed a lot of their, you know, to stay a Superhost they used to give you one or two cancellations a year, and now it's more cancellations per hundred stay.

Now imagine if you're taking only long-term stays in there because like last year, one of our properties only had about 20 stays because we had so many long-term stays in it. We had so many nurses, stain and same Burr quite a lot of times. And then we had one month where we had, you know, one or two months where we had a lot of people stay, you know, six or seven states or what.

But the rest of the time, it was just these long stays. So in one year, let's just say we average 20 stays a year. If we could only cancel once per every hundred reservations. That's one cancellation in five years. Literally think about that. We could only cancel once every five years. And if we do the.

Everything is like, it just brings everything down. And that is a reality. Like, it is a big reality and listening to people and they're like, I lost my Superhost status and here's why I had one cancellation, blah, blah, blah. And Airbnb doesn't seem to care if they changed that policy. So how does that help us if we do long-term stays.

I think we need to let Airbnb know that no, we're not going to do this, but there's a month. Bigger reason and anybody who's been watching the news, I think they know the, this is like the biggest thing out there for all of us. So I've been a longterm landlord for decades, right? Let's not get into how old I am.

Okay. So I've been for a long time. And I've noticed big groups like Blackstone come in and, you know, just take over. It's been a war against the little investor for quite a while. Uh, I would say almost as it started recovering from the big crash. Right. I think as soon as they started recovering from the big crash, I think you could see that there was definitely.

Uh, disadvantage to being an independent person, but we learn to work around that. Especially if you've been trained by people like Robert Kiyosaki and stuff. I mean, it's all about adaptation playing with their rules, right? Once you learn to play with their rules, you can do pretty darn well. And so we've been doing that.

We've been doing really well. Well, what's, COVID hit and the CDC came out and said, we're gonna make a law that you can't evict anyone. No one gave the CDC that authority. And so it literally went all the way up to the Supreme court in the United States. And the Supreme court said, guess what you guys are, right.

The CDC does not have the right to dip their little toes in the water of landlords and the laws, you know, between people. And so they said what they did was illegal. And so now we can evict people, but let's think about. If you are raised liberal, like I was raised in a very liberal home because it was in the Midwest and most people in the Midwest, especially in larger cities.

They're they're very democratic and they've been fed this lie that says, oh, you know, the Dems are going to take care of you. The Republicans are only for the wealthy and stuff, but they consider landlords wealthy people. They apparently don't know too many landlords. Right. So the majority of landlords are just hardworking people like you and me.

And they took some of their extra. Or maybe they wanted to move into a new home and they decided not to sell that property and to rent it out instead and turn themselves into a landlord. Or maybe they went out and bought a property specifically to become a landlord. Whatever the reason was you and I both know that it's not the easiest thing to be a landlord.

I mean, that's why we're doing short term rentals when you are a landlord you're depending on that income, because you have a mortgage to pay. And once your tenant moves out, the next thing you've got to do is make sure that you paint everything and fix everything and clean everything. I mean, a lot of times it just feels like you're taking two steps forward, three steps back, right.

It doesn't seem, it doesn't seem worth the while. When you are a landlord, a lot of times you'll make 50 bucks or, you know, somewhere between 50 and 200 bucks a month. On your property after all the taxes and insurance and mortgage payments and all the expenses that you have. And then once somebody moves out, you just took everything that you made for that entire year or whatever period it was.

And you're paying all that to fix this property back up. So there's a lot of, you know, it feels like it's a very frustrating job being live. But you always have the mortgage hanging over your head. I mean, obviously, unless you didn't, if you paid cash for it, you're not going to write, but I'm just talking to the majority of people.

They have a mortgage on their property and you've got to pay that mortgage, or you're going to lose the property. When they make these landlord laws, they are telling people, well, you don't have to pay rent, but there's still somebody paying a mortgage. Now I'm talking about the little guy right now, these big companies.

What's really crazy if you remember, and I can go back because I was there and when the crash occurred, like I said, Blackstone in these big groups were going out and they were buying them, buying up all the foreclosures. They were buying these houses and 70% of their houses were unoccupied. These guys are just investors.

They're just playing with a shitload of other people's money and they didn't need an immediate return on it. It wasn't like they had to get money off of it right away. They were very slow to fill those properties. And as a matter of fact, even right now, as hot as this market is because everybody is looking around and they're going, oh my gosh, you know, it's crazy in our area.

The prices are going up. There are still millions of empty houses in the United States still. And it's still from those guys. It's still from those big groups that came in and bought a bunch of houses, a bunch of properties at very low prices, because what they did was they went into these banks would foreclose on literally millions.

Remember when the crash occurred, we had. In a very short period of time, 5 million homes that were empty. And then over the years, it turned into more than 8 million families who had been displaced and lost their homes in the United States alone. Right? So here's this terrible, terrible crash that they planned.

And you can see it, hindsight is 2020, if you don't believe me, even liberals believe that because, you know, they've got some really good liberal books and they made some movies out of it. And. They didn't have the whole picture, but I mean, they have part of it, but the whole thing is they knew this was coming.

Uh, it was very obvious. They were buying bad loans. It was just a bunch of bad politics that was involved. And it usually is. That is when capitalism doesn't work. That capitalism doesn't work. It's that crooked politicians may get the big guy against the small guys and they line their pockets. And it's a lot of Democrats, especially in big cities like Chicago.

I mean, Chicago has been crooked for years and years. I mean, growing up there, you just knew everybody knew how things were done. I mean, there were payoffs, there were like all kinds of stuff and there were even days, I mean, back in. Day day when there were, you know, uh, Al Capone and those guys and Cicero and everything, they used to say that they would rather pay Al Capone protection money than have the police do stuff for them, because they at least knew that his guys were going to do stuff.

It was crazy. So there are a lot of people who would rather pay these crooked people, these mafia guys, because they were at least treating them. You know, they knew what the rules were. That was it like there wasn't, you know, it wasn't this back and forth or there wasn't a lot of red tape around it or whatever, but everybody was on the buy in Chicago.

I mean, their elections have been rigged there for a long time. I mean, it's infamous for dead people voting and stuff. If you want to look up voter fraud, people are like voter fraud doesn't exist. You're like, you're apparently not familiar with the windy city because it does exist. And it. But these guys they have been around.

It's always been, you know, cricket people, making cricket laws, putting money in their pocket to protect these big companies. And the big companies make a lot of. Capitalism is all about competition. And so the more competition that we have, the better off we are, right? And the more small businesses we have, the better off we are, small businesses are the backbone of America.

So once again, our rights are being attacked, right? The small guys rights are being attacked. This is happening again, even though we went up to the Supreme court all the way up to the Supreme court and we. They have once again, declared that we can't evict anyone. So the difference here is the difference between long-term and short-term rental.

This is what you have to remember while these guys are trying to talk you into this stuff. Right. And a lot of people who do rental arbitrage and things like that, they're not involved in this. I'm talking about the guys who own, because this is going to be. The person who owns the property can not evict the person who is renting the property.

If you're doing rental arbitrage. You are technically the renter or you are not the landlord, even though it feels like you are, you're not the landlord is the guy who owns the building. You are leasing it from him. So he's inevitably the one who is going to have the most weight on him. Right. Because if they don't pay you, you're probably not going to be a nice enough guy to pay him.

And your LLC is going to go to. And your business is going to fail because you're not paying your bills. You can't because somebody is squatting on you. So it'll still be bad for you, but you'll probably just walk away from your LLC. However, the landlord, if he's not getting rent from you, how is he paying the mortgage on that property?

If he's not paying the mortgage, banks can always foreclose. They're protecting the banks again. The big guy, they protect the banks and the banks can always foreclose on a property. However, the landlords, the little. While they can't collect the rent. They cannot evict tenants, even if the tenants are not paying.

So since they can't evict the tenants, but they have to pay their mortgages and the mortgage companies can still foreclose on them. It turns into a really bad scenario for the little guy, because if you can't do evictions, You can't keep collecting rents enough to pay your mortgage. If your mortgage can't be paid, then the bank is going to foreclose on you.

You'll lose your property. You'll lose everything that you worked really hard for. If you're not doing rental arbitrage, when you own this property, when it is your property and use. Allowing people to stay there more than 30 days you have now crossed the threshold of short-term rental to long-term rental in most states.

Okay. You have to look at your state. You have to look at the bylaws of your state, and I would look around your municipality and make sure too, because this is where that technicality comes into play. Once you begin to allow people to stay at your property 30 days or more than you're now a long-term renter.

And once you're a long-term renter, those people can squat in your property without paying you. So maybe. Typically get a 31 day reservation, or maybe they got a three month reservation from you. Right. And they paid that they don't have to repay it if they don't want to, they can just squat there. Now, if you looked around, if you were really diligent, the majority of us who are really into short-term rentals, if you're don't, don't blame yourself.

If you're not okay, if you got one or two properties and you're busy with those. Believe me. I don't expect you to go out and read everything you can, but somebody like me, I go out and read everything I can about short-term rentals all the time. If somebody comes out with a program, I sign up for, I want to know what, I don't know all the time.

What happened last week was smart. BNB change to hospitality or something like that. Hospitable. I think it's hospitable, which is such a weird word. Um, I don't know why they did that, but okay. If you like that name good on ya. Go ahead and do that. But the whole point is when all of this COVID stuff started happening all around, especially in the east coast, you saw some major properties in really beautiful areas where they had big mansions and people started squatting.

When that law first occurred, when it first came out and the CDC said that they couldn't evict. They had a lot of people taking advantage of that. And so some states always have that problem. Not Arizona, not Florida, because we've got really great landlord laws, which I especially appreciate. They've got really great landlord laws, but in some states like California, they have crap landlord laws.

They never protect the landlord. They always protect the renter over the landlord. And what did I say? Because most landlords are not these big companies. They're screwed. Somebody is squatting in your property. You can't pay your mortgage. Somebody squatting in your property, you can't pay your taxes.

Somebody squatting in your. You can't pay to fix things or keep things up. And that is the same. And I think we've talked about it in previous shows. I'm not sure on BNB podcasts, but I know we did on short term rental revenue, but we talked about when they had the big push in California, in Southern California for putting ceilings on.

And a lot of people think that's a good thing. It is never a good thing. And the reason why is let's just flip the switch a little and say, okay, let's say all those short-term rentals turn to longterm renters. And then people could only pay you so much per night. Right? Let's say they leveled that out and you could never get that again.

Well, your expenses could go up the same goes for long-term landlords, right? The same goes for them because their taxes will continue to get. Their houses will continue to get old, which means they need constant work and constant improvement and maintenance. And as all these expenses go up, the rents can not be increased.

They put a ceiling and a cap on those rents and they can never increase people's rents. So those people are getting a deal and actually a steal. And what they do is they create slum Lords. People wonder why there are so many slumlords in cities like New York or Chicago or any of these big democratic cities.

It's because they put those rental caps in. And they basically tie the hands of landlords. The landlords are like, great. VC just went out. I only get this much and I barely am covering my mortgage. There's no way I can pay for a new AC system. And they just keep putting duct tape or bandages over major problems, major issues, you know, maybe your, their roof has to be replaced and they can't replace it because they can't afford it.

And these idiots, especially the people who put these laws into. Most of the time, they're not property owners. And if they are, they're not real property owners, they only hold it name only. And they've never actually had to manage the properties. But if they did, they would realize that what they do is always ignorant.

I mean, it might work for these big companies because these big companies are holding so much. And they don't have to do what the little guy does. They've got more money coming in. They can handle these profits and losses because what they have is an investment portfolio. And sometimes the investment can make X amount and some times it can lose money, but they're going to keep riding that, right.

Just like they did after the crash. And that is what's going on here. You've got the big guys against the little guys. These laws are being created right now. Again, To harm the little guys and Airbnb, whether they know it or not. But come on, you have to understand the danger. You are putting owners, and when you ask them to extend their stay, but where does the danger lie?

It does not lie with Airbnb. They want 8 million new homes. And if they get 8 million new hosts, I mean, they're literally multiplying their business revenue. So if even a large percentage of their old hosts get screwed by their new push to make everybody do more than 30 days, for the most part, they're going to make money.

They don't give a shit, they don't own the properties. They won't have mortgage companies pressuring them. Actually foreclosing on their properties. They're not going to lose their lifetime investments. Like these little guys. People who are little guys, all the little investors, they have worked and worked and worked to get these properties.

This is their hard work, their money that they earned and saved enough to buy these properties. This isn't money. They can just throw away. But these big portfolio guys it's to them, nothing. Especially when they're lining pockets of politicians and stuff and implementing all these things like they do.

And I'm not saying that's always a party thing either, but I'm saying that happens a lot in democratic cities pockets are lined. I mean, almost all the time in any of these situations, when you. Big corporations come in, even to our little town of Gilbert, Arizona. Well, it's not so little, but at one time it was very little.

And then a Walmart came in and they were paying Walmart tens of thousands of dollars. It may have even been in the hundreds in order for them to build a Walmart in Gilbert. Now, how crazy is that? These corporations are not running at a loss. They're making money, hand over fist. And cities are paying them, which means politicians are getting paid.

People are getting paid. You know, people are getting paid under the table all the time. The reason why is they want these big companies there, but has anybody ever taken a little mom and pop shop and said, Hey, you know what, if you build a new location across town, we'll even give you shit. If they would just give them 10 or $20,000 of fresh.

Of those millions of dollars, you would have tons of little businesses, tons of small business owners who really have much better businesses and usually much better. But they don't do that. The competition is not allowed. It's always pushed for the big guys and the little guys get squashed and that's literally what's going on.

This is why they want to tell and teach people that capitalism doesn't work, but capitalism does work. What doesn't work is the government stepping its foot in and creating all these subsidies and creating all these ways that these big corporations, big companies, and big. And groups can make a crapload of money while the little guy gets smashed, there is nothing for them.

And they take words that are made up words like trickle-down economics. You know, that word was created. It never actually really existed. And they used it over and over, especially during the Obama administration. And it's not a real concept. No economist has ever created a trickle down economic platform and it's never worked.

They created it and they started pushing this stupid thing that they made up. Like this is going to work and then they never did it. They absolutely never did it. I mean, it's ridiculous, but they are doing this now. Airbnb is doing this now to us as landlords because. We are basically a landlord to our business.

And we are the ones who rent to our BNB LLCs. So our holding companies for our real estate, their landlords, and they rent to our BNB business. And that's how most of you should be doing it. And it doesn't really matter if you're only if you're even doing it as one big company. I don't care how you're doing it.

You are still going to be screwed because you have somebody staying in your house more than 30. Now, if you are doing rental arbitrage, I don't give a crap what you say, but I'm watching these guys. And honestly, I mean, I like a lot of the guys that you see, uh, they're new investors. They've only been doing this for a few years and they're making a lot of money on Airbnb.

And a lot of them are doing videos on YouTube and stuff, and I'm not going to name names, but there's one of them out there and I've seen some of his teachers. And how they want you to manipulate landlords, get them down. So you don't have to pay rent the first two months when you go in and stuff, they also have stipulations inside their contracts that say, if they're not making money or if something happens, they can just get out of the contract.

I'm all for negotiating, but that's not a win-win scenario. That's well and good for you guys. If you want to manipulate landlords like that, but these poor landlords are the still the ones going to be, you know, getting a shaft up their rear end because of the government and you get to walk away.

Scot-free how fair does that seem to you? I really don't like some of the, it just seems underhanded to me to make agreements with people that, you know, could hurt them, you know, like, you know, This could destroy somebody, you know, this could take everything that they've worked their entire life and throw it in the trash can.

So that is, I just don't think that's a legitimate way. And we can have this conversation with these guys. Like if I got in a room with some of the. I know that I wouldn't be able to stay real calm because they're new, they're new, they've never done a real estate business. They've never held the real estate.

The majority of them have never held the real estate on their own. So they have no freaking idea. They're thinking of it all business wise, but they're not thinking as a little guy, you know, as the landlord who owns this property, maybe this is everything he's worked his entire life. And they're teaching people how to screw them, basically out of everything they have.

And I really find that extremely offensive. I really do, but I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to go there, but where I am going to go is I'm saying there are a lot of reasons not to do these rentals as 30 day and above rentals. You want to break them up and when you break them up, You may want to think about breaking them up into separate contracts, asking them.

You should have one account for your husband and one account for you. And we'll do 30 days, you know, with Jane DOE and then we'll do 30, the next 30 days with John Doe's account. And the next 30 days with Jane DOE and the next 30 days with John. And you might be in a state where it's anything, 30 days and above then you'd have to have 29 days with Jane DOE 29 days with John DOE.

It's not that you can't do consistent where they check in, check out and you just wouldn't make them go through that process. That's fine. But you do not want to have anybody taking you over that threshold from a short-term. Hosts to a long-term rental host. You don't want that. You really don't because of all those reasons.

And the majority of those reasons is it's going to be bad news for you. If these guys decide to squat and believe me some really hard times are coming up. I mean, we can see this all over the United States with these new laws being implemented. It's going to get tough out there. There's a new bill that has been introduced.

If you go to, you can find it. It's HR 49, 80 it's to direct the secretary of Homeland security to ensure that any individual traveling on an airplane that departs or arrives from an airport inside the U S that they are fully vaccinated against COVID. So that means they want to make it so only people with the vacs can fly.

And you've got to remember right now, less than half of the Americans have this vaccine. You're going to have a lot of oppression. This is just a brand new way. To discriminate against people in the city of New York. If you can't prove that you're vaccinated, you can no longer go into restaurants and sit down and eat.

They're discriminating against you. Not because of your race, not because of your sexual orientation, but because of your medical history, they are now discriminating. And that's what they were afraid of when they started coming up with the HIPAA laws, right. That people were going to tell people that somebody was Cate taking some kind of drug because they had eight.

And they said, well, you know, it's no one's business, but their own, and this is no one's business, but their own, whether or not you want to be immunized, that is no one's business, but your own. So if you want any of that information on coven stuff, remember to go to my web. Because if you go to BNB or, we'll forward you over there.

You scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see you want the truth about COVID go here. There's a ton of articles in there. A ton of things that you can learn. That they're not showing you on the mainstream media. I mean, they're starting to Fox was, but they kind of dip their toe in it because even Fox is controlled.

I mean, there's no really good news channel out there. I think there's a couple of big companies. I really liked the epoch times. They seem to be very non. And a couple of others, but not on major television anyway, but they're not covering this stuff. They're not covering the fact that American farmers are destroying their crops because of the department of agriculture.

The department of agriculture has put out a letter to. Let's say we'll pay you one and a half times what you usually get paid to destroy your crop. Just you have to describe it and they want you to destroy it in two ways. They, you have to mow it down yourself and just destroy it and then prove it or spray agent orange on it.

Agent orange. Yes. The same shit that we sprayed on our own soldiers. Our own troops that damage them beyond repair. And let's just let that seep into the ground and beyond every crop that grows afterwards, I can't even imagine the damage that would come from that, but the majority of them are just. Big guys to come over and just smash the crap out of their crops.

If you want to see that video, I can put that video up for you guys, too. It's incredible. What is going on? It is definitely the big against the small. You have to protect yourself as a landlord. You have to, you have to make sure that you are doing what is best for you. And obviously when you do long-term rentals, it's a lot cheaper.

It's a lot less expensive, right? Cause you're not gonna have. You're cleaning crews going in all the time. You're not going to have the phone calls all the time. Most of the time, people just want to be left alone. If, especially if it's like a nurse or something, they've got crazy hours, they just want to stay there.

Like they're living there and you don't have to do anything. I mean, you hardly get a call unless something goes wrong, usually. Right. Even though it's like that, it is puts you in a very dangerous situation. You do not want to have people squatting in your home and not paying. And you not being able to get them out.

They can't be forced to pay you, but yet you will still be responsible for your mortgages. And if you cannot pay your mortgage on your own, without those people who are squatting, you're going to be foreclosed on and you're going to lose the property you work so hard to gain. So this game is a very dangerous game.

It's a very dangerous game. This is not left against, right. The politicians are dirty on both sides. And they are now playing big against small and. Are a small guy. I don't care if you've got a hundred properties, doesn't matter. You're still not Blackstone. You're still not. These big reads. A REIT is a real estate investment trust.

It's a group of people who have gotten together to invest in there and they can be, you know, it could be in your IRA. It could be a retirement group. It can be an investment group. These big groups come in and they buy all this stuff. And it's crazy. It might be just one company. It might be we'll look, who's been buying up farm land, like crazy bill gates.

You know, the guy doubled his money more than doubled his money on this vaccine thing. It's crazy. Cause they own the labs that created the virus and that's been proven that it didn't happen naturally that it was pushed as an experiment and then suddenly leaked out. He owns the vaccine. We all know that if you're watching America's frontline doctors.

You'll see what that vaccine does exactly. And how more and more people are going to have, what they call a breakthrough. COVID it's not a breakthrough when they've asked you, they broke down your immune system. So you'll never be able to fight a virus again. Like you fought it before, once you have the vaccine.

So they're going to have all these breakthrough cases, which they have been. In some cities it's more than 70% of the people who are hospitalized from COVID are immunized their breakthrough cases. And it's not going to matter. It's so funny because they keep shouting like, oh, it's the people who are not vaccinated spreading it.

And you're like, really? If that were true, how would there be so many breakthrough cases? And if the vaccine was given to you. Let's say you're right. Let's, let's take all the scenarios. Let's say that you're a vaccine and you really think this vaccine is going to save people. If your vacs worked, then no one would get COVID.

Okay. It would work. That would be it. People wouldn't get it. Um, or it might work and then have maybe a very small percentage of people who had a weird reaction to a very crazy strain. If it didn't work at all. You would have the same level of people getting it as people who don't get it. Right. So if one out of 50 people get COVID when exposed to it, then if the vaccine didn't work, one out of 50 people would get COVID right.

If it didn't work at all, Anything below that, any percentage below, um, between the small percentage and the, you know, the one out of 50 getting it, let's just say, and that's that number is a made up number. I don't know how many people exposed to I get it, but let's just say. Any number in between that would be the variables of how well the vaccine worked as I'm just speaking about it mathematically, because that's what my major was in college was mathematical education.

And we're going to talk about the ratios, right? So now think about this. If the majority of people in the hospitals, and they've proven that in the UK, they've proven it in Australia, they've proven it in states like Texas. And other states that the majority of people, 70% and above are the ones who have been vaccinated and the ones who aren't getting it make up a smaller percentage.

That actually means that not only did your vacs not work, it actually made you more susceptible to COVID because if it didn't work, you would be the same. And because there's more of you, that means it actually made you more susceptible to becoming ill. So I want you to think about that mathematically speaking.

That is correct. And now that you are in more danger, maybe instead of blaming all the unvaccinated people who were scared enough of the vaccine, that they didn't get it, maybe you all should start fighting before. Things get worse and say, look, we want people to be held responsible who created these laws in and put this vaccine out and have him pulled it.

The country of Canada has already added, oh, Bell's palsy warning to the vaccine with Pfizer's vaccine. So the Canadian health officials have already said that Bell's palsy. They've had so many cases of Bell's palsy. Linked directly to the COVID vacs that they put the warning right on there that says, look, it causes this.

And the next one that they're working on is the heart conditions, the heart problems, the strokes, and the blood clots. Uh, everybody knows about those what's going on in our country right now is just unprecedented. But I want you to be careful because this affects you. All of this. Is the same agenda.

Believe it or not, it's the same stuff working together. And you can see how it mixes in together. You've got the vaccines, you've got them getting rid of the food sources, which is going to start a major food shortage. And you've got the people creating laws that crushed the small guys, crushed small businesses, which they already did when they did this.

The only ones that were open were most of the time, major businesses, major companies, right. All the small guys were squashed already and they want to re implement these to just make sure that if you're a small business owner that, you know, have we completely squashed you to the ground and ground you into this meant, you know, if you're still moving at all, let's just redo it.

You know? Double tapping a zombie or something, and it's like, you shot him in the head, shoot him in the head one more time because you gotta make sure that that little business owner is already dead. That's literally what they're doing. They're coming in for the kill. And so you have to protect yourself.

I'm not going to joke with. My husband and I have sat down and we did at the beginning of COVID, we said, let's just keep watching what's going on. And as we see these rules and laws and all these things become implemented, we've looked at each other and said, you know what? The prices are high in a lot of places.

Maybe it's time to do the same thing that we did before. And when we had the main. Real estate crash. Last time. I'm not saying that the market's going to crash. I'm just saying that some things are going to happen that are going to make it incredibly difficult for people to come buy food, people to travel.

We're to be spread around. I mean, there's so much suppression on the internet. You can't post anything without them blocking it. I mean, my page is almost completely shut down every day. They blocked 90 some percent of my posts. And you can tell, I mean, if you're, if you're a liberal listening to this, I know you're just fuming, but I just want you to open your mind a little bit like a parachute.

Okay. Why is this stuff happening? It's the little against the big and you, my friend are a little bit. And I want you to be careful. I want you to be really careful because if you are barely getting by with your short-term rental, this might be time for you to acquiesce and do some rental arbitrage is where you can get out easier and it would just be your LLC that would suffer.

You can create another LLC later on a non. But you want to protect yourself and your family. And so we've started to sell a lot of our properties and just hold onto the ones that we really felt we wanted to keep. And the ones that we knew we could keep going. Even if the shit hit the fan again, we're pruning the tree back.

We're pruning the tree back on a lot of stuff. I mean, we're implementing, you know, some safeguards and we're not by far, we're not like one of those survival as people that are going to barricade ourselves in our house. Well, I'm not going to say that we're not going to barricade herself in a house with guns and ammunition.

Cause we have all those things, but we're not like the crazy lunatic people, you know, moving up to the mountains, barricading ourselves in a house or a property or something. We'd guns, ammunition, and food. But by God we have all those things. We make sure that we have all those things and especially helps that because I have so many friends who are LDS.

And, you know, the Mormons always have like a year supply of food. I make sure that, you know, I do too. I'm like, dude, I'm not going to be begging my friends for their food or anything. I'm going to make sure I've got some stuff. And when we go camping, we can use a lot of our survival foods. So it's not hard to get rid of when you buy it.

But I would suggest some of those things, because I think some really challenging times are coming up. I mean, if you're looking at everything and you're looking at the way they do this, I was looking. Last week and we're going to continue with the politics for a second. I was looking last week at Cuomo.

You know, he was television's golden boy for a while. They even had him write a book about how. He handled COVID and New York city and stuff. They didn't talk about all the thousands of elderly that he basically killed because of his policy. They covered all that up, but then suddenly they changed their mind on him and just threw his butt under a bus.

How crazy is that? What does that mean to you? Shit is getting real in this. The same thing is going on with Biden right now. He could do no wrong. I mean, he could him and Han stumble upstairs and, you know, mess up major things, constantly sniff little girls and people's hair and stuff, and just be, you know, general child molester that he is.

And no one said anything, but now. This whole deal with Afghanistan, which was a cluster. You know what? They're throwing him under the bus on some major television shows too. And I was like, oh, this is weird when they turn on their own, something major is going to happen. So we already had Tucker Carlson on this week earlier, say that they've got more than enough proof that there was election fraud in the state of Arizona, which we knew, duh.

And we've been saying. You know, w well, since, since the election, we're like, there's no way our town turned blue. There was no way. I mean, if you saw the number of trunk blacks, I know a lot of cities in California, you couldn't even put a Trump flag out cause people would come after you not here, man.

People had Trump flags on their houses. They had them on their trucks, their cars. Like everything. People were wearing Trump shirts. There was a guy with a big tent up, down the street, a really nice guy up here in queen Creek. And you could go by and get your trumps up there. It was nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump, everybody was Trump person.

And I'm not saying that Trump is perfect by any means. I've actually gotten pretty pissed at him lately for not doing enough. I got kind of aggravated when he didn't. Pardon? Julian Assange. What the hell was that? The guy's got cancer and he's never done anything wrong. He just gave people the information that they should have been getting all along.

There should never be the information being taken and hidden from the American public or any public for that matter. Like what is going on now? Again? And it's these politicians and they're putting themselves in a place where if everything does go to hell in a hand basket and turns to a socialist country, there is still in socialism that hierarchy, that pyramid above you.

And if you are the, you know, the pian, if you are just a simple resident, you will be squashed. It will be all the politicians and all. Big businesses, making all the money, little guys will not exist because the government takes over you won't be allowed to own your business. You won't be allowed to own your property, your home, your cars, everything will be told to you dictated where your children go to school dictated where you get your medication.

And even if you're worth getting medication, if you're an older person, You might not be a valued member of society, so you don't need to get cancer treatment. They just deem you, you know, sorry. You're too old for it. So your socialist agenda, whether you know it or not is a bunch of crap, but there, I think there's a revolution that would happen before.

So, I just want you guys to get ready, be prepared for anything. This is kind of how we felt before the crash. We've been being warned about it. This is exactly what happened with Robert Kiyosaki in our group there, it was like watch for these signs and now all the signs are occurring. They're lining up and something major is going to happen.

And hopefully it's not something that hopefully it's some kind of good change, but I have a feeling it's going to get really bad before. And so I just want you to be prepared. I want you to be prepared with your business. I want you to be prepared with your home and your children and you know, right now I think pretty much depends on where you live.

For the most part, if your school is still mandating mass for your kids and they still got a bunch of people, teaching critical race theory and bullshit at your schools and teaching kindergartners about sex and sexual orientation, pull your kid out of school now and homeschool them because there are curriculums that are super easy.

Mom and dad to do at home. They're not bad at all. I would recommend. I loved alpha omega. And we had the online teaching from then get with a group of your friends, talk to the parents of the kids at school that your kids are friends with and do a group thing. If, if you can't do five days a week, maybe one parent can do one day and another parent can do another day or each of you can pick a subject you're good at maybe you're good at math and another parent.

Science get together, stop allowing them to indoctrinate your children with a bunch of crap, bunch of hateful crap. You know, there is also that fallacy that you're going to make people equal. If you do this, you know, or do that. And I said, you know, that's such bullshit. And I don't know why people don't realize it.

And they're like, what would make you think that that was bullshit? And I said, think of your family. Everybody had the same parents. We had four kids in our family. Same mom. Raising the same household, same rules, same everything. And everybody makes a different amount of money. It literally doesn't depend on your skin color.

It doesn't depend on somebody handing you some kind of recreations. What it depends on is you, how hard are you willing to work? You know, are you willing to sacrifice things so that you can go to school or build a business or whatever it is you want? How hard are you willing to work? And in my family, we have some people in our family who don't make a lot and you'll hear them all the time, you know, crying victim, victim, victim, same shit happen to them.

That happened to me. You know, if you have a father that's abusive in one household, they had this same hand dealt to them, but they handle it differently. It's the child, it's the child that determined. You get to determine what you do with a history that is given to you. It's going to be the same history probably as your siblings.

And it might be the same history is somebody in your neighborhood and they might even be a different color than you. It doesn't matter if you had an alcoholic abusive parent, I can guarantee you somewhere else in the world. There was an alcoholic abusive. Somewhere else in the world. There's a drug addict, parents somewhere else in the world, somebody is being abused by their parents or whatever the hell happened to you, whatever your story is that you think is so unique.

Believe me, if you started sharing it, the first thing you would get is a message from somebody that said me too, me too. I had the same thing happened to you can either use your story as a reason to propel you forward, or as a victim card to hold you down the rest of your life. You determined. It's not going to matter what somebody hands you, you can hand a lot of people, a million dollars in a lottery ticket a year later, they're going to be broke.

It's what they do with it. So handing people, these checks, that's not helping them at all. It's actually hurting them. It's actually hurting society because people don't want to go back to work. It's easier. They make more money just staying at home. But now. The big problem is they're going to be dependent on the government.

Are you going to be dependent on the government? No. No. And I mean, if you take a look at some of the greatest Democrats in history and you read some of their speeches, you'll notice that they sound more conservative. Take a listen to the inauguration speech of John F. Kennedy, listen to his most famous words, right?

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Those do not sound like democratic policies. I'm telling you things have shifted and you got to take care of yourself. You got to take care of your own. This is going a little long, but I'm going to let you go now. And next week, I'm going to do the last podcast of this first season and then take a two month break and go to my place in Florida.

If you guys want to meet me there, I'll be there. September and October, I I'm there. My husband stays in Arizona. My kids stay in Arizona. Well, lo come out and visit me a week here or a week there different times, but I've got some things I'm doing out there. Some business meetings and some fun mixed all up in together.

So if you're out in the Orlando area, let me know a Michelle at BNB dash boss, maybe we could do a meet up together and everybody can sit and talk somewhere. Next week will be my last podcast for this season. And then we'll be hitting you up and meeting you again in November. And we'll start off the whole holiday season with some really special stuff.

I've got some great articles and great replays that we'll still be playing on Friday for you. Make sure you stay tuned. I'm going to let the trailer close me out, but God bless you. Take care of yourself and your family and start reading the Bible. Jesus is the only one who can save us.

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