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How to Create a Pet-Friendly BNB (Vacation Rental)

pets Apr 02, 2021

Every year, the percentage of pet owners in America increases and so does the amount of money those owners spend on their beloved pets.  Today, a whopping 67% of Americans own pets, meaning 2/3 of every household is housing a critter of some sort.  The majority of those pet owners have a dog.  Some have cats.  But Americans are unique in one big way, as far as owning pets go.  We spoil our fur babies as no other country does.

We like to take our pets with us on vacation when we can because, let’s face it, no one takes care of our babies as we do.  Because of this, America has the highest demands for Pet-Friendly BNBs, more than anywhere else.  Plus, that demand is increasing each and every year, so becoming “Pet Friendly” is an option that you may want to consider.


Here are some basic Pet Facts for the United States:


  • 85 million or 67% of American homes have a pet.


  • 95% of American pet owners consider their pets to be family members.


  • The average American pet owner spends only 40% of their pet budget on food and treats.


America has the perfect storm of opportunity in the travel industry; we love our pets, we love to TRAVEL with our pets, and we spend more than $100 billion dollars on our pets each year NOT including their food!!  Let me arm you with one more big fact: 95% of pet owners in America consider their pet a member of the family.  As I said, this creates the perfect storm for us as Short-Term Rental Owners.  There is a demand for Pet-Friendly properties and pet owners are willing to pay for the privilege of traveling with their pets!  Let’s be the ones to provide them with that service!


What types of amenities can you offer pet owners?  Well, first and foremost, just listing your units as “Pet Friendly” puts you ahead of the game.  We suggest you do a little preparation to stand out EVEN MORE by catering to fur babies in some unique ways.  Anything you can do to make their stay special is always a delight for pet owners.  Special Guest Book with paw prints and Pet Welcoming Information and Activities are a great beginning.  Include information like the location of animal hospitals, local vets, and groomers.  Add in pet spas, dog parks, and pet stores.  Are there pet-friendly beaches or hiking trails?  Add those in, too!  In the Florida Keys, we have a variety of bars and restaurants that welcome pets.  We include those.  Let animal lovers know where their pets are welcomed and you’ll put a flutter in their hearts.


Here are some other things you may want to offer pet owners: 


  • A special pet bed or indoor furniture, plus blankets and sheets (to cover furniture).


  • Pet bowls for food and water.


  • A Pet Guest Book where a pet can leave their paw print.


  • A pet book with the information we talked about.


  • Pet pools and outdoor furniture for pets.


  • A pet-welcoming gift with treats, toys, potty bags, leashes, collars, grooming tools, or whatever.



For cat lovers, you can offer what you do for dogs but add the following:


  • Litter Boxes.


  • Cat toys.


  • Cat perches for windows or Cat trees.


  • Sticky brushes to remove fur from clothes.


Whatever you decide to do for your guests’ furry companions, let us know and take a picture!  We would love to add your ideas here and show other BNB hosts just how unique your pet-friendly property is!


Go and Grow!



Michelle Russell 

© The Prosperity Process, LLC  

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