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How to Get More Positive Reviews

reviews tips & tricks Feb 05, 2021

There was a time not so long ago when there was no rating system on Airbnb. In fact, there were very few AirBnB owners and they receive a lot of business without making very much effort.  Yes, it used to be you could pick up some furniture from Goodwill and throw a lamp in your spare room and make money.  No more!


Today, there is fierce competition among AirBnB owners in order to attract large numbers of guests to their properties. Nearly all guests look at the reviews left by previous guests to get an idea of the quality of service, the cleanliness of the unit, and the experience they can hope to expect in a particular AirBnB property. When so much depends upon positive reviews, here are some easy ways using which you can get positive reviews for your listing on Airbnb.


Ask, Ask, Ask!


I cannot stress enough the benefit of setting up a 5-Star Review from the Get-Go! 


Right away, in every communication we have with our guests, we mention 5-Star Reviews.  Over and over and over again… “we look forward to earning your 5-Star Review,” “what can we do to improve your stay and earn your 5-Star Review,” and “we hope you found our home sparkling clean!  It’s why we’ve been able to maintain our 5-Star Reviews.  By the way, we strive to make your stay a 5-Star Stay, as well.”


We plant “5-Star Review” in our guests’ minds at every turn!! 


Seriously, in every single message, from the pre-check-in to the post questionnaire, we ask for a 5-Star Review and you should, too.  You get it when you ask for it, right?  There is nothing wrong with asking a guest to give a 5-Star Review if they are satisfied with your services.  Just ask… over and plant that 5-Star Review in their mind at each and every turn!!


Send a Follow-Up Questionnaire & Ask Guests How You Can Improve


One way to get a 5-star review for your Airbnb property is to politely ask your guests if there is anything more that you can do to improve their experience in your short-term rental. You know you have done your best and asking for suggestions for improvement is merely a formality. You will find that a large number of guests leave behind a positive review for your Airbnb property when you ask them for their suggestions. They like your humility and use their reviews to appreciate your performance.


Here is a sample of our automated message sent to guests 3 hours after check-out:


“Just following up on your visit. We hope you had a great time in the Casita. We strive for 5-Star Reviews and are wondering if there is anything you can advise us to do in order to make your stay even better the next time you come. Do you have any recommendations for us to improve what we do?



We added coffee creamer and Stevia, new pillows, an entirely new mattress, and the blender because our recent guests suggested them. We want to make our little place shine and appreciate any help you give us in this matter.


Thank you for choosing us and we hope if you're ever in town again, you will choose us for your stay - with the added benefit of your suggestions, of course!”


Use the Suggestions from Guests & Go Out of Your Way to Provide Great Service


When your guests return suggestions to you, use them!  We literally go over every email response to implement what we can when a guest suggests it.  Why wouldn’t we?  We want our place to be the best!


Leave no stone unturned to provide a comfortable stay for your guests. You decorate the property tastefully and arrange all amenities to add comfort and convenience for your guests. It is, therefore, natural for you to expect your guests to show some gratitude and leave a positive review as an Airbnb host.


Know what your guests expect from their stay with you.  Sometimes, the only way to find out is to ask.  We ask guests BEFORE THEY ARRIVE if they have anything they need to make their stay more enjoyable.  They already have our list of amenities but if there is something else we can provide for them, we do it.  We are in the Service Industry so our job is to serve!


If That’s Not Enough…


Check out Michelle’s Podcast Episode 016 on How to Handle a Bad Review


her Podcast in December, Episode 071, that gives you Ten Ways to Get 5-Star Reviews.  (BONUS:  You'll find our EXACT messages available for you to download in this article!!)


Each of those should help move you into nothing but net 5-Star Reviews!  Go and grow!




Michelle R Russell

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