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How to Market Your Property on Other Platforms and on Your Own

hosting platforms tips & tricks Jul 31, 2020

You cannot relax after listing your property on Airbnb, thinking bookings will happen automatically. Times have changed dramatically and today Airbnb hosts must work hard to earn large numbers of bookings from their guests. There is fierce competition among Airbnb hosts to catch the attention of tourists coming to their cities.  They would do anything to win over their competitors.  In such a scenario, it becomes important to market your property on various platforms including your own.


Beautiful Photographs Can Do Wonders

Photographs play a huge role in catching the attention of tourists coming over to your city. Stunning photographs of the interiors and exteriors of the property allow tourists to visualize them living inside during their trip to your property's destination. These photos should be able to weave a story around your property, enticing tourists to book.


Make Use of Reviews Left Behind by Your Guests

People are curious to know about the experience of others who have spent time in your property. This user-generated content can be in the form of reviews of your previous clients and it should be positive to compel tourists and guests of all types to book your property on Airbnb and any other platforms you are using.


Use Your Own Website to Tell the Story

There can be nothing more powerful than your own website when it comes to branding tools. Most customers love to visit the website of the property after looking at its AirBnB listing. This is a godsend opportunity for you to impress the visitor with the highlights of your property. The design and features of the website should be such that it projects the personality of your property and gives a warm and welcoming feel to your visitors.


Social Media

No BNB business worth its weight in salt can ignore social media if it wants to create a unique identity for the guests. If Instagram is perfect to post mesmerizing photos of your property and guests enjoying their stay, there is also Facebook and Twitter to tell interesting stories about the property and your business. You can also use social media to interact with and to answer the queries of your potential guests.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Almost every tourist conducts searches for relevant keywords on Google before booking a BNB property in a city. Utilize Google Ad words to get clicks on your business by choosing your keywords wisely.


Now go and grow! 



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