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Keep the Peace and Relaxation of Spring All Year Long

mindset Apr 09, 2021

Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and peace. As nature uncurls from a long winter slumber, she yawns and stretches, getting ready for the changing of the seasons. People are cyclical, too, and spring often brings peaceful feelings. The good news is that you can keep that peace all year round.


Spring provides something outwardly soothing to focus on. But you can also maintain inner tranquility, even if the things around you are going crazy. Everyone is different, but that springtime feeling can be a part of your experience in any season of life.


Keeping Peace Inside Your Home


Your home is the place you come to unwind after a long, stressful day. Whether you live alone or with others, you want your home to invite you in to relax and feel at peace.


When you live with others, you may feel a lack of serenity when you come home. Your family's noise, a rambunctious pet, or too much clutter can cloud your mind and keep you from the harmony you deserve. Find a room where you can be by yourself to relax and rejuvenate. Insist that others respect this private space.


If you have small children, establishing a private space for yourself can be a challenge. A room to yourself (with a door you can lock) is ideal. You can recapture the peace in your home, though, even if all you have is a small corner of a room that is all your own.


Peace comes from what's around you, but it also comes from inside you. Inner stillness is something that you choose to keep, and only you can choose to give it away.


In order to help you practice peace, try these suggestions:


  • Breathe deeply from your abdomen to relax your mind and body.
  • Listen to soft, calming music that you enjoy.
  • Play a game that alleviates stress.
  • Watch a funny movie and laugh out loud.
  • Eat something soothing (in moderation) like chocolate or ice cream.
  • Cuddle with a soft blanket, stuffed animal, pet or a sleeping child.
  • Use room sprays or candles that make your surroundings smell pleasant.
  • Drink a cup of mint tea or another calming drink.


Keeping Peace Elsewhere - Taking It With You


Remember that peace is a choice. Stressful situations occur from time to time. How you respond determines the level of serenity you feel inside.


The quiet relaxation of spring can be yours in any season. Take a few deep breaths and stop for a moment to notice the beauty around you. If things around you are chaotic, it's okay. They're the only things around you. They aren't you.


The chaos that surrounds you can only overcome the harmony within you if you allow it to do so. You can feel peaceful when the rest of the world appears to be falling apart. With a little practice, you can easily keep your peace in any situation. Soon, you'll find that the peace of spring is with you all year long.


Now go and grow! 



Michelle R Russell

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