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9. Know your credit and Build your credit carefully

23 keys credit Dec 10, 2019

A very good friend of mine is in the credit repair business and business is booming.  Why?  Because most people suck at handling money.  To be fair, they don’t teach this stuff in school and finances are much more than balancing a checkbook.  People don’t know what they should spend on rent, insurance, cars, or anything.  They have no clue how to save or where to save, how to spend, or what to spend their money on.  They also don’t know how to plan.


They are out there just spending willy nilly on anything and everything their little heart desires, whether they have enough to purchase it now or not.  It’s time to grab them by their shirt collars and pull them away from the cliff that this entire country is about to fall over.  I envision Bill Murray shouting as we do, “ho, ho, ho, ho, nice shooting, Tex!”  Time to get this under control.


Regardless of what anyone tells you, the only way to build credit is to have credit.  However, that’s rather like saying the only way to wrangle rattlesnakes is to handle rattlesnakes and I’m not exactly certain which is more dangerous.  Most people have begun their credit history with the “one card I am only going to use to buy gas on and then pay it off at the end of every month.”  Yeah.  Right.  What started out with good intentions has now turned into a runaway train and Denzel Washington is nowhere to be found.


You need to know your credit and take control of it.  We have a group of interviews we are doing with the authority on this subject, Gabriel Brown.  He will be teaching us how to properly control our credit and how to build our credit scores.  He has also provided free training on his website and has an entire library full of video testimonials as to the service he has provided others.  Mr. Brown’s company has more testimonials than the Beatles, Elvis, and Michael Jackson had fans combined (well, close).  I love his knowledge and his commitment to helping others.  He’ll help you get on track.




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