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Cleaning for CoVID Information

Helpful CoVID Information

for Your Vacation & Short-Term Rentals

We are your resource for Short Term Rental information on CoVID. Click Below to Download FREE Resources & Stay Safe!

IMPORTANT: Legally, HIPAA Laws prevent you from asking for any type of Health information from your guests. Even employers cannot legally ask for any of your health information. You are supposed to be protected from discrimination this way (Say you are HIV positive). However, people don't seem to care lately and are discriminating against their neighbors and friends now more than ever. Family members only inviting the vaxed to family celebrations (not even contemplating health issues where the EXPERIMENTAL injection would devastate an already compromised immune system). You CANNOT legally ask, no. But don't worry, ignorant, hateful people will always find a way to judge and discriminate. On a positive note for those who think they know what's best for everyone and think they can make health decisions for the world, just as many people who are vaxed as unvaxed can get CoVID. The "breakthrough" cases are rising every day and have been reported to be as many OR MORE than for those unvaccinated.

Airbnb's CoVID Information


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CoVID Cleaning Supplies & Sit Times


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Best Cleaning Checklist to Fight CoVID


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These are America's Frontline Doctors

and they are fighting to get the TRUTH out about CoVID

If you want the safe treatments for CoVID, the truth about the dangers (the masks & isolation), the real statistics, and the dangers of the Vaccine, then click the pink button below to go down the Rabbit Hole.  Warning:  Once you know the TRUTH, you can't UNLEARN it.

The Truth About CoVID & the Vax

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